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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Rani Mukerji: I am not getting married as of now

Rani Mukerji: I am not getting married as of now

Last updated on: January 24, 2011 19:30 IST

'I am not getting married as of now'



Rani Mukerji was very candid when she came for a rediff chat last week.


For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired:


Rani Mukerji says, Hi guys eagerly wanting to speak to you. Get ready to ask me whatever you want to. I am ready.


abhi87 asked, Hi Rani Why are you not doing too many movies now a days.

Rani Mukerji answers,  Hi Abhi. I really need to do films which I am excited about and which have great characters for me to play, and at the same time entertain my fans. So I guess it takes time to probably choose the right one but I am trying to at least do two films a year.


maya asked, hi rani am from hyderabad we all miss you so much

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Maya. I want to tell you that I love your city and thank you for missing me because I miss you guys too. Hopefully we will not keep you waiting for long this time.


anu asked, hi,great perfrormance in No one killed jassica,

Rani Mukerji answers, Thanks Anu for liking my work. It's your love and encouragement that keeps me going.


rashmi asked, Waiting to see you with SRK in a new movie in near future

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Rashmi. Hopefully you will soon see me with Shah Rukh Khan in the future. There is nothing as of now in the pipeline but should be soon


Manju asked, Hi Rani, you are very cute and beautiful. I like your acting skills and films very much

Rani Mukerji answers, Thanks Manju. Thank you for all your lovely and kind words. I promise you, I'll never let you down and continue doing movies that you'll enjoy.


Bunty asked, Many critics say that your time at the top is over.. What do you want to tell them??

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Bunty. Actually it is you people who make us stars and it is you all who decide when our innings is over. For me, my fans have always been the top priority and till the time they want to see me, nobody can stop me being where I am.


Waqaas asked, Hi, I am a student studying in Navi Mumbai. Why don't you promote your movies in this part of mumbai in various colleges here? We would love to get a glimpse of you which usually is a far fetched dream for most of us !

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Waqaas. Point taken. Will definitely urge my producers and marketing team to plan promotions in Navi Mumbai. It's a bit late for Jessica now but definitely for my next release I will come to Navi Mumbai for promotions. What is the name of your college?


Surendra asked, Congratulation for your super hit film "No one killed Jessica" stellar perfomance. Whats ur forthcoming movie?

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Surendra for all your wishes and I am really happy that you loved my performance. My next release is with Aamir Khan. Its being directed by Reema Katgi


dharmesh asked, We have always loved you in - Bunty aur Bubbly.. Why dont you come out with a sequel of it ?? It was fantastic movie. Can we expect more of such lively vibrant performance from you ?? Even Jessica was great. Pelase Do Accept Our hearty congrats for that.

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Dharmesh. I loved myself in Bunty Aur Babli as well. I had a great time working on the film. I am also looking forward to the sequel. Will send in a word to Shaad Ali and ask him to make B&B 2 for all you guys who have loved the film. It's always nice to laugh, isn't it? Thank you so much for liking my work in Jessica as well. Lots of love.

Image: Rani Mukerji


'I will definitely try to sing in any of my future projects'

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Rajnish1 asked, You make a formiddable pair with Saif in ur movies...ur acting and expressions are flawless in each and every movie

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Rajnish. It's your love and support that makes me work hard on all my roles. Please continue to love me always.


biorad asked, From "Gulam" to " No one killed Jessica ", how would you describe the journey.

Rani Mukerji answers, It's been a great journey for me working with very talented directors and actors who have helped me carve my own niche in the industry.


jadoo asked, Hello Rani....How r u?What is the secret of ur good looks

Rani Mukerji answers, Eating good food and doing yoga.


Robin asked, Hi Rani, Kemon Aacho. You hail from a good family with the culture of Film and Music. Film - Yes, you r doing very well, My Best wishes. Music - I would love to hear you sing. Any future plans about singing. Thanks.

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Robin. Aami bhalo acchi. I will definitely try to sing in any of my following future projects.


dsada asked, What is your height dear Rani? Be honest

Rani Mukerji answers, It's 5 feet 2 inches.


gopal asked, Hello Rani....Happy New year and all d best for your upcoming movies.....U r simply very very beautiful....Which is ur new upcoming movieeeeee

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Gopal. Happy new year to you and your family.



Rani Mukerji answers, I think its both. It depends on what you need the most at the right time.


chris asked, You are an intelligent lady and have been generally away from the focus of the paparazzi with regard to your personal life... kudos to you for the will to maintain personal dignity and the ability to be free from prying eyes...

