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This article was first published 10 years ago  » News » Lok Sabha polls: The four options before India

Lok Sabha polls: The four options before India

By Ravindra Shukla
March 13, 2014 19:40 IST
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Ravindra Shukla picks out his best option.

The meteoric rise of the Aam Aadmi party has been faster than any known movie script; complete with movie production, post processing and pre-launch advertising. Many have called it revolutionary in politics or the politics of common man or the so called aam aadmi.

I call it the Aam Aadmi’s Mao Party. A party where Mao remains as hidden as their agenda to wreck the Indian civilization to its demise. I hope the mango (am) they are trying to pickle remains with the high priests of the Aam Aadmi Party and doesn’t end up making an already distraught democracy into a true banana republic.

The just concluded drama witnessed in the Delhi Assembly leading to the resignation of the short lived AAP ministry is just the beginning of the chaos that these closet Maoists are looking to unleash on Indian democracy.

Yes, one can argue that Arvind Kejriwal’s image was carved out of a decade of work (, the Anna Hazare agitation and his work as a right to information activist) but it was not just Kejriwal and his cohorts at AAP that were responsible for it. Countless petitions by NGO’s, mass agitations by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev and the collective wisdom of the Indian Parliament which resulted in the “to be implemented” Jan Lokpal bill, all have a role in the current ‘anti-corruption’ atmosphere.

What is more perplexing is the uneven coverage that the Indian media is according to the “hit and run” Maoists from the AAP. Currently nothing moves in media without left liberal blessing, so it is very natural to ask -- is there such an unprecedented coverage for the AAPtards just because the left liberals fear the approaching chariot wheels of the Modi juggernaut? Are they so fearful that they seem to have lost all ounces of objectivity in their quest to prop up anyone but Modi?

The Congress seems to be squirming every inch of its current existence. On one hand, they were trying to prop up Kejriwal against Modi but found out quickly that he was as unreliable as anyone else in their struggle for existence. So much so that they tried to shepherd him into being the pall bearer of “third front politics” but he slipped away as usual.

Now, let us consider four possible outcomes of the 2014 election and debate their consequences for India:

Congress gets a majority and the United Progressive comes back to power

Neither Congress nor BJP gets majority but power goes to the so called Third Front

The Bharatiya Janata Party gets a majority of the seats but with less than 170 seats, the Nationla Democratic Alliance comes to power but Narendra Modi in not the PM

BJP gets majority (190+) seats, NDA comes to power with Narendra Modi as the PM

Option 1: The same status quo will continue. More MNREGA, loan waivers, subsidies and doles will follow. Another billionaire will try to lead India into the information era. Why another billionaire, it could be the good old Nandan Nilekani who will goad the finance department to allocate thousands of crores for his pet putrid -- The Unique Identification project. And more scams will follow with the new UPA prime minister simply blaming its allies and oh before I forget, “the need to protect secularism” for all the banes that plague the UPA-3 dispensation. Oh and the good old Mani Shankar Aiyar will cough out the oldest known logic for corruption: ‘Democracy is expensive to maintain’.

Terrorist organisations will have nothing to fear. The D-Gang will rule Mumbai and Bollywood once again. Their boys will have the blessing of the political class and the Inter Services Intelligence will be in a better position to regain its roots thru the D gang and the riffraff from the Indian Mujahideen and similar organisations.

The European Banks will be thrilled again with UPA-3. Trillions of rupees (sum of all UPA scam and losses to the country accumulates to 5 trillion) will continue to be safely parked in their countries. No wonder they have devised a banking system which extracts money from developing countries on the pretext of corruption and a part of it is thrown back into the Indian system at higher interest rates!

They do not need anything else but black money deposits coming from India and China. The USA will be excited in getting thorium below the Ram Setu besides several sell-out deals to set-up nuclear power plants. American Lobbyists will try and pass HS 417 resolution against India. NRI’s & Indian IT companies can cherish it even further – the rupee may well go beyond 70-80 for a dollar.

Option-2: Not as good as the first option, still not that bad (from a Congress perspective). Parties and people, who support the UPA from the outside today, will be part of third front government -- just a role reversal. The situation will be similar -- the only difference being the share of bigger fish will be not be as big as in option-1.

Option-3: Sounds not so good when BJP comes into power to many left libbers. The BJP might build some infrastructure projects but in the end they will be a pale image of their own self. No real power to push reform or far reaching changes in the Indian system.

Option-4: Will be disaster for everybody else but the aspiring class of India. One who has been waiting for a stable and visionary government forever? Is this an option that might allow India to exploit its own potential to the fullest?


India’s choices in 2014 are very stark and distinct. On the left are the Old Communists, socialists and the Maoists led by AAP. Bang in the centre are all pseudo secular dynasts and corrupt parties. On the right is a cleaner and more efficient BJP under Narendra Modi.

If India chooses AAP; Then India will become another failed Communist state.

If India chooses UPA; India will never become developed and will continue to be poor.

If India chooses Modi then India will have a chance to rediscover itself. An India that cannot be discounted in any manner or format at the high table of the world powers.

The options are clear and the challenges clearer. Hope the real India wins.

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Ravindra Shukla
India Votes 2024

India Votes 2024