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'If I'm allowed to wear a bikini, I'll do soaps!'

Last updated on: November 10, 2009 13:15 IST

'If I'm allowed to wear a bikini, I'll do soaps!'


Sherlyn Chopra is full of surprises.

First off, she comes across as a rather shy and quiet girl on Bigg Boss, which is at odds with her bold and sassy image from her music videos and bikini shots.

The Outrageous singer, who got eliminated from the house, dispelled many such notions about her during a very entertaining chat on Monday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

Sherlyn Chopra says, Hi guys and girls. Glad to be here with you all. Shoot your questions.

sam asked, hi , how was your exp at Big boss, and what do you think of krk, do you belive him that he actually quit bcoz of you
Sherlyn Chopra answers, I felt neglected and rejected most of the time. I made friends with Kamal thinking that he was hilarious but later realised he is the kind of guy for whom TRP mattered more than humanity.

chandu asked, Hi Sherlyn, chandu here. very sad that you evicted from Bigboss. u maintained your dignity in the house. i was wishing you to see you more. what say?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi Chandu. Thanks a ton for your affection. Honestly speaking I wasn't mentally prepared to leave the house. I was beginning to gel with the housemates and it was sad to know that they thought of me as a fake person.

bigguy asked, hi, how is life after bigboss
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Amazing! There are interesting offers pouring in. Thanks to the exposure on Colors.

vindoo asked, How is Shamita as a person?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Well from what I could see, it was clear that she is hyper-sensitive, tears come to her at the drop of a hat.

varvind4 asked, hi sherlyn...i like your name..what does it mean
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi dear. I choose to believe it is the name of a Greek goddess.

hiitsanand asked, what are your upcoming projects
Sherlyn Chopra answers, This month I will be performing for the Mumbai Police Force followed by an exciting never seen before show for a major entertainment channel.

sanjay4ever asked, Hi Are u aware of ,Raju was flirting with u.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Do you really think so? Most of the time I could not comprehend his comedy, especially the punches.

Image: Sherlyn Chopra


'I entertained the house with my dancing abilities on the dining table and a strip-tease'

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Atul Bakshi asked, Hi Sherlyn, Hope you are fine! it was difficult to understand your nature during your days at big boss house, dont you you think that this was one reason that you have to leave house ? there has to be something more to entertain people since you go in there and people watch to see how the their big stars are and what all they can do to entertain in a house like big boss ?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi Atul! I cannot act 24x7. I was just being myself and the real me is an introvert. However there were times when I entertained the house inmates with my dancing abilities on the dining table and also a strip-tease act.

amitabyss asked, Hey Sherlyn, Never expected you to be so silent and shy in Big Boss.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi Amitabyss! As a person I am very shy. Also as I was nominated every week I was beginning to feel rejected and misunderstood and was trying to analyze as to where I was going wrong.

Dannu asked, Would you like to enter in Big Boss House as a Wild Card?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, That privilege has been taken by Pravesh. Nevertheless given a chance I would love to get back and kick some a**!

hr asked, whom do u think will be winner in bigg boss 3 ?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, It's hard to tell. My prediction is Raju or Poonamji.

adiiiiiiii asked, Hi. Sherlyn.. Wen u wer in the house who according to u was ur true wellwisher.. and now after coming out wud u like to go again as a wild card entry..??..
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Poonamji and Ismailji were two people I really was fond of.

spacejunkyharsh asked, What prompted you to take part in Bigg Boss? Can you say some quote for me. I am harsh here.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Mind blowing monetary benefit and a great opportunity to build a connect with the audiences.

vikrant asked, Hi Sherlyn when can we expect ur next album after dard e sherlyn ??
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Talks are on with T Series. Hopefully very soon.

Navnish asked, HI ur looking so hot how u could manage in ur real life..
Sherlyn Chopra answers, I visit my doc regularly :)

shitya asked, I Casting couch there in bollywood? if yes, then have u compromised?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi Shitya! The couch does exist but there is no casting that happens on the couch. What happens is two or more individuals fooling around and living in a world of delusion.

Vish asked, Hi Sherlyn,Do you think shipa's sister will be getting off from Big house for 2-3 days so that she will be able to attend the sister marriage? If yes don't u think this is wrong against Big Boss rule to communicate outside the world during the show is going on?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Considering Shilpa's association with Big Brother and Bigg Boss 2, I strongly feel Shamita will be allowed to quit sooner or later.

Prince asked, hi sherlyn, hope u r doing well. I wanted to know hw you came into bollywood and then into bigboss. Tell me the experience of the life inside it and what you have learnt from them which mt help you outside in ur career. I also want to know what you have studied?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, I moved to Mumbai in 2005 as there was nothing happening in Hyderabad for me both professionally and personally. And I studied upto BCom first year and then dropped out of college. I was approached last year for Bigg Boss 2, then I had no dates as I was shooting for Dil Bole Hadippa. I'm glad I got to be a part of Bigg Boss 3. I got to re-discover myself in the house amongst the house inmates who were being very judgemental. Also I've learnt that the one thing that is most important is to walk in supreme love.

Image: Sherlyn Chopra

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'I will be back for the grand finale with a sizzling performance'

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Raji asked, Were you eliminated from big boss because you could not create any controversy which was expected from you like sambhavana or rakhi
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Maybe.

shree2606 asked, hi Sherlyn we miss u on bigboss
Sherlyn Chopra answers, How sweet! I will be back for the grand finale with a sizzling performance.

Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi Ravi!

kunwarwasif asked, hey,, r u in touch with kamal after big boss.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Give me one reason why I should be?

stillalone_madan asked, hi sherlyn.. i love ur smile... smile for mee...
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Thanks a ton. Here's a big smile for you :)

adivishnu asked, hello sherlyn ur performance in "a film by aravind" was simply outstanding........ when can i expect ur next telugu venture????
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Thanks dear! I really have no idea when I will get to do my next regional film.

rambhau asked, Id big boss scripted ?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, What makes you say so?

kreator asked, hey sherlyn ur really hot. whats ur ideal date??
Sherlyn Chopra answers, A guy whose got the right stuff at the right places. Don't get me wrong, it could also mean good stuff between the ears.

ramshah asked, any other Yash banner movies you working on?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Talks are on.

shrey asked, me shrey, you have told amit ji, dat soon after this show you will like to join ur family (ur mom) for some duration.... have u gone or not??.... Coz ur tears showed dat how much u miss ur mom.....
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Yes. I've called her a couple of times, she said she would come to Mumbai very soon.

Sherlyn Chopra answers, I'd rather get crushed than have a crush on KRK. :P

biju asked, Hi Sherlyn, a reality show like Big Boss .. every body is fighting for their own survive .. and all are individual ... Is it fair with others house mates by having a couple in Big Boss ... whats ur view on this ..
Sherlyn Chopra answers, It's not fair at all and I voiced this on day 1 in the house.

sia asked, pls say hi to me so i can show my frinds that i got hi from u
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hey Sia. Hi, hi and hi :)

chatur asked, Your best holidays till date?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Yes to come. Planning to go to some isolated place this new year's eve.

Image: Sherlyn Chopra

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'The words love and marriage scare me'

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bhavin shah asked, say something about vindu's last commets
Sherlyn Chopra answers, It was uncalled for. I was too exhausted emotionally to react.

Priya asked, Hi Gorgeous, was your stay scripted? It looked like it was.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Really? Which part looked scripted?

Someone asked, it was very touching of AB to call your mom to sort out the differences between you and your family.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Absolutely. I didn't have my mother's no to give to Amitji. I gave him a friend's number and it was the friend who gave him the number and the rest is history.

pa asked, When are you planning to get married?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, The words love and marriage scare me.

chatur asked, Any particular sports you are interested in apart from Cricket?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Who told you I like cricket? I love watching it though. I love to play badminton and chess.

vishaal asked, do u think that big boss z a drama
Sherlyn Chopra answers, It is a house where there is unadulterated gossip and bitching.

abhay asked, hey sherlyn is it true you used to reside in bhyander before
Sherlyn Chopra answers, No. You are wrong.

Small_Boss asked, hi Sherlyn, you look very good --any plans for movies in Hollywood?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Absolutely. Waiting for my ticket to Hollywood! :)

ng asked, u dont think u have dual personality?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Maybe.

vinaykm505 asked, if you have chance in Bhojpori filme the you work or Not ?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, The answer is NO.

parry asked, Hi its nice to see Hyd girls do so well... in the filmi world... keep up the hard work
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Thanks buddy! :)

Pankaj asked, We saw you in pool only once...did you taken dip only once or taking everday ?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Actually I entered the pool a couple of times. The water was very, very contaminated.

delhipassion asked, hi...wat u think about amitabh bachchan?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, The Bigg Boss in the industry :)

sunilpujari123 asked, hi sherlyn, why u r so sad. u r the best model i ever seen. But one thing i should tell u don't feel shy. Speak like Rakhi Sawant , Malika Sherawat. We are with u ( Me & My friends are big fan of u ) Sunil
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Hi Sunil! Thanks for the words of strength and comfort. I feel I must be myself and that is the way to be.

Image: Sherlyn Chopra

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'Raju would always crack double meaning jokes'

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Sherlyn Chopra answers, of course yes. asked, I love your voice and it really very unique
Sherlyn Chopra answers, thank you :) My friends say that it is very shrill. I'm glad that you find it unique

Amrish asked, Which your film/album is coming shortly?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, There is an album which will hopefully be out very soon.

msndp18 asked, where u c yourself after 5 years from now /
Sherlyn Chopra answers, In Bigg Boss 8:)

werfrrf asked, Honestly do you feel that it is unfair that really average people like you and many others in Big Boss make huge sums of money and many other talented people in other jobs make much less.
Sherlyn Chopra answers, That is the irony of life :)

Kusum asked, What is the proof that you are REAL sherlyn chopra? you might be some nerd at Rediff answering the questions...
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Dear tell me how can I prove my identity. Life is about trust, isn't it?

Prakash asked, Hi Gorgeous, How do u manage to keep urself so fit...ur fig is ultimate..whts d secret??
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Thanks for the compliment. Let the secret remain a secret :)

askme asked, why dont u participate in dance show on TV?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Why should I?

Castrolkanpur asked, Will you like to act in Daily Soaps / Serials ( SAAS BAHU Types)?
Sherlyn Chopra answers, If I'm allowed to wear a bikini then why not! :P

ragavava asked, hi did people in bigh boss see you with wrong intention anytime
Sherlyn Chopra answers, Yes. Raju would always crack double meaning jokes.

Sherlyn Chopra says, Thanks guys, it was amazing to know you all. Have tried to answer a few questions. My apologies for not being able to answer all of the questions that have been pouring in. Lets chat more often. Will be back soon. Love and hugs. God bless. Also visit Bye

Image: Sherlyn Chopra
Photographs: Nithya Ramani
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