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Chris. Thanks for being supportive of the way I am. It's just that I do believe that my work is for my fans, my life is for my fans but there is one part of my life which I like to keep to myself. Honestly I can't cope with giving every second detail of my whereabouts in my daily life.


chandu asked, Hi Rani..Have been a huge fan for the longest of time..certainly the best and prettiest of actresses from my standpoint..Looking forward to your movie with Aamir Khan..Soo wish you never stay away from movies this long..Good luck gorgeous gracious. Any new roles you are forward to?

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Chandu. Thank you for being such a loyal fan of mine. I love you for it. I am trying my level best to do at least two films a year and not disappoint you all. Hopefully this year I should do one more film this year after my film with Aamir.


zaid asked, HI rani heartly congrates for no one killed jessica succes it was a nice movie indeed so u r back on action so what are your upcomings

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Zaid. Lots of love.

Image: Rani Mukerji

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'I have no plans to turn director/producer'

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Baskar asked, You are one of the actresses,that can carry on sexy to serious roles with aplomb. I have always appreciated your petite beauty and firm body. What is your next project ? I want to KKHH's sexy Rani back..
Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Baskar for appreciating me and my work. Hopefully I will be back like the same KKHH's Rani that you want.

AMITABHA asked, Hi Rani..its Amitabha here..i m from kolkata..i liked ur performance in NOKJ..wht are ur nxt projects other than the Aamir Khan starrer ?

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Amitabha for liking my work in NOKJ. It means a lot. I have not decided what to do next after Aamir's film.


Rupu asked, Hello. Have been a fan of yours since I was in College

Rani Mukerji answers, Thanks for being my fan for so long. Really appreciate it


Rajachatarji asked, i loved the song aati kya khandala.. when are you planning to visit khandala in near future?

Rani Mukerji answers, I visited Khandala recently while shooting for Bigg Boss.


abhijith_012 asked, I LIKE YOUR UNIQUE VOICE RANI

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Abhijit.


senmamun_gautam asked, Hi Rani ... U hv done a good jobs ,giving very oustanding movies for bollywwod....keep it like that

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Gautam. Will try very hard to keep you all entertained with my films always and will never let you down in terms of my performances.


Parjanya asked, Mam is thr any other person in this world whos is more beautifull then u

Rani Mukerji answers, Yes my niece Myiesha.


Mrinmoy asked, Hi .. your eyes so attractive ..How ?

Rani Mukerji answers, I guess I can't take credit for that. My parents are fully responsible


jahangir8 asked, Hi Rani, how are you? This is Jahangir from Singapore.

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi Jahangir. I just love Singapore. Wish I could be there right now.


Abir asked, Hi Rani...Kamon acho ? Akhon kothay Mumbai te na in Kolkata ?

Rani Mukerji answers, Mumbai.


RaniFan asked, hai Rani my darling

Rani Mukerji answers, Hi my darling.


sree asked, Hi rani , U r exceptional in NoOneKilledJessica. whats your next movie. u r one of the best actresses in the world cinema. my fav scene of urs " the train scene where you take on MEN"

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you so much Sree. Lots of love.


Muthu asked, Hi Raniji..You acted with Kamala Hasan (Legend of Cinema) in Hey Ram. Can you share us how was that experience?

Rani Mukerji answers, It was a fabulous experience Muthu. I learnt a lot from him.


Tinku asked, Are you planning to turn Director/Producer

Rani Mukerji answers, No not really. I am very happy acting.

Image: Rani Mukerji

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'I would love to do a Malayalam film'

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Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Raghav for liking my work in NOKJ. For me my fans loving me and appreciating my work is bigger than any award.

hurray asked, Hi Rani, when are u getting married

Rani Mukerji answers, I am not getting married as of now. The day I do, I'll let all you guys know.


sanjna asked, Hello, my sister's voice same as ur voice. she is very love u.

Rani Mukerji answers, Say hi to your sister and tell her I love her too.


Suma M asked, Hi Rani, How are you? You are too beautiful and like your smile... Fabulous acting in no one killed Jessica..

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you Suma for liking my work in the movie and also for all the lovely things you said about me.


darrel asked, its; mukerji or mukharji ??

Rani Mukerji answers, It's Mukerji.


sillijo asked, Hi Rani,first congratulations to NOKJ and Lovely Greetings from Germany, Any plans of working over again too Shahid or SRK????

Rani Mukerji answers, Thank you for your wishes. No plans as yet and as soon as there are, will keep you guys posted.


ajaykerala asked, Hello Rani, kaise ho aap? just a quick question i been seeing movies acted by your sister in Malayalam was wondering if we will get to see you in our regional language anytime soon ?

Rani Mukerji answers, I would love to do a Malayalam film but there have been no offers as yet.


Rani Mukerji says, Thank you guys for making this chat so memorable. It's always great to interact with fans on a one to one basis. Lots of love and a big hug to all of you.

Image: Rani Mukerji

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