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This article was first published 10 years ago

It's NOT easy being Tiger Shroff!

Last updated on: May 21, 2014 19:03 IST

Image: Tiger Shroff

Here's listing the pros and cons for the debutant actor.

There’s a certain curiosity surrounding a star kid’s launch vehicle.

Fans of the actor are eager see if the offspring is a chip of the old block.

Faultfinders stumble on another reason to scorn at the proverbial silver spoon in the mouth.

Being a star child is harder than it sounds. It has its advantages -- one doesn’t have to struggle too much to get a break. It has its limitations --constant comparisons with their famous parent/s.

Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger is the latest star son aspiring to prove he’s got what it takes with his debut, aptly titled Heropanti.

Whether he will do his daddy proud or join the club of star sons who faded in oblivion only time will tell.

Meanwhile, we look at the pros and cons of being Tiger Shroff a few days ahead of Heropanti’s release.

PRO: The easy-going star son!

It never hurts to be nice.

And the 24-year-old son of Jackie and Ayesha Shroff is an instant charmer with his good manners and disarming humility.

Unlike star children sporting bloated heads or tom-tom their lineage even before their movie is out, Tiger acknowledges his privileges but wants his hard work to speak for itself.


CON: Cashing on daddy's heroics?

Image: Jackie and Tiger Shroff
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

By starring in a film that blatantly exploits his father’s association with the title Hero and its iconic flute theme, Tiger openly invites comparisons of the unpleasant kind.

Remember the flak Abhishek Bachchan would receive till he modelled himself on his legendary father in his initial few films?

One’s first film, star child or otherwise, should be a showcase of their individuality instead of relying on family-themed nostalgia.

PRO: The Shroff surname

Image: Tiger Shroff with parents Jackie and Ayesha Shroff, costar Kriti Sanon and sister Krishna

Let’s face it, nepotism is rampant in Bollywood.

And whether it’s a Kapoor, Bachchan, Sinha, Roshan, Chopra or Shroff, having a famous surname will certainly add to a newcomer’s market value.

CON: Trending Tiger Jokes

Image: Tiger Shroff in Heropanti

Though his real name is Jai Hemant, Tiger prefers to go by his nickname like fellow star sons Sunny and Bobby Deol.

And while Dharmendra’s sons were lucky enough to not start out in the era of social networking, Tiger isn’t so fortunate.

His name has attracted a lot of unwanted attention, becoming the butt of nasty jokes on Twitter, a setback for any newcomer trying to make a ‘cool’ impression.

To his credit, Tiger took it rather sportingly in his stride.

PRO: What A Physique!

Image: Tiger Shroff

Studies weren’t his cup of tea but if bodybuilding were on the school syllabus, Tiger would score aces.

Fit, fabulous, lean, mean and striking, the Heropanti lad’s musculature is definitely the best of its kind in Bollywood.

CON: Promising boy, pedestrian treatment!

Image: Sabbir Khan, Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff

There’s something capable about Tiger, which could be moulded into a fascinating presence in superior hands.

But director Sabbir Khan, whose previous credits include the offensively bad Kambakth Ishq, lacks the experience to hone a newcomer and opts for a formulaic 1980s sensibility where the focus is on superficialities like action, dance and swagger.

PRO: Mr Flexible!

Image: Tiger Shroff

It’s always favourable to have an exclusive talent in Bollywood’s competitive scene. And Tiger Shroff is a trained gymnast.

Can picture the frontbenchers swooning at his awe-inspiring agility and cartwheels, yes?

CON: Tiger roars? Not quite!

Image: Tiger Shroff

Despite that robust name, Jackie Shroff’s son doesn’t possess the heft that makes his father’s baritone both distinct and dynamic.

If the promos are any indication, Tiger’s dialogue delivery is rather limp and needs to be worked on.

PRO: Not your run-of-the-mill star son!

Image: Tiger Shroff

His unconventional good looks immediately differentiate him from the influx of newcomers that hit Bollywood on regular basis.

CON: Not your run-of-the-mill star son!

Image: Tiger Shroff in Heropanti

What works in his favour can work against him too.

Bollywood may accommodate against type as is evident in the stardom of Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn but its affinity for reinforcing stereotypes can prove an impediment in the case of the elfin Tiger Shroff.