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Kajol: Motherhood is damn tiring!

Last updated on: August 24, 2010 19:12 IST

'Motherhood is damn tiring!'


Patcy N in Mumbai

Kajol is back to playing mom on screen in her latest film, We Are Family. While she may be excited about it, the real joy will come only in October when Kajol plays a mom once again, off screen!

The much-pregnant actress spoke to Patcy N about her film, sharing screen space with Kareena Kapoor, and much more.

Over to Kajol:

How is the family in We Are Family?

This family is good and we had fun doing it.

It is a remake of Stepmom but we have Indianised it. But the premise of the film is very Indian, so it wasn t difficult. This film is different because first of all, it has songs. Plus, the situations are different.

Have you seen Stepmom?

Yes, a long time ago. And I had loved it.

Was it challenging to do a role played by Susan Sarandon?

It definitely made me feel nervous to know that someone has already done it on an international platform. There is always some insecurity about whether you will do justice to it or not. You know that people will make comparisons. The most you can do is hope that you have played it the way you wanted to, and have added your unique flavour. So I hope Maya is very different from what Susan Sarandon was in Stepmom.

Image: A scene from We Are Family


'A mother has a different body language'

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The family here is very unconventional. Do you think the concept of family and love has changed in Bollywood?

The concept of films on the whole has changed. It has changed from the time we did Baazigar, where every film had to have a love story -- whether it was a thriller or a horror. Plus, all movies would have seven songs. In the end, the hero and heroine have to survive and be happy, whatever happens.

We make different films on different subjects today, and they do well. Like, there s Peepli Live and there's Golmaal, and both are doing well. So that's great for us as actors. It's a fantastic time to be in the industry.

Do you think the society accepts unconventional films?

It depends on how you present and market it, and whether you make people identify with it. Most films today work on that basis. If you don't understand the trailer and posters, you will not watch that film. Plus, there is a wide choice of films for the audience so it's easier to say no to a film. And there's the price factor as well.

How did being a mother help you portray Maya?

A mother has a different body language. When women become mothers, their tones change, and kids get scared of it! [laughs]

There is so much knowledge -- you know simple things like how to turn a child over while he or she is sleeping. That's very natural for mothers. As actors, we take our experiences from real life (to our films).

Every woman can identify with Maya's character. Every woman wants to be perfect, as a mother, wife or daughter-in-law. We may not compromise at certain points but we aim for the same thing. That is the core of Maya's character. Maya loves her children; all her decisions are made keeping them in mind. So she's very easy to read. In fact, there is a dialogue in the film, saying don't you get bored? You are so predictable.

Maya likes to make lists for everyone. There are four lists on her refrigerator. In fact, when Kareena comes in the picture, Maya makes lists for her too. Maya looks into minute details. I have seen many women do that.

Image: A scene from We Are Family

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'Arjun is a necessary pillar in the film'

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As a woman, how would you react to the other woman in your husband's life?

I hope such a situation never arises in anybody s life. This is a hypothetical situation. You can't say you will behave in a certain way because no one knows how they will behave at that time. You cannot predict it.

According to the film, what we have shown is right. But on an individual level, it depends on you -- where you are, what kind of person you are, how supportive your family is, your financial situation.

All your recent films have seen you play a mom.

I don't know why that is. I have not planned it. The reason I took those films was because the roles were awesome and the scripts were good.

Were you apprehensive about Siddharth Malhotra, since he's a new director?

Yes. But if you don't have that apprehension, if you are not worried about your film, then you are a fool. You have to gauge the person. You come to know how the director is in the first schedule you can see how he works or whether he knows his job, and accordingly, you make your adjustments and work from there. Fortunately, Siddharth is a good a filmmaker and a good friend.

The hero, Arjun Rampal, seems incidental in the film.

You can't say that. He is a necessary pillar. The film would not have happened without him. But yes, the interaction between the girls is more interesting.

I have not seen a recent film where two women were pit against each other.

Image: A scene from We Are Family

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'Kareena has had a lot more experience'

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You are working with Kareena after Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghaam. What difference have you seen in her?

When I worked with Kareena in K3G, she was very young. She was a novice, and not very experienced. Experience counts a lot. By the time We Are Family happened, she's had a lot more experience. There was more thought behind each scene. So that made a huge difference.

This is not the kind of film where the two of us can sit in two corners of the room. We had to sit together and interact, and didn't have a choice there.

You've said many times that you hate giving interviews.

Because I do! I find it boring to constantly answer the same question again and again. If I have nothing to talk about, what will you ask me? I don't have any controversies to discuss. My life is not on the front page of every magazine or newspaper. I am happy with my life now, which is not something I can say for most people.

Image: A scene from We Are Family

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'Ajay has changed a lot after we got married'

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You like to read a lot, don't you?

Yes, but now intellectual books. I read a lot of Mills & Boons, thrillers and murder mysteries. I read girly books.

How do you think your husband Ajay Devgn has changed over the years?

He changed a lot after we got married. Before, he would feel he didn't have any responsibility. Now, he takes his responsibilities very seriously -- ask his parents or sisters. He is very committed to what he wants to do.

Does he watch your movies?

No. Now I have told him that I will not watch his films till he watches mine.

How is Nysa reacting to D-Day, when you have your second baby?

I don't think she is reacting. She is waiting for it. She says, Mama I can't hug you now. But it's okay. I forgive you. I will hug you later. I think she will be a responsible sister.

How has the experience of motherhood been?

It is a combination of everything. Motherhood is not only tiring, it is damn tiring! It is fulfilling and awesome. You have to have your own baby to understand what I am saying.

You seem to have mellowed down over the years.

Yes. I have grown up. I hope I'm a better person today than when I was 10 years ago. I hope I have matured in the last 10 years. I have changed and it has a lot to do with having a baby and a family.

Image: Ajay Devgn and Kajol on the cover of Filmfare magazine

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