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This article was first published 13 years ago

'Emraan Hashmi is the male Gul Panag'

Last updated on: January 13, 2011 12:39 IST

Image: Gul Panag
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Gul Panag was at her vivacious best when she came to chat about her movie Turning 30 on Rediff chat, on Wednesday. The movie releases this Friday.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

Gul Panag says, Hi i am finally here...

chatur asked, Do you like RED or Pink?
Gul Panag answers, Currently pink is my favourite colour.

vidyasgar asked, Hi Gul, Why should we watch Turning..
Gul Panag answers, It's a story that hasn't been told before. It's fresh and fun and if you really want to know what goes inside the mind of a girl you should watch the film.

smith asked, hi gul ? In real life how u feel after 30 ?
Gul Panag answers, I think 30 is a great place to be at. You know who you are and what you want in your life.

sunny asked, Hi gul, other than movies, what other interests are you planning to pursue as a career. How are you managing work life balance
Gul Panag answers, Hi Sunny. I am very passionate about travel, reading and running my NGO

newone asked, omg she did run away after seeing the questions here :-P
Gul Panag answers, No I am committed to be here for an hour ;p

sana asked, hi gul isn't it tough dealing being single after 30
Gul Panag answers, I never said that I was single :-) or otherwise.

BKWSU asked, Dear All - learn free meditation log on to
Gul Panag answers, Will defintley come to meditate.

bunty asked, is that original gul panag
Gul Panag answers, Quite :-) version 2.1.0

Wadi asked, You have really matched with role in DOR. I really loved ur performance. Will we be able to see you in such role ?
Gul Panag answers, I think Turning 30 will be another film and a role you'll enjoy.

panagfan asked, rediff doesnt have common sense it doesnt even filter vulgar words
Gul Panag answers, I agree :-)

rohanb asked, U r one of the celebs who are active on blogging what made you start blogging?
Gul Panag answers, I love interacting with poeple and my microblogging platforms like Twitter give us an opportunity to express our opinions.

'Big banner films tend to only make masala films for the lowest common denominator'

Image: A scene from Turning 30

siddesh asked, hi gul. i am ur die hard fan. u look gorgeous and sexy in ur new look in turning 30. what r ur upcoming ventures?
Gul Panag answers, Rectanglar Love Story is up next. Do watch Turning 30 this Friday.

mustu asked, which of ur movie has been the most challenging role?
Gul Panag answers, I think Turning 30 definitely.

Mathews asked, Wish you a very eventfull birthday and you prosper just like the population or beloved country India.
Gul Panag answers, Thank you very much.

aamir asked, are u turning in to be female Emraan Hashmi as we see you have a kissing scene in most of your movie?
Gul Panag answers, Emraan Hashmi is the male Gul Panag. :-)

himal asked, is there anything for men in Turning 30??
Gul Panag answers, Absolutely. If you really want to know what goes in a woman's head and how to please a woman, watch the movie.

drake asked, nobody cares about men turning 30.Guys,men can marry till they are 60.For women,turning 30 means only 15 more years of fun.ha ha ha
Gul Panag answers, You are not a genius if you haven't proved it by 30.

shailen asked, I thought you have chosen small budget of movie, not getting any big banner movie or satisfy with these kind of role
Gul Panag answers, Big banner films tend to only make masala films for the lowest common denominator. Intelligent films are always for niche audience and thus have smaller budgets.

sabir asked, Hi Gul, Turning 30 is a Romantic/ Drama Film
Gul Panag answers, The genre of Turning 30 is drama.

pras asked, Do u think what has been depicted on the movie really happens when one turns 30 ? especially the urban women ?
Gul Panag answers, Turning 30 is a coming of age slice of life film and everything that happens in the film actually does happen in the socio-econmic strata, that is depicted in the film.

sid asked, if you had to select from intelligence or being rich what would it be
Gul Panag answers, Intelligence, because using that one can always become rich.

'Turning 30 is my best movie'

Image: A scene from Turning 30 asked, what career you would have been into if you were not in the bollywood?
Gul Panag answers, Law.

incredia asked, Good Afternoon,Gul Panag,How are you doing
Gul Panag answers, Exhausted and tired but otherwise fine.

sexyGul asked, I remember your top following off in one event on TV show some award ceremony, you were embarrassed. You were looking sexy though. Can you share this moment?
Gul Panag answers, You are clearly mistaking me for somebody else. Such things don't happen to me.

sharans asked, can u tell us the secret behind your fitness
Gul Panag answers, Finding time to exercise for 60 minutes everyday, six days a week.

shubh asked, hi Gul i am a big fan of urs. you have traveled a lot. can you share the most exciting that you have done
Gul Panag answers, My most exciting travel was to Finland recently. It was great fun to go on a reindeer safari like Santa.

desibaba asked, hi gul, when you are going to get married?
Gul Panag answers, When you ask me :-)

pradip asked, ur look vy preety .which actor in industry u like most
Gul Panag answers, Deepika Padukone.

