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This article was first published 12 years ago

Did you like Akon's Chammak Challo?

Last updated on: October 24, 2011 14:01 IST
Image: Chammak Challo
Raja Sen in Mumbai

One of the latest trends in Hindi films is to bring in international artists to come in and contribute to the soundtrack, a gimmick that helps music videos and aims at being clutterbreaking.

With Ra One around the corner, here's my report card of just how good these collaborations have been thus far.

Akon - Ra One

The thing I don't get at all about Chhamak Chhalo is why in the world it needed Akon. The only reason anyone cares about the track, really, is because of the video, and that's merely cause Kareena Kapoor looks insanely, breathtakingly stunning.

Note to producer SRK: Himesh is closer home, and almost as nasal, man. The song itself is pedestrian and somewhat tinny, and features Vishal Dadlani sounding his worst, but weeks of airplay will drill it into our skulls. God bless Bebo, then.

Raja's Rating: Akon who? This is Bebo Ki Jawani.

Ludacris - Speedy Singhs

Image: Ludacris - Speedy Singhs

Honestly, not as bad. The underdog-themed rapping is a pain but as the song gets to speed, Shera Di Kaum Punjabi starts sounding increasingly appropriate as a mantra -- and it seems even more apt for a "Caneda"-based film.
Ludacris is fine even though his rap is immensely generic, and one wishes Akshay Kumar hadn't lipsynced to RDB's whiny voice.

Raja's Rating: Not awful, but completely unmemorable.

Kylie Minogue - Blue

Image: Kylie Minogue - Blue

Minogue is one of those artists who will be scorching hot even if embalmed a hundred years -- just imagine that sarcophagus in gold hotpants, gulp -- but all the authentic sizzle in the world can't help a mediocre steak.

's Chiggy Wiggy song had AR Rahman at his least dazzling, and the marriage of English and Hindi lyrics ("The dancefloor's where I wanna be / White picket fences frighten me" to "Tera husn hai rehmat ya ghazab / Tera ishq ibaadat ya khata") was unholy in its abruptness. A thoroughly underwhelming song.

Raja's Rating: A waste of Kylie.

Snoop Dogg - Singh Is Kinng

Image: Snoop Dogg - Singh Is Kinng

All hail the Doggfather. One of the world's most iconic gangsta-rapping R&B producers, Snoop put on his shades and laid down the beat nice and thick for Akshay Kumar's Singh Is Kinng, in the process showing all the bhangramuffins how it's done.
The track has a very strong groove, and Dogg has a blast giving Bollywood the blue carpet treatment. And as with his funnest songs, Snoop's exuberance -- here he seems to love saying the word 'Punjabi' -- is infectious.

Raka's Rating: A great blend of styles, super use of Snoop and a top track overall.

Tata Young - Dhoom

Image: Tata Young - Dhoom

A pretty girl from Thailand, Young had one breakout hit called Sexy Naughty Bitchy doing the rounds of the music channels, which -- along with the fact that she'd inadvertently chosen a first name that echoed one of India's largest do-it-all corporations -- was enough for Yash Raj Films to bring her in to sing the theme song for their new franchise, Dhoom.

Most of the singing in the theme is by Sunidhi Chauhan, but Young manages the chorus -- and the video -- pretty well, enough to be clutterbreaking.

Raja's Rating: Gets the job done. 

Samantha Fox - Rock Dancer

Image: Samantha Fox - Rock Dancer

Not just does this classic start off with the opening bars of Michael Jackson's Jam, but it's also called Traffic Jam, and is sung by composer Bappi Lahiri himself. Fox appears first in hotpants and some kinda white lacy corset, then a frock and finally a skirt, grooving to Traffic Jam with Govinda.

Looking plastic and past her prime, Fox comes across looking tragically male and like too much of a caricature -- she also doesn't sing, but when was that Fox's big draw? Thanks to Govinda's outfits and BappiDa's accent, however, this is the best seven minutes you'll spend all day.

Raja's Rating: So bad it's fantastic. Three stars for sheer memorability.