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'It was my duty to make Bigg Boss interesting'

Last updated on: October 28, 2009 12:32 IST

'It was my duty to make Bigg Boss interesting'


Despite his rude and aggressive behaviour on Bigg Boss 3, Kamal Rashid Khan found out that he has quite a fan following when he came for a rediff chat on Tuesday.

The actor and producer of the Bhojpuri film Desh Drohi was thrown out of Bigg Boss house last week when the other housemates couldn't put up with his bad behaviour anymore.

Fans, curious to know more about the goings on in the house, quizzed the star at length during the chat. For those who missed it, here's what transpired.

Kamal R Khan says, Hello everyone. How are you doing? This is KRK.

sujeet asked, hi kamal whts up hw is life after big boss evacuation
Kamal R Khan answers, It's really nice to be in my own world. It was really difficult to stay in Bigg Boss house, where I had to share my bathroom with seven people.

samrat asked, hi kamal....what is the audience that you are targeting after your rude behaviout during big boss(since you are very proud of it)
Kamal R Khan answers, I don't think I was more rude than other members of the house. They were saying many bad things about me, but I never said anything behind anyone's back.

Noname asked, How is your family reacting after this?
Kamal R Khan answers, They know very well what I was doing in Bigg Boss house. I was one of the characters of the show, so it was my duty to do something extraordinary, which made Bigg Boss interesting.

ifz asked, tell us about your next movie?? when can we expect it
Kamal R Khan answers, I'm going to start shooting for Desh Drohi 2, which is based on 26/11 incident in Mumbai. I hope to release it in April 2010.

abgyu asked, Kamal, I heared that u import water, milk, vegitables etc...from foriegn countries. Is that true?
Kamal R Khan answers, My dear, all those products, like Needo Milk (from Holland), Evian water (from France), Lipton Tea (from London), are available in each and every store in all the metro cities. So you don't need to go buy them from foreign countries.

zx asked, I dont think such nice and polite answers are from kamal. It must be someone else answering for him
Kamal R Khan answers, Be sure that KRK is online. I'm a businessman who is running almost 12 offices with around 10,000 employees.

swagat asked, hi kamal! was ur stint in BB a marketing gimic?
Kamal R Khan answers, All the people should understand that the Bigg Boss is not a saas-bahu serial. It is a show producers have spent around 100 crore of rupees on. So you should expect some different type of entertainment from the show. So please take it as entertainment only.

naaraaz asked, r u married?
Kamal R Khan answers, Of course not. I don't know how to impress a girl. So I don't think it's going to happen soon.

nishant asked, hi kamal....did you throw the bottle on rohit verma to show the world you are aggressive and to create a niche for you in the film industry....
Kamal R Khan answers, I believe that you should not harm anyone, but if somebody harms you, you should not accept that. So that was my reaction after his action only.

jatwani asked, Hi Kamaal. Who do you think will win Bigg Boss 3?
Kamal R Khan answers, Today it's difficult to predict because there are a few more strong candidates who will enter the house. So you should ask this question after four or five weeks.

Image: Kamal Rashid Khan


'Claudia is very beautiful but I would love to marry an Indian girl only'

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kumud asked, did you really like claudia?
Kamal R Khan answers, Yes. She's really very beautiful and a gem of a person. Her nature is really an asset for her.

red asked, will u try setting again with claudia after big boss is over??
Kamal R Khan answers, No, no. That was a part of the game show. But in real life I would love to marry an Indian girl only.

idiot asked, kamal u were awesome and stood out seperate from others..wht u want to say about girls taking off raju's shorts
Kamal R Khan answers, I think it's really shameful. Raju has a daughter so he should feel ashamed about his act.

sam1985 asked, Kamal i respect u a lot , but i just wanted to ask u one question , why did u made a film with such a sensitive topic ? where u aware of problem Up and bihar migrants are gonna face because of you ?
Kamal R Khan answers, I think you have not watched the film. Desh Drohi was a political thriller, and not about North Indian or South Indian.

