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Iron beam collapses at south Mumbai railway station

June 25, 2010 15:08 IST

A iron cross beam that gave away below the Charni road bridge caused a huge scare and delayed traffic on Mumbai Western railway line on Friday morning. The iron cross beam which supported the foot over bridge dangled precariously above the track over the Churchgate-Borivili fast line.

Western Railway officials said that the bridge was completely safe and that the iron cross beam had come off as one of

the bolts that secured it had come loose. Western Railway PRO Shyam Sunder Gupta told that services on the down route were affected for 10 to 15 minutes as trains that were to run on the fast track were routed on to the slow track. " The bridge is sound and safe and there is no cause for concern, it's a temporary delay and the services would soon return to normal," Gupta said.

N Ganesh in Mumbai
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