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Govinda: Could not cash in on Partner's success

Last updated on: April 28, 2011 15:08 IST

Govinda: Could not cash in on Partner's success



Govinda returns to the marquee with a new film Naughty@40 and it looks like he's had a great time shooting for it. Directed by Jagmohan Mundra, the film also stars Yuvika Choudhury.

The actor talks to Srabanti Chakrabarti about the film.

Tell us something about Naughty@ 40.

I am playing a character called Happy, who's still searching for true love. When Gauri (Yuvika Choudhury) enters his life, he learns what love is all about and that is the best part of the film. It's pure entertainment.

Working with Jagmohan Mundra was a treat. His sense of humour is incredible. We instantly hit it iff as a team and thankfully, that reflects in the final product. People will see it as a Govinda film, but Jag Sir has given it an international touch.

Image: Govinda and Yuvika Choudhury


'Politics is incredibly difficult!'

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Your political career was not so successful. What are the lessons that you learned from your stint in politics?

Nothing comes easy in life but politics is incredibly difficult. I entered politics from a filmi background and had no idea about that world. Slowly I realised that it did not suit me. and that's when I decided to get out of it. I do not have any regrets of having joined politics. Though the experience was bitter, even that taught me a lot of things. Only after I entered politics, did I realise what it is.

But let me tell you that I never played politics.

Do you have any regrets?

I have had a long run in films, especially as a hero in mainstream Hindi movies. I feel one should have the physical and mental stability to cope up with so much pressure. Getting work on regular basis is not easy. I am very thankful to God for having given me so much love, appreciation, respect and wealth.

I can't deny that I had to struggle at certain points in my life, but I enjoyed all of it.

The film industry is full of cliques. How do you think that works?

I feel that it really helps when you have strong financiers with you. After I came back from politics, I could have done many things. But when Partner released Salman (Khan) and David (Dhawan) got all the credit. I could not cash in on the success because I was just an actor in that film.

Image: Movie poster of naughty @40

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'There's is no rift between Salman and me'

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Has your problems with Salman Khan been sorted out?

There is no problem between us so the question of solving it does not arise. Even to have an issue, there needs to be a reason and we do not have any reason to have a fight. I am very much in touch with Salman. We don't just talk about films, but other topics as well. Just because we did not do any films after Partner does not mean something's wrong. We don't always have to be together to remain friends.

Raavan was hyped a lot but it did not click. What went wrong according to you?

It is sad that Raavan flopped. According to me, the climax did not work. I thought it was too harsh. I don't like tragedy films.

But let me tell you that I have learnt many things from Mani Ratnam. He is an excellent director. When we were shooting, we used to have our call time at 4:30-5 am and everybody was supposed to be punctual. Since we were shooting in the South, he made sure that we wrap up by 10am so that we didn't have to shoot in the sun.

Aamir Khan often mentions that he is a huge fan of yours. He thinks you are a great entertainer.

What can I say? Aamir himself is the best actor we have in the country today. I know he liked my film Sandwich a lot. People often ask why we have not worked in any films. I tell them there were no opportunities to work together.

Image: Movie poster of Partner

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'I want to work as much as I can'

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Tell us something about your kids.

Yashvardhan is still studying and Narmada, as you know, is preparing to get into films. We will announce her debut film soon. I want her to wait for the right film.

My wife Sunita has raised them very well. They visit churches, mosques and temples.

Yuvika, your co-star, mentioned that your daughter Narmada is a good friend of hers.

Yes. I am an actor and it's always good to be a professional. From the very first day of the shooting, I always tried to make Yuvika feel comfortable. We used to laugh a lot on the sets and I even christened her the Laughing Buddha, so you can imagine the kind of atmosphere we had on the sets.

What are your future plans?

There was a time when I refused many films. But right now I want to work in all kinds of films. An actor should not refuse any film if the script is good. I want to work as much I can.

Image: Govinda

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