kabir asked, hello kamaal sir, u r not well in big boss it is ur habbit or scripts of this show
Kamal R Khan answers, My producers invested more than 100 crore rupees on the show, so it was my duty to make the show entertaining.

jkln asked, Kamal your stint in big boss portrayed you as a uncultured rude and mentally imbalanced person. Was this your deliberate effort or this is how you are?
Kamal R Khan answers, I'm a business man. So you can understand what my real behavior is like. But when we are part of the show, we have a role to play, and we have to do justice to that.

jatt asked, you were scared of Vindu, isn't it ? he's DARA SINGH's son... a strong Punjabi Puttar n he could have given you a sound bashing had you provoked him with ur stupid behaviour !
Kamal R Khan answers, If you are right and you are sincere, then you can't be scared of anyone. Vindu is a good person, in his heart, but he's a pahalwan. So he doesn't use his mind.

rp asked, marathi manoos won in mumbai wat u say now
Kamal R Khan answers, I am an Indian and I know only India. I don't recognise India by the language or by the state politics.

Image: Claudia

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'If I get to enter the house again, Rohit Varma will be my first target'

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muskan asked, Hii Krk..Bigg boss was interesting only because of u... it is boring now...fingers crossed for your wild card entry
Kamal R Khan answers, Three weeks have gone with only ten left. So expect more surprises. At the end you will find the biggest surprise in Bigg Boss' history!

Deepak asked, Hi Kamal - you may get a wild card entry to this show again, who will be your first target ??
Kamal R Khan answers, After watching all twenty days of the show, I came to know that Rohit Varma was talking really, really bad things about me, even though I have not used bad words on any member of the house. So if I get to enter the house again, Rohit Varma will be my first target. He will regret bad mouthing me for the rest of his life.

kom asked, I love you....kamaall
Kamal R Khan answers, I love you too. Take care. Have a good day. KRK.

Nazia asked, what kind of girl r u looking for?
Kamal R Khan answers, The girl who loves me more than anything else in the world. Whether I should love her or not.

Kusum asked, Who you liked the most in big boss?
Kamal R Khan answers, I still think that Ismail and Bhaktiyar are good people.

delhigal asked, you were awesome on bigg boss. the show is nothing without you. you should have won it ! what are your future plans..
Kamal R Khan answers, I'm really sorry if I disappointed you. But I don't have time to stay in Bigg Boss house for 85 days, as I am running my business.

tapori asked, any plans for joining politics ?
Kamal R Khan answers, Not right now because I'm really busy with my business and films.

Kusum asked, Why Desh Drohi 2 and not work on some other film?
Kamal R Khan answers, I love India so much that I can't think of doing any other project before Desh Drohi 2, which will give a very good message for all the Indians on how they can avoid such type of incidents (26/11).

rahulprime asked, I like your attitude!
Kamal R Khan answers, Thank you so much.

Image: A scene from Desh Drohi

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'My lifestyle outside Bigg Boss house is completely different'

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raven asked, how do u like hyderabad there are a lot of muslim fans of yours here
Kamal R Khan answers, My regards to all of them. I've been there a few times, but now I don't have time to go there. Inshallah I will visit Hyderabad in 2010.

red asked, did u and women shared same bathroom and toilets?
Kamal R Khan answers, No.

ga asked, y ur so selfish abt ur wealth
Kamal R Khan answers, Of course not. Whatever you have seen in Bigg Boss is just 45 minutes of clipping taken from 24 hours worth of film. So please don't believe everything you see or hear.

shyamsunder asked, KRK u speak Marathi?
Kamal R Khan answers, I'm sorry, bro. I'm from Delhi, so I speak only Indian national language -- Hindi.

Vicky Singh asked, KRK what would you do if Tanaz had pulled ur pant down
Kamal R Khan answers, I don't think anyone has the courage to do that type of thing with me.

