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This article was first published 13 years ago

Tamannaah returns to telugu films with Sukumar's next

Last updated on: May 6, 2011 11:29 IST

Image: A still from the film
Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

After wowing the Tamil audience, Tamannaah returns to Telugu cinema after a two-year gap with 100 % Love. Her last Telugu film was Koncham Ishtam, Koncham Kastham.

In this interview with Radhika Rajamani, she talks about the film and her experience of acting with co-star Naga Chaitanya.

What made you take up 100 % Love?

The first draw was the entire combo Geetha Arts banner, Sukumar's direction and Chaitanya as the lead. Geetha Arts has a fantastic success rate. The cast and crew were fantastic. When I heard the script, I was doubly sure it was unique. The character too was interesting to play. Since the entire team was young, the energy was good.

Your last Telugu film was Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam two years ago. Is it because you were busy with Tamil films that such a gap happened?

Yes, since I was busy with Tamil films, I didn't commit to anything in Telugu. I wanted to do something I believed in. I had signed two projects with Geetha Arts after Happy Days. They took time to take off (as the producers were also busy) and I was occupied with Tamil films.

'This will be one of my best performances'

Image: A still from the film

Who are you in 100 % Love?

I play a girl who has come from a village to the city. She doesn't want to study. There is a four year time lapse and the character grows and there are other changes. Chaitanya plays my baava (cousin) and the relationship we share is interesting.

Tell us more about the film.

It is rooted in traditions but progresses towards modernity. In the promotions, perhaps only the urban part was shown.

Sukumar is known for his romantic films. How different is this one from the earlier ones?

It's totally different from his previous films. Here he has given Chaitanya a unique character to play. It's more like a two-character oriented film. There were unique moments in the film that were so good that I wished that they happened in real life!

Have you dubbed for the film?

I was half way through the dubbing when the strike happened. I wanted to complete it but the time was short due to the strike. I believe everything has a time. I enjoy learning Telugu and if people appreciateit , I am happy.

How was it being directed by Sukumar?

He and I shared a good rapport from day one. Sukumar told us on the first day itself, 'don't give me regular expressions'. He was open to what we offered. The film structure binds your work within the parameters but Sukumar was open to improvisation. This is one of my best performances.

'Chaitanya is unbelievably effortless as an actor'

Image: A still from the film

How would you describe the film?

It's a positive film and leaves one with a good feeling. 

How was it acting with Chaitanya?

He's unbelievably effortless, totally chilled out. He can deliver a two-page dialogue effortlessly. He is very natural. It works wonders as he plays a college topper, who is extremely intelligent and that makes him cool. His family is part of the industry for many years. Yet he is amazingly down-to-earth.

I had a blast shooting this film.

The songs of the film are doing really well.

Yes, in a love story, music is crucial. It's the soul. Devi (Devisriprasad) has given fantastic music. He has got Adnan Sami to sing a song. He's used rock music for a song.

Are you doing more Telugu films?

I am working with NTR Jr in a film being directed by Surendar Reddy and a film with Charan to be directed by Sampath Nandi. Honestly, language is not crucial.  I don't look at films as Tamil or Telugu. Whatever work I do, I want people to enjoy. That is more important.

Are you taking a break now?

Yes, I am. My work was keeping me busy. So I am catching up on sleep now. I have not been able to catch up with movies as I have been travelling non-stop. So, movies too!