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February 14, 1998


'It is Vajpayee's dream to be prime minister. We should fulfil his dream'

Ramanand Prabhu, 36, bus conductor, Canacona, Goa

The election should not have come so early. But more than any political party, I blame the people for creating such a situation. People do not think, while voting, which party would give them a stable government. The candidate comes home with folded hands and we get impressed. Foolish!

I personally feel that only the BJP can give us a stable government. Of course, Atal Bihari Vajpayee should be made prime minister. He has been in politics for so long, knows our problems, and is not a selfish man. It is his dream to be prime minister of India. We should fulfil his dream.

But that does not mean I like all Hindutvawadis. Personally speaking, I did not like BJP leaders talking about Sonia Gandhi or Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray humiliating her as a foreigner. I always liked the Sena. But now I don't like them. Sonia is an Indian now. Thackeray's statement will help the Congress, whom people will vote for now as a reaction to what Thackeray said.

But Sonia should not have entered politics. People want Sonia, but not those same corrupt Congressmen to rule us. Even if she becomes prime minister, she would again be surrounded by all those corrupt party leaders who have finished our country. How, in such a situation, can she give us a stable and clean government?

I feel like laughing when I see Sitaram Kesri and Sharad Pawar run behind Sonia and Priyanka, hailing them as leaders. Are they so immature? Then we don't want such people to rule us. They are simply taking advantage of gharaneshahi (family dynasty), to come to power. Such people can prove dangerous for our country.

Otherwise, see the way they withdrew support to the United Front government, not once, but twice. Isn't it childish? The Congress would have been respected by all if they had continued their support for five long years. Even I would have voted for the Congress. But they got frightened that the UF will get strong and they would become weak by that time. Now, people don't trust them.

I am equally unhappy with the United Front. There is no unity among them. These are several groups of parties, none of which has a majority of MPs with them. Strongest among them is the Janata Dal. Such a front of 10 small groups can't provide a strong and stable government.

Instead, I would have preferred the Congress heading the coalition government, with all these small groups supporting them, from inside or outside. Because even if a small group withdraws support to the government, they cannot topple the government. It remains stable.

I want a government, which is headed by a party having a majority of MPs with it, while the small groups support that party. I don't mind even if it is not the BJP-led government. But no majority party should support a group of parties running the government, from outside.

By the way, please tell these political parties and politicians not to tell us who is bad. We know that. You tell us your programme and what positive steps you intend to take to develop society. We will decide who is good and who is bad. Once we elect good people, let them finish the corrupt people. What is the use of shouting now?

As told to Sandesh Prabhudesai

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