Ravinder asked, Being so talented and verstile, why you have been not seen in so may films ?
Gul Panag answers, I like choosing my films carefully and I have always preferred quality over quantity.

ashish.iitv asked, Which, do you think was your best movie...?
Gul Panag answers, Turning 30!

douglas asked, given a chance which re make would you like to work in
Gul Panag answers, Anna Karenina.

abcd asked, hi Gul why do we never see you in commercial cinema
Gul Panag answers, All cinema is commercial cinema :-) and all films are made to be seen by the public.

shree asked, U seems to have tried to do a completely different role in comparision to your earlier role, can we accept a very bold performance from you
Gul Panag answers, Absolutely.

Vikram asked, Hi Gul am a huge fan of ur dimples
Gul Panag answers, Big thank you and a big hug.

DEV asked, gul you have worked in many acclaimed film but which one do you rate the best?
Gul Panag answers, Turning 30!

purab asked, is it an easy way to get into films by taking part in miss india
Gul Panag answers, Yes I suppose it is now.

'My actual age is 24'

Image: A scene from Turning 30

rahul asked, you are a hot chick.... what do u have to say about that
Gul Panag answers, I know :-)

Amit asked, Hi Gul, How was the feeling of working in Turning 30??? And what is your actual age?? ;)
Gul Panag answers, My actual age is 24 :-) Working on Turning 30 was the best experience of my life. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Anil asked, "Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty." --Rob Frost Enjoy 30's while it becomes 20 again at 40 !!
Gul Panag answers, Well said.

sam asked, hi am frm chennai and am ur fan after watching the movie dor.nice acting u,shreyas, and ayesha
Gul Panag answers, Great. Do watch Turning 30!

sudeep asked, Hi Gul, tell us about ur new movie and wwat so special about it ?
Gul Panag answers, Turning 30 is a story about a girl who has her life all set. She has the perfect job, man, friends, the prefect everything and suddenly her world falls apart and how she fights back. Do watch it.

samir asked, hi gul ur just like ur name gul always full of charm
Gul Panag answers, Thank you :-)

saurabh asked, Hi Gul, no reply from you yet, are you really there
Gul Panag answers, What shall I reply to?

sidbic asked, what is the best thing to happen to a girl after turning 30?
Gul Panag answers, That she learns how to say no and is comfortable with it.

vinayd asked, gul r u running the marathon
Gul Panag answers, Yes, I am. I am running the 21km half marathon.

sss asked, you are really gutsy....
Gul Panag answers, Of course.

ANILP asked, Gul Panag!!! you are exceedingly attractive and lively !! God Bless you ! Which person ( in this whole bloody world) you like most ?
Gul Panag answers, You :-)

alwaysurs asked, Gul.. Wish u a many many happy returns of the day ... .. where is a party and cake... ? all the best and have a blast...
Gul Panag answers, My birthday is on January 3.

satish asked, why dont you in good films
Gul Panag answers, Such as?

Nonie asked, U luk so beautiful & mature. Is the movie just about freaking out, fun & lust, or is there a social message on women and their rights & respects.
Gul Panag answers, The movie has fun, laughter, tears, joy and its a complete slice of life.

sana asked, hi gul isn't it tough dealing being single after 30
Gul Panag answers, :-) I never said I was single or otherwise.

'I am dying to act in Tamil movies'

Image: Gul Panag

srk asked, tell us about ur role..
Gul Panag answers, I play Naina, a fun fearless, spirited, sexy career professional batlling different crises in life.

Makarand asked, When are you getting married? Do you have some plans to settle....?
Gul Panag answers, When are you asking?

Vishak asked, Hi Gul, Am a big fan of yours, I've seen all your really are a gem of an actress and a beautiful face to see!
Gul Panag answers, Thank you very much.

casperghost asked, u have seen both army and civilian life from close quarters and also tinsel town one , which one u prefer and which one is better .honest ans pls
Gul Panag answers, Definitely Army. There is no life like it.

Gul Panag answers, Of course. I am dying to.

bsachin asked, as per you which is the best seen in the movie ?
Gul Panag answers, Turning 30!

Yash007 asked, chilid beer:)
Gul Panag answers, :-) It's child bear.

MeriJaan asked, Gul whts ur future Plan
Gul Panag answers, Running, running and running...

Gul Panag says, Thank you all for writing in. Do watch Turning 30 this Friday!