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This article was first published 11 years ago

Meet the voices behind Chhota Bheem

Last updated on: May 2, 2013 15:23 IST

Image: Parigna Pandya Shah voice of Bheem
Patcy N in Mumbai
The popularity of Chhota Bheem among children -- and even adults -- has prompted the makers of the television animation series to make a movie titled Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan in 2012. 

This did so well that it merited a sequel, and so Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali releases this Friday.
In the new film, Chhota Bheem and his friends attend the crowning ceremony of the Prince of Bali, Arjun. The kingdom of Bali is captured by the evil Rangda, who arrests the king and the queen. It's up to Bheem and his friends to fight Rangda and save the royal couple.
So who are the voices behind these lovable characters? Patcy N finds out.
Chhota Bheem
Chhota Bheem is nine years old, brave and strong. He loves food, especially ladoos and bananas. Bheem helps the poor and needy.
Parigna Pandya Shah lends her voice to Chhota Bheem:
Before me, Vatsal Dubey was the voice of Bheem, for the TV series and the first movie. One day I was called for an audition and got selected for this movie.
I am 27 years old. I am dubbing for a nine-year-old character, but it is not difficult because I sound younger than my age and I know how to modulate my voice.
I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I started dubbing 12 years ago, when I was in college, for the UTV series called Adventures of Jimmy Neutron.
I am a singer and have learnt classical singing for 12 years. When singing for a Gujarati film, I also dubbed for a character and that's when I realised I can dub for others.
I also act in a serial called Mukhti Bandhan, which is aired on Colors. I have dubbed for Hermione Granger in Hindi for the Harry Potter films and also for Ice Age 4. 

I dub for English films that are aired in Hindi on TV, like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight Saga.
I have to take care of my voice. I don't drink or eat anything cold like ice cream, cold drinks, but I do eat a lot of fried stuff. I have to give proper rest to my voice if I have dubbed for the whole day. Then I have to avoid talking and cannot yell.

'Just watching my mom, I learnt to dub'

Image: Vivaan Bhimani is the voice of Arjun
Arjun is the nine-year-old crown prince of Bali. He is very skilled in archery and sword fighting.
Vivaan Bhimani lends his voice to Arjun:
I am eight years old. This is the first time I have dubbed for a film. I have dubbed for a television series called Best Friends Forever.
I love dubbing and really like Chhota Bheem.
I had seen my mother (Rupa Bhimani, the voice of Chutki in the same film) dub and I loved it. I wanted to do it too. So just watching my mom, I started learning. My mother also taught me how to fight and laugh while dubbing.
My mother drops me to the dubbing studio and picks me up when I am done. If it is for a short period, then she waits at the studio.
I don't do too much of dubbing because then I would miss playing, school and tuitions.

'I don't do loud characters if I have dubbed the whole day'

Image: Rupa Bhimani is the voice of Chutki
Seven-year-old Chutki is Bheem's best friend, and loves to accompany him on his adventures.

Rupa Bhimani lends her voice to Chutki:
I've given the voice for Chutki's character for the last six years, ever since the Chhota Bheem show began. I can dub for a three-year-old and an 80-year-old. It is not difficult to dub for Chutki, as I have been dubbing for so many years.
I am from Rajkot, Gujurat, but born and brought up in Mumbai.
I have been dubbing for 18 years. I started with AIR (All India Radio), as a production artist.
I dubbed for the films Toonpur Ka Superhero and Charlie's Angels, and the serials Chor Police and Krishna Balram.

I am thinking of getting into acting but I don't have time as there are too many dubbing assignments. I do translation from Hindi to Gujarati and I also write. I also used to act in plays but have given that up.
I rest my throat after a long dubbing stint. I eat everything and don't avoid anything. I take an Ayurvedic medicine, Yasti madhoo, when my voice is sore.
I don't do loud characters if I have dubbed the whole day, especially characters of witches where you have to laugh loudly.

'I feel I am Kalia when I dub him'

Image: Mausam is the voice of Mausam
Kalia is a 10-year-old boy, who is jealous of Bheem's popularity and strength. He wants Bheem to look bad and tries to land him in trouble.

Mausam lends her voice to Kalia.
I have dubbed for the character of Kalia for six years.

When I first started dubbing, I thought it would be difficult but our voice director Amarkantji is very good and guides us well. Now, I am confident. I feel I am Kalia when I dub him.
I was born in Surat, Gujarat, but I have settled in Mumbai for long.
I started dubbing since 2002. Before that, I was doing Gujarati theatre. 
I dubbed for Leena Jumani, who played Ajay Devgn's sister in Himmatwala. I have dubbed for Payal Rohatgi in Dhol, for Suman Ranganathan in Sauda, and for Manisha Koirala in Chahath.
I also dub for Bhojpuri and Gujarati films.
I have to take care of my voice as I am allergic to cold foods and water and have to be careful of what I eat.

'I am the voice of Dhanush on television'

Image: Rajesh Kava is the voice of Jaggu
Jaggu Bandar is Bheem's pet monkey. He is a talking monkey and is of great help to Bheem.

Rajesh Kava lends his voice to Jaggu:
I have been associated with Chhota Bheem ever since the series started.
I studied the body language of monkeys and my voice director Amarkanthji designed this voice. I have even sung a stanza in this film.
I am 34 years old. I used to act in plays but after I started dubbing in 2000 it became difficult to do plays. So in 2003, I gave that up. 
I have dubbed many animation series. I give the voice for Harry Potter's character in Hindi. I dub for south Indian actors when their movies are dubbed in Hindi for television.
I am the voice of (Tamil actor) Dhanush on television, not in the film Raanjhanaa as the post production of that film has not yet started.
I don't take care of my voice as it is always very good. I drink cold water as I can't drink warm water.