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This article was first published 11 years ago

Sonakshi: Nobody can criticise me for the way I look

Last updated on: November 12, 2012 18:41 IST

Image: Sonakshi Sinha
Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

After the debacle of Joker, Sonakshi Sinha hopes for better luck with her Diwali release Son Of Sardaar, opposite Ajay Devgn.

The actress, who rides a bike and does some stunts for the first time, tells Sonil Dedhia about her experience of working in the film and how she takes advice from her famous father, Shatrughan Sinha. 

Joker turned out to be your first major debacle. Has your approach to choosing films changed after Joker?

I think success and failure is part of every profession and everyone goes through it.

Joker was a risk that everyone took. It's okay if it didn't do well. It happens. There have been two films of mine before Joker that have been accepted by the audience.

Do you regret doing the film?

No, not at all. More than the success at the box office, it is the experience that matters to me. I had a great time shooting for it. I was working with the cast and crew of the film for the first time. I had a nice experience so I don't regret it.

Media reports suggest that your relations have soured with Farah Khan.

I was a part of the promotions of Joker so it is wrong to point fingers at me and say that I have not promoted the film. I don't think the result of the box office changes the equation between two people.

Farah is very cordial to me and there is no animosity with her.

'Finally I got a chance to do some stunts'

Image: Sonakshi Sinha and Ajay Devgn in Son Of Sardaar

Son Of Sadaar is a remake of the Telugu film Maryada Ramanna. Did you watch the original film?

I did see the original film but only after I heard the script of SOS.

I couldn't stop laughing when I first heard the script, and it sounded so original. 

Our film is completely different from the South film. Everything was changed, from the look of the film, to the setting, the situation and dialogues.

You have been a part of action films earlier but this is the first time that you are getting to do some stunts...

It's very funny that I have been a part of two big blockbuster action films and I haven't got to do any action! Finally, in this film, I have got a chance to do some stunts.

I have kicked and punched people and got onto a bike and have done a wheelie!

When I started shooting for the film I was not aware I would have to ride the bike. It was only when we were doing a scene that they explained the shot to me and Ajay taught me to ride the bike. I really had lots of fun.

'It is a rare sight to watch Ajay Devgn dance'

Image: Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha in Son Of Sardaar

How much does it benefit an actress to work with big names?

It definitely benefits an actress, especially newcomers like me. Sustaining oneself in this industry is difficult because in your first film people don't expect much from you.

I would like to be a part of a film that I would like to watch. If I like a script I don't take into consideration the length of my role or whether I get to play a prominent character.

When I did my first film Dabangg, I didn't have much screen time but people noticed me. If the audience comes out of the theatre remembering my one dialogue then I consider it as my work done.

Ajay Devgn doesn't like to dance. How was it shaking a leg with him?

Ajay hates dancing but I feel he has done a fantastic job in our film. He has danced in almost all the songs.

I remember whenever he had to dance, all the people from the unit would come and watch him because it is a rare sight to watch Ajay Devgn dance.

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'I am doing the kind of roles that don't require me to be a size zero'

Image: Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha in Son Of Sardaar

Your first film Dabangg released on Eid, SOS is releasing on Diwali and you have Dabangg 2 on Christmas this year.

I can just say that I am the star of all seasons (smiles).

How do you deal with the constant criticism that comes your way?

Any person in my position who has faced so much criticism for looking a certain way would have crumbled by now.

I am a very strong person. I believe in working hard and acting. If I am able to do well and keep the audience happy then my job is done.

Nobody can criticise me for the way I look. I have worked very hard to reach this position. I have lost 30 kilos before I came into this industry. So nobody can say anything.

I am doing the kind of roles that don't require me to be a size zero or wear certain kinds of clothes.

I am very comfortable and happy. When my films release and do well it automatically shuts the mouths of those who criticise me. I believe let your work speak for you.

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'I consult my father before selecting a script'

Image: Sonakshi Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

Do you consult your father before selecting a script?

Yes. He has been in the industry for more than four decades and I would like to use his experience to my benefit. 

It's amazing to have his input on everything as he is so knowledgeable and he never goes wrong.

I like narrating the script to him, or my experience on the sets. I try and imbibe whatever I can from him. 

Are films part of the dinner table conversation?

Yes, we do discuss films. Not only my father, I like to take the opinion of my entire family. There are times when my mother also sits with me during the script narration.

There was a time when I never wanted to be an actor. I didn't know the whole process of acting. Seeing my father going on the sets every day, I would find it very boring. When I got actively involved in acting, I started enjoying the process.