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Junk medicines, Swami Ramdev tells Toronto

October 16, 2007
There's hardly any disease that can't be cured through Pranayam, yogic breathing exercises, asserts Swami Ramdev, India’s well known yoga guru.

"You do require medication for tuberculosis but not for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, stress, even for cancer, including leukaemia," Swami Ramdev said repeatedly and loudly in front of over 2,500 people who attended his 6-day yoga camp that concluded at Toronto's International Center on October 17.

When Ramdev turned up at the venue at 6 am the place was already packed. The parking lot outside that can accommodate hundreds of cars seemed to be packed also. People were rushing inside with their bags with exercise mats, and other stuff.

"There's no truth to the assertion by doctors that once you start taking cholesterol medication you have to take it for life. Similarly, there's no truth in their impressing upon patients that once they have blood pressure -- high or low -- and they start taking the medication, they have to take for life."
Text and Photographs: Ajit Jain in Toronto

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