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Top Kannada directors of 2010

Last updated on: December 30, 2010 14:01 IST

Top Kannada directors of 2010


Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

As the year draws to a close, we look at the best Kannada directors of 2010, who entertained us with some great movies. Take a look:

Girish Kasarvalli
Film: Kanasemba Kudureyaneri

Kanasemba Kudureyaneri (Riding the dreams) was an instant hit with both the national and international audiences and the credit goes to director Girish Kasarvalli.

The film was about Irya, a grave digger, and his belief in Siddhas. Siddhas are nomads whose arrival in a village are considered auspicious. It is believed that if the death of a person coincides with the arrival of a Siddha, his/her soul is sure to go to heaven.

The thought-provoking film set out to ask if one's belief in something needs to be destroyed to achieve progress. It also pointed out that what may look superstitious to one person may be a way of life to another.

Kanasemba Kudureyaneri was based on a book titled Savaari. Kasarvalli applied non-linear narration, which intensified the viewer's curiosity. He also needs to be credited for putting forward a complex subject in a simple way.

Girish helped lead actor Biradar bring out the actor in him. Biradar was earlier limited only to comic roles.

Image: A scene from Kanasemba Kudureyaneri


Jacob Vergese

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Film: Prithvi

Bellary mining lobby came under attack in Prithvi, a Jocob Vergese directorial. Vergese had become a household name following his previous film, Savaari.

While Prithvi did not make a similar impact at the box office, it created ripples in the political and cinema circles.

By casting Puneet Rajkumar as an upright police officer, Jacob helped him break free from his usual mass roles. The director did well by adding a few power-packed fights and melodious soundtracks to pull in the masses. He had a very sound technical team in place too, making the film a visual treat.

Today, Jacob Vergese stands for experimental and quality cinema.

Image: A scene from Prithvi

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Film: Super

Upendra has always had a better going as a director rather than actor, so it's no wonder that his directorial comeback (after a 10 year gap) was one of the most awaited films of the year.

The actor-director, who is known for doing things differently, made a good start by inviting the audience to name the film. So Super was titled by his fans. The film just came with a hand symbol.

Super was futuristic in nature. It was the director's interpretation of Karnataka in 2030. While at places Upendra did get carried away with his Vision 2030 and gave sermons about patriotism, he struck a chord with the audience with his stylish presentation.

The film was a visual treat. Uppi also used his talents as a lyricist and dialogue writer to full advantage in this film. He did well by putting forth many current political and social situations in a humorous way.

Super was a mass movie with a message. We look forward to many more more Upendra directorials.

Image: A scene from Super

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Film: Jackie

Duniya, Junglee and now Jackie. Suri obviously knows his trade well.

Expectations from him reached a new high this year as he was teaming with 'Power Star' Puneet.

Jackie was a commercial entertainer and Suri needs to be credited for putting together a winning team. While he chose his mentor Yograj Bhat to pen the lyrics, he got industry's current hot favourite to do the music. Roping in Satya Hegde for cinematography was a good decision too.

Jackie made for a family watch. If there was a message on human trafficking, there were action packed sequences too.

This winning combination of Suri and Puneet is soon coming together in another film.

Image: A scene from Jackie

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Film: Aptharakshaka

Aptharakshaka, Vishnuvardhan's last film ran to packed houses and director Vasu got a major share of the credit.

While the prequel to this film, Apthamitra, was a remake, Aptharakshaka was an original.

Vasu wrote a script that gave three different dimensions to Vishnuvardhan's character. He also did away with straight narration and this made the audience retain their curiosity till the end.

He needs to be applauded for the way in which he executed the twists that the story came with. The graphics that he used in the later half were also commendable. This is one director whose return we welcome.

Image: A scene from Aptharakshaka

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Yograj Bhatt

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Film: Pancharangi

He is one of Kannada industry's most bankable directors and he proved that yet again with this year's big release Pancharangi.

While he stuck to his favourite theme -- love and life -- in this film too, what was different was the locales. Bhatt is credited with having exposed the most beautiful parts of the state in his cinema, at a time when most filmmakers were rooting for foreign locales. This time, an old house on a sandy beach peppered with palm trees, made for the perfect locale.

Bhatt also gave equal weightage to his supporting cast. You won't find characters wasted in his movies, including Pancharangi.

Writing dialogues and songs are his other forte. The song Lifeu ishetene from this film is an example.

Bhatt with his Kannada sensibilities and cinema aesthetics is here to stay.  

Image: A scene from Pancharangi

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