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BJP MPs endorse PM's 'crusade'; Modi says it's just the beginning

Last updated on: November 22, 2016 16:39 IST

Demonetisation is not the end but the beginning of a "long, deep and constant" battle against black money and corruption and will benefit the poor and the common man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said as the BJP parliamentary party passed a unanimous resolution endorsing his "great crusade".

Speaking at the first meeting of the BJP parliamentary party in the Winter session, Modi said the poor and the lower and middle classes have suffered the most due to black money, fake currency and corruption and his government is working to rid the country of these evils and make the economy stronger.

Rallying around the PM at a time when opposition parties have united to corner the government over the measure citing hardships being faced by the masses, party MPs passed a unanimous resolution supporting demonetisation and gave him a standing ovation.

Hitting out at the rival parties, the resolution asked them to decide whether they stand by the people of India and the government or hoarders of black money.

While hailing PM's "great crusade" against corruption, it accused the opposition of trying to provoke violence and chaos and disrupt Parliament, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu told media persons.

"We have come to power not for us or those close to us but for the poor. For 70 years, the poor and the lower and middle classes suffered and have been exploited by black money, corruption and terrorism. Our aim is a deep, long and constant struggle against them. This is not the end but only a beginning of our struggle," the prime minister said and cited measures like setting up of a SIT on blackmoney and Income Disclosure Scheme, 2016.

People are queueing outside banks and ATMs for a better India, the party said, terming it as the "most profound statement" to have ever come from them, and decried alleged "malicious" attempts by those opposing demonetisation to provoke violence and chaos.

Hailing demonetisation as a national project of cleansing the system that will usher in behavioural and attitudinal changes encouraging honesty, particularly in political life, BJP parliamentary party passed a resolution commending Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his "historic, revolutionary, daring and pro-poor" decision in national interest.

Amid increasing efforts by a united opposition to corner the government, the saffron party members in Parliament rallied around Modi who asserted that this was only the beginning of his battle against corruption and black money.

Condemning "malicious" efforts of rival parties, the resolution alleged that they are desperate to provoke violence and chaos as they have been "rattled" by people's wide support to the decision and urged the Prime Minister to call for other effective measures to clean up the system.

They are bent upon disrupting the proceedings of Parliament on one pretext or the other, it alleged, targeting the opposition.

At this crucial juncture, it said, political parties have to choose whether they would stand by the government and the people or protect the interests of black money hoarders.

"During the last 12 days, the poor, the common man and other honest people have made the most profound statement ever made in our country in recent times. It is that they don't mind putting up with short term inconvenience for the larger good.

"They are queueing for a better India. This in our view is the most profound statement to ever come from the people of our country," the resolution proposed by Home Minister Rajnath Singh and seconded by Information and broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said.

In a reference to hardships being faced by people, it said every major "transformational initiative" results in some discomfort to start with but the initial pain leads to substantial gain.

"The BJP parliamentary party congratulates the Prime Minister for his historic, daring and pro-poor decision in the interest of the nation. It urges the Prime Minister and the government to call for other effective measures to clean up the entire system," it said.

The BJP parliamentary party is "supremely confident" that this bold initiative will achieve the intended objectives of cutting off financial support to terrorist and extremist organisations and address the problem of counterfeit currency, the resolution said.

Demonetisation will checkmate unaccounted money and serve as a serious warning to those indulging in corruption besides encouraging honesty in personal and public life, it said.

The parliamentary party also compliments the government for its pro-active responses on daily basis towards enabling the people overcome inconveniences caused during the transition till full-scale remonetisation is done, it said.

"Over the last 70 years, the common man has resigned to grudgingly accept the foul ways of those in power and close to power, to exploit the system and make ill-gotten wealth. The BJP parliamentary party is grateful to the people of the country for supporting the government's well meaning initiative and for bearing with the inconveniences with patience and discipline...," it added.

The resolution called for all political parties to deliberate measures to eliminate the scourge of black money.

"Only then national interests will be served," it said.

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