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'Neither the Janata Dal nor the United Front will have a truck with the Congress in the event of a hung Parliament'
'Newton's law applies to the BJP. Every time some people want to push us down, we bounce back with greater force.'
'The BJP is like an elephant. It has two sets of teeth. One for showing to the public and the other for biting.'
'If the Congress president made an infantile and irresponsible allegation that the RSS masterminded the blasts, its dynastic leader Sonia Gandhi has remained totally and eloquently silent on the matter. Their response is an insult to the memory of those who died.'
'India has to choose between Democracy and Dynasty'
'We consider Muslims the flesh of our flesh and the blood of our blood'
'Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi never called me a liar. Why should I lie when I have not taken commission in fifty years of public life?'
'Mr Vajpayee and people around him are a bunch of liars. He may be a great orator, but he can't compete with me on the issue of freedom fighting spirit.'
'There is no Waterloo in Bihar. There is only Laloo.'
'There are three types of lies -- lies, damned lies and BJP ads.'
'I can't recognise myself, how will the voters?'
'We welcome the remote control of Thackeray or Vajpayee, if the end result is a blessing.'
'I continue to be a socialist and would die a socialist. I want a system which treats the smallest man in the country as the centre of everything.'
'I am a poor man's daughter; no queen mother.'
'Fifty years ago, Mr Nehru had reminded Indians that they had a tryst with destiny. Today the Congress is telling the nation that they should forget their tryst with destiny and remember their tryst with dynasty.'
'Ayodhya will not be allowed to repeat itself.'
'I don't want your blood. I want your vote. Give me votes.'
'History has given us the responsibility to save the nation. We must accept this challenge.'
'Mera naam Devi Lal hai. My name spells victory.'
'The BJP is like the Ganga which does not get polluted by effluents falling into it.'
'Khalsaji, my good father has vowed not to rest till the whole of Punjab is transformed into another California.'
'How can a person (Vajpayee) who vacillates so much be projected as prime minister?'
'They (the Congress) deserve punishment, not forgiveness.'
'Raj tilak ki karo taiyari, aa gaye hai Atal Bihari.'
'There was a crowd of hardly 80,000 to see Rajiv's widow at Nandurbar. I am giving you the figure as the home minister of the state.'
'Do not interrogate me. I am still the prime minister.'
'...We get what we deserve.'
'The Congress has no money for the campaign.'
'She (Rabari Devi) draws on my experience. That's her greatness. Pati, patni razi to kya karega kazi.'
'Congress for Rome rajya, BJP for Ram rajya, UF for gram rajya.'
'We will never let Sonia become prime minister.'
'Here is a person who retained her Italian citizenship for 20 years after marriage in an Indian family, and adopted Indian citizenship only two years before Rajiv Gandhi became the prime minister.'
'I will be the happiest person the day all Bofors papers are made public, because on that day my husband will be vindicated.'
'If one's claim to fame is keeping one's mouth shut, not apparently wanting to get involved in politics and yet meeting politicians all the time, there is nothing I can say. I do not meet politicians for politics.'
'Hamare to rom rom mein Ram hai. Congress rajya Ram rajya hi hai.'
'Who's in favour of corruption? But the huge money required to fight elections will not come from digging the earth.'
'I became a part of India thirty years ago when I entered Indira Gandhi's home as her eldest son's bride.'
'I have never been a jilted lover'
'I had told Soniaji a number of times that I won't live long'