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Isha Chawla: I still have a long way to go

Last updated on: August 29, 2012 10:12 IST

Isha Chawla: I still have a long way to go


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Isha Chawla stepped into the Telugu film industry with Prema Kavali opposite another debutant Aadi (son of Sai Kumar).

She made an impact in the film and followed it up with Poolarangadu with Sunil.

Her third film Srimannarayana with Nandamuri Balakrishna and Parvati Melton directed by Ravi Chavali is up for release tomorrow (August 30).

Isha throws light on Srimannarayana in this exclusive interview.

How did you decide to sign Srimannarayana?

I signed it because I had the opportunity with Balakrishna Sir. Also I had not played the character of a bubbly girl as yet.

This is your third film under the same banner – RR Movie Makers. Is it a coincidence?

It is purely a coincidence. There was nothing like a prior commitment.

Image: Isha Chawla


'I had the fear of matching up to a senior actor like Balakrishna'

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What is Srimannarayana about? It is supposed to a journalist's story...

Basically, Balakrishna plays the journalist fighting against wrong doing and gives a message.

There are two girls. Parvati Melton plays a fellow journalist and falls in love with Balakrishna's character. I play his fiancee and I am already committed to him.

You said you play a bubbly girl. Could you throw more light on the character?

As I said I play his fiancee. She's madly in love with the guy and can't stand anyone coming in the way.

Was it a character you relate to?

The initial hesitation and the teething phase is there for me. Once action is called, then I'm in the character and cool.

How was it acting with a senior actor like Balakrishna?

He is an ocean of knowledge and has so much to give. I had the fear of matching up to a senior actor like him. But he was very supportive and encouraging.

He would help in improvisation especially in the tongue-rolling parts. He was always jovial and energetic on the sets.

Image: A scene from Srimannarayana

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'I have a knack for learning dialogues'

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How was your relationship with Parvati Melton? Did you have scenes together?

We had very few scenes. We were together for two-three days. We gelled pretty much and chatted. We had a decent relationship.

How was it working with the director, Ravi Chavali?

It was great working with him. He gives place for improvisation and doesn't spoon-feed. He is calm, happy and easy going.

Can you recall any memorable incident while shooting the film?

We were shooting in Switzerland for a song. Balakrishna Sir is a fantastic dancer. We didn't have any rehearsals and went directly to shoot. The light was a problem.

Balakrishna Sir was asked to do solo as I had to be taught. He refused. He said teach her and give her time and she'll learn. It's a duet and she has to dance with me.

I was more nervous that I should get the step. I learnt it in 10 minutes. The whole experience was overwhelming.

You are speaking Telugu now? How did you pick it up? Do you have a tutor?

I don't have a tutor. I have a knack for learning dialogues. For learning them I need to know the meaning. I also speak to my staff in Telugu.

I still have a long way to go. I find it difficult to do improvisation so I thought it's better to learn the language.

Image: A scene from Srimannarayana

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'I don't mind working in other languages'

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Will you be dubbing your own dialogues shortly?

We were planning to dub for Srimannarayana but my hectic shooting schedule of the Tanu weds Manu remake didn't allow it.

I would love to dub. Dubbing plays an important role in your acting – it either enhances your performance or brings it down.

You are three films old in the industry now. How does it feel?

It still feels fresh. I know a few people. The job is familiar. In the first film I didn't know the technical angles, now I know them.

Every day is a new day. I'm nervous in front of the camera and I work from my nervous energy.

Do you have any expectations about Srimannarayana?

We all worked hard. I have a positive feeling and hope it does well.

How far have you progressed with the Tanu weds Manu remake in Telugu? Isn't Sunil the hero?

Yes, I'm working with Sunil on the film. We have shot about 75-80 per cent of the film.

Are you open to doing films in other South Indian languages?

I don't mind working in other languages. I'm doing a film Virat in Kannada with Darshan. There's still some work left for that film.

I'm not in a rush to sign films.

Image: A scene from Srimannarayana

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