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For the Scindias, mother and son, it certainly pays to be royal
Gori bahu goes to Gujarat
'Is election ne Madhavrao ko mahal se sadak par utar diya hai'
The caravan moves on...
A life in the day of Baramati
'Let's stop the talk about mandir and masjid'
'If the BJP comes to power, they will tear the country apart'
The gunslinger rides into town
Amid slush and filth, campaigning goes on in full swing
Lotus blooms in Khadia-Raipur
There's a new Scindia in town!
Uphill task for Khalap
Congress finds it tough going in Satara
Amreli set to throw out BJP legislator
Aska taken up completely with Naveen Patnaik
Who will win in Kalahandi?
Trick knee, determined rivals and vengeful Pawar add to Kalmadi's uncertainty
Cong gives Sena a run for its money in Ratnagiri, a near walkover in Rajapur
Congress faces tough battle in Ichalkaranji
Dull campaigning for Kutch seats
Bickering in Bolangir royal clan may hurt BJP chances
Ram Pyari versus the Rajmata: A strange contest in Guna
In Guna, Congressmen hope the Palace's influence has waned at last
BJP seeks to gain Muslim votes in Rajkot
Debutante BJP candidate faces veteran Congressman in Surendranagar
For Bhopal residents, politics is a lot of gas
Moopanar, circa 1998, comes out swinging
Cakewalk for Indrajit Gupta in Midnapore
'When the fire of communal violence was burning up your homes, the people who set it ablaze were sitting peacefully inside their homes'
'I am voting for the Congress this time'
Warangal belies fear of Naxal violence on polling day
NRI ahead in the Nizamabad fray
Nagercoil all set to elect first BJP MP from Tamil Nadu
Gadkari stakes ministerial position on result
The honest man and the filmstar
Former rulers battle for public approval in Parvathipuram
Brothers's proxy battle in Pandharpur
Will Nainital be N D Tiwari's last hurrah?
Former President's son gives BJP a run for its money in Vidisha
After Madhepura, Laloo plans Paswan's ruin
For Arif Baig, Rajesh Khanna's tantrum is all in a day's work
Swamy fires at CPI-M from Jaya's shoulder
V Gopalsamy may walk away with Sivakasi
Sports Minister D Adithan faces a tough match
The fierce battle of the kamals
Stymied by Naxalite threats, candidates avoid interior Rajnandgaon
Jaipal Reddy takes on PCC president in Mahbubnagar
Jena finds the battle tough and tiring
Of neglect, caste and a world famous finance minister
Sushilkumar Shinde has to redeem Solapur for Congress
Sudhakar Naik is out to avenge his 1996 defeat in Washim
'Hoshangabad has never been kind to newcomers'
The Other Mrs Gandhi
Eight-time winner Shukla seeks another triumph
The communal divide cleaves Charminar country
Shivaji's descendents may help Sena win Kolhapur
Caste, not anti-Laloo wave, will help Nitish Kumar
Eight-time winner Shukla seeks another triumph
Candidates belonging to other parties need not apply!
Frugal meals, hard talk and Mulayam's ability
Victor and vanquished meet again in the battle of the Patils
'You gave them 50 years, all I ask for is 5'
The mantri versus the ganglord
The Patriarch in Springtime
Siwan reeling under RJD candidate's terror
Kanshi Ram's tirade finds many takers in Nagpur
In Berhampur, the fight is between Jayanti Patnaik and Vajpayee
Professors roll up their sleeves in Mavelikkara
Ghani Khan towers over Malda, despite the CPI-M's best efforts
In Hoshangabad, David may have the last laugh
In the Kashi of the south, it is worldly matters that matter
Where the father fears to tread
'L K Advani, a sharnarthi, is telling us to go to Pakistan'
Mahant hands over baton to disciple, but ex-associate could spoil the BJP's party
Triangular fight in Kozhikode
I am not a Mahatma, says actress Sarada
Beni Prasad Verma faces tough fight against BJP, BSP
The host is absent at his own party!
'I know what you have done, you bastard. You just wait...'
Bihar makes mockery of election
In volatile Rayalaseema, it's only a war of words as yet
When Gurdaspur saw stars
Anger is the most dominant mood in Tamil Nadu
A Hindu winner in Aligarh
Vinod Khanna carries the battle into Sukhbans Kaur's camp
BJP seeking to thwart Pilot on non-Gujjar votes
Despite middle-class backing, BJP has little chance in Madras South
Congress has no chance in Nehru's constituency
In their fathers's name
Mayawati plays truant from constituency
Kalpnath Rai fights to retain Ghosi, this time for BJP-Samata
BJP challenges Laloo's hold over Bihar's capital city
Ex-Congressman seeks revenge as BJP man
Jakhar's stature against BJP's support
Vinod Khanna is carrying lotuses to BJP territory
Prohibition is still the issue but...
R L Bhatia faces the stiffest challenge of his career
'Lady Amitabh' Vijayshanti plays a double role in politics, too
The Battle for Bharatpur
Vajpayee carpetbombs Vidarbha
Devi Lal pleads for last chance
Old men, same fight in Gulbarga
Ramaiah faces popular anger, powerful rivals in Eluru
Muslims, Yadavs may see Mulayam through
Shiv Shanker locked in tussle with Sarada in Tenali
The bandit queen may be dethroned this time
Ex-princess makes all the difference in Alwar
Will Jaswant Singh meet his Haldighatti in Chittogarh?
Bhajan Lal aims to keep record intact on Brahmin turf
Ms Nice vs Mr Clean
Joshi seeks to do a Shastri in Allahabad
Badal plays Vajpayee against R L Bhatia in Amritsar
The hand is the guiding force
Ramakrishna Hegde picks up from where he left off
'A BJP government at the Centre will protect the minorities'
The seat that dislikes encores
Ajit Singh's foes fear booth capturing in Baghpat
Congress's chances being wrecked from within in Tirupati
BJP, Congress battle for Bangarappa's home ground
'That Sharief is a bastard...'
A star is born in Kakinada
Home turf is ready for campaign, but Deve Gowda isn't home yet
Kanshi Ram has a tough time in Sahranpur
Tough trio battle it out in Ambala
Fernandes prepares to retain Nalanda
Dhawan, Jagmohan neck and neck in New Delhi
P Upendra seeks second chance in unforgiving Vijayawada
Cartoonist Thackeray lampoons political opponents in style
Maran ahead in Madras Central
Cousin bothers Maneka in Pilibhit
Sonia launches first frontal attack on BJP
Naveen Patnaik proving more than a one-poll wonder
Will the BJP open its TN account in Nagercoil?
The seat that no one wants
The road from MP to PM is now crossed with hazards
Amma launches her campaign in style
Sonia Gandhi wows Rohtak as Kesri toes her line
Bombast and banter, but minus the demagoguery
Water for blood
Travels with the Man of the New Millennium
Sonia relives the Indira image at Maharashtra hamlet
BJP will redefine governor's role: Vajpayee
Make Bofors papers public, Vajpayee tells PM
'The Indian Congress has turned into Italian Congress'
'Let this amma lead us first. Then I am sure her daughter will lead us. Only this family can rule us. They are born to rule us!'
'Congressmen may wait on Sonia at will, but time and events won't'
Priyanka steals the show
'Sonia will be an instant hit'