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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Roopashree: I believe I am glamorous

Roopashree: I believe I am glamorous

Last updated on: March 2, 2012 11:35 IST

Roopashree: I believe I am glamorous


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Roopashree, an upcoming Kannada actress, was in the thick of the action during the recently concluded Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) held between cinema stars of different states. The tournament, she claims, catapulted her to unexpected fame because of her natty dressing and stylish method of presentation.

Roopashree was part of the Karnataka Bulldozers team, which was runner-up, nd was assigned the task of interviewing stars on the field during the matches, which meant sitting in the players' dug-out area.

Roopashree's film Sankranti is coming up for release today. In this interview with Srikanth Srinivasa, she speaks about her fledgling film career and her new-found fame following her stint with CCL.

What was it like working as an on-the-field host during the recently concluded CCL?

I can proudly say that I am someone who knows how to carry herself well. It was a great opportunity to interview stars on the field as the matches progressed.

I love cricket though I don't follow one-day series or the test series. My only interest is to watch IPL, CCL and World Cup matches.

The whole tourney was an amazing experience especially when I was on the ground or in the crowd that was cheering for all the teams.

Image: Roopashree


'I have a double role in Sankranti'

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What is the film Sankranti all about?

Sankranti is a family-oriented film with all the necessary ingredients such as love, family attachment and mother sentiment.

The film showcases the joy of living in a huge joint family and how members of the family love and support one another. There is no violence or vulgarity.

It is a no-nonsense and clean entertainer.

What is your role in the film?

I play a double role of a bubbly, glamorous girl, and the domesticated, homely girl. I found it difficult to do the homely girl character because I have always believed that I am glamorous!

I have a unique body language that goes with my role in this movie and the clothes that I wear are very traditional.

Image: Roopashree

Tags: Sankranti

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'I would love to do outrageous roles and psychic characters'


How did you get to sign this film?

When I was approached by director Mahesh (of Mussanje Maathu fame) to report for the shoot of Sankranti, I didn't know that I would be subjected to a screen test, which I had never done for my previous films like Putra, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Ramegowda versus Krishnareddy, Niguda or Shambo Shankara.

Initially, I thought I will finish the scene in one take. But, the director gave me an important emotional scene to find out if I could act.

I thought this was not happening for me as the dialogue ran for a few lines. I was not sure of pulling it off or confident of delivering the lines in front of so many people who were watching me, but to my surprise, it got me into the project.

How was it to work with many senior artistes, hero Gururaj and director Mahesh?

I should thank director Mahesh for casting me in this film as he has managed to draw the best from me. He is a strict taskmaster who used to act and show what he expected from us. Mahesh made it look so easy for me.

On the whole, it was an enjoyable and learning experience to work with senior artistes who gave me some acting lessons on the sets.

There were no clashes or differences with anyone, including the hero, as it was total fun working with Gururaj.

Which are your forthcoming films?

Niguda (Mystery), which is a remake of the Hindi film Kaal, is ready for release. I am doing an author-backed role in Bangarada Baale (Golden Girl), which is a Tulu film, directed by Richard Castelino.

I would love to do outrageous roles and psychic characters in essentially story-based films under good directors. 

Image: Roopashree