Chaman asked, Is big boss really real or is it scripted?
Kamal R Khan answers, It's not scripted. But when 13 people are in the house, they must recognise their role and they should try to entertain people in their capacity.

shaikh asked, big boss ka expriance kaisa laga KRK
Kamal R Khan answers, It is very difficult, because my lifestyle outside Bigg Boss house is completely different.

cdf asked, they portrayed you like a pshyco...u regret your participation or its fine?
Kamal R Khan answers, Bigg Boss is one of the most reputed reality in the world. My favourite Amitabh Bachchan is the host. So I'm proud to be a part of Bigg Boss.

sam1985 asked, KRK do u speak urdu ?
Kamal R Khan answers, In Delhi, almost all the people speak a mixture of Urdu, Hindi and English.

k asked, KRK ji, Will you call Mumbai as Bombay in your film deshdrohi 2 ? Your views ?
Kamal R Khan answers, Of course not. I will call it Mumbai, because I respect all the religions, all the languages and all the names.

Peeyush Malhotra asked, you said the right thing about Bhaktiyar and Claudia... tanaz aur bhaktiyar ka divorce hoga kaya .. your opinion
Kamal R Khan answers, What I came to know through Bigg Boss house experience is that both are not having very good relations. But still I don't think there will be divorce because of Claudia.

joshimanish832000 asked, hi kamal, do u think, the contestants can learn something from the show and apply it in the life?
Kamal R Khan answers, Please understand that the behaviour you see on Bigg Boss house has nothing to do with real life. So take it as a game show.

kmaal asked, raju srivastav is a better actor than you.. how do u feel?
Kamal R Khan answers, Raju is a comedian and KRK is a hero. Please try to understand the difference.

k2 asked, Hey Kamal ... how r u ??? how was your experience when you meet BIG B..?
Kamal R Khan answers, It was the first time in my life when I was nervous in front of anyone. I was speechless. And I was trying to control my emotions.

goods asked, i think you had a crush on Rohit..:)
Kamal R Khan answers, Don't worry, dear. I am a man. I don't flirt with boys.

atif asked, krk dont you at all regret for your behaviour at Big Boss 3
Kamal R Khan answers, I don't regret my role that I played in any film or in any show. The producers paid us for that.

Image: Kamal Rashid Khan

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'I would love to do a movie with Deepika Padukone'

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vika asked, Do you know Claudia & Sherlyn have silicone breasts?
Kamal R Khan answers, Claudia has never talked about that, but yes, Sheryln told us that she is having.

fdfdf asked, KAMAL Khan Bhai how did you find teh Firang chick
Kamal R Khan answers, Claudia is very good by heart. I pray for great success in her life.

santhakumar asked, Hi KRK i dont believe in the reality show..i think it all about fooling audience and making money, what you think about it.
Kamal R Khan answers, Reality show is real, better than serials.

vika asked, U copy shahrukh - SRK & KRK? Shahrukh will die watching you!
Kamal R Khan answers, He's my favourite actor. His name should be SK but my complete name is Kamal Rashid Khan. So it is KRK.

Deepak Hasani asked, How are you enjoying your new public image? Do you think BIG BOSS show has helped lot for getting the pubilcity you always wanted to have?
Kamal R Khan answers, I'm proud to be part of Bigg Boss. I'm thankful to the producers for giving me that much importance. I thank all my fans and the media that they are giving me so much importance and publicity.

gaulov asked, Why did you go to such an extent so as to abuse Raju Srivastava
Kamal R Khan answers, If you see the clipping, I had asked him not to interfere when I was arguing with anyone. But because he wants to win so much by showing the others that he is with them, he started arguing with me.

nitbha asked, Plz tell favourite actress?
Kamal R Khan answers, My favorite actress is Deepika Padukone. And I would love to do a movie with her.

pixcal asked, Kamalji..How many films have you done till now and who produced them
Kamal R Khan answers, I have produced five movies, but acted in Desh Drohi only.

sunny_arora84 asked, KRK can you give us guidance for success in life and the path you moved on in life?
Kamal R Khan answers, Please be confident. Once you take the decision, don't regret. Be honest, sincere, do hard work and make sure that you will not earn a single penny by fooling or hurting others.

Kamal R Khan says, Thank you for asking questions! Bye bye everyone. KRK.

Image: Kamal Rashid Khan

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