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Shahid, Sonam unveil first trailer of Mausam

Last updated on: July 12, 2011 16:59 IST

Shahid, Sonam unveil first trailer of Mausam

Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

The first trailer of Shahid Kapoor's new film Mausam was launched at PVR, Juhu, a western suburb of Mumbai, on Monday. Besides Shahid, co-star Sonam Kapoor also turned up for the event. Father Pankaj Kapur, who doubles up as the film's director, came with Supriya Pathak, wife and actor in the film.

"This is a very special moment for all of us, our family, Sonam and the producers," Shahid said at the launch. "It has been quite a journey. I have given a year and half of my life to this film. It has been a very emotional moment for us. While I was driving from home, I was nervous and my palms were sweaty. I was wondering why I was so nervous. This film just means a lot more to us than just a film."

What do you think of the film's trailer?

Image: Trailer of Mausam


'I don't think any other actor has ever flown a F-16'

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Shahid plays an Air Force Pilot in the film, and is the only actor in the film industry to have flown the jet fighter aircraft F-16. He's obviously very proud of it.

"I was fortunate to fly an F-16 fighter plane," he said. "I don't think any other actor has ever flown an F-16. Even when Tom Cruise did Top Gun, he had flown an F-15."

He shared his experience with the media. "The fact that I was sitting in an F-16 and was a co-pilot was unbelievable," he said. "In such planes, you can go up to G9 (a level of gravitational force). G1 is when you feel your body weight, G2 is twice your body weight etc. The pilot took me up to G6. That's something I will take to my grave."

Sonam may have missed out on the fighter plane experience but she loved being a part of the film too. "All of us worked hard on this film. It has been a wonderful experience," she said.

Image: Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapur
Video: Pradeep Bandekar
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'I had written Mausam keeping Shahid in mind'

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Pankaj Kapur, who makes his debut as a director with Mausam, said that the story was written keeping his son in mind.

But when it came to the female lead, he had no one in particular in mind. Sonam was the first actress who was approached for the role, and she agreed.

Kapur, who is known for his stellar acting jobs in television serials like Office Office and Karamchand as well as films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Maqbool, and Halla Bol, said he had been longing to direct a film for a while. "I had wanted to direct a film for a long time," he said. "I have directed TV shows for five years. So there was this desire to direct."

The actor added that his acting skills helped him direct Mausam, as he was able to understand the characters and get the best out of his actors. "I am an actor first. That helped. When I am in the shoes of a director, I don't think like an actor. I am only there to support my actors and take out the best from them," said Pankaj.

Mausam will release on September 16.

Image: Pankaj Kapur, Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapur

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