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This article was first published 11 years ago

The Twilight Saga: The Story So Far

Last updated on: November 22, 2012 13:24 IST

Image: A scene from Twilight

Ever since the first movie based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novels came out in 2008, the Twilight series have caught the imagination of young readers and fans of vampire-werewolf romances the world over. 

If on one hand it enjoys a massive following of besotted fans, better known as the Twihards, there is no dearth of those who cannot find enough faults in its absurd plot and gooey sentiments. 

And yet, love, hate or ignore, playing Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black has made international superstars out of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

With Breaking Dawn-2, the final installment and adaptation of the last book in the franchise ready to hit the screens, we offer a quick recap of the previous films to refresh your memory.


Raised by her divorced mother, a shy and awkward 17-year-old Bella Swan moves from Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her cop father, Charlie. 

She shares an easy camaraderie with Jacob who belongs to the Quileute tribe but falls instantly for the striking, pale young man, Edward Cullen on first sight at school.

The duo eventually gets talking and develops intense feelings for each other. Only Edward is no ordinary being, he's a 108-year-old vampire thriving on animal blood. Bella, surprisingly, is completely okay with that and meets his equally cordial family.

Meanwhile the town is disturbed by a series of mysterious attacks leading to a revelation about a mean bunch of tracker vampires who are now after Bella. One (James) of them gets killed in the conflict by Edward while saving a badly hurt Bella even as his red-haired mate (Victoria) swears revenge. 

Bella and Edward attend the prom with the latter dismissing any immediate possibility of turning her into a vampire.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Image: A scene from The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Bella, now 18, gets more and more antsy about turning older than Edward if he doesn't change her soon. And an unfortunate episode with his family further fuels Edward's determination to distance himself from Bella in order to protect her. He breaks up with Bella and moves away to some secret placing leaving his lady completely shattered and despondent.

On her father's insistence, Bella makes a few efforts to socialise and finds a good friend in the now seriously beefed-up Jacob. And well, he and his pack can turn into a werewolf. Jacob has the hots for Bella but she is committed to Edward.  

Romantic developments aside, Victoria is back to make life hell for Bella who attempts to cliff dive nearly killing herself in a bid to hear from Edward. Her man instead is told she's actually dead and in a state of inconsolable grief travels to Volterra, Italy to request the supreme Volturi to end his life. 

Somehow this potential tragedy is averted after Bella and Edward's sister reach in the nick of time. Bella isn't supposed to know about the Volturis so the Cullens promise she'll be a vampire soon enough. Edward concedes but wants to marry her before that.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Image: A scene from Twiglight Saga: Eclipse

Edward and Bella continue to mildly disagree on the subject of marriage with Bella not showing much faith in the institution. Eventually, she agrees only if he consummates their relationship while she's still human. 

Although it's risky, he reluctantly gives in. Their engagement doesn't go down too well with Jacob who is madly in love with Bella and even plants a kiss. Edward is aware of Bella's attachment to Jacob but is quite gracious about it.

The trio is forced to share each other's company when the vampires and werewolves join hands to protect Bella from Victoria and her booming army of killer vampires. After a furious combat, Victoria is brutally executed by Edward. 

Jacob makes peace with his situation even as Edward and Bella are ready to go ahead with their wedding plans.  

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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-1

Image: A scene from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-1

Edward and Bella get married in a gorgeous setting with a mix of humans, exotic vampires and werewolves gathering to bless the odd couple.

They head to honeymoon at a private island outside Brazilian coast and engage in heavy-duty intimacy producing painful marks on Bella's body and putting off a guilt-ridden Edward from coming close to her again. Only she uncharacteristically seduces him into changing his mind. While on their honeymoon, Bella realises she's pregnant and the child appears to be growing at an alarming rate

They return to Forks with the worried Cullens and irate Jacob taking care of her. The pregnancy nearly kills Bella and leaves Edward disgusted with himself and a possible monster kid.

Bella gives birth to a baby girl, Renesmee who is imprinted by Jacob (That makes her his future soulmate). She's also, finally, turned into a vampire by her husband.  

What next? Breaking Dawn 2 has the answers. 

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