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Coming up, a cool looking Game

Last updated on: December 10, 2010 11:31 IST

Coming up, Abhishek, Kangna's cool looking Game

Raja Sen in Mumbai

The trailer for Abhinay Deo's new film looks pretty darned slick. 

Frantically flashing lights signal Istanbul, where Abhishek Bachchan is introduced to us as a druglord, talking about a Latin phrase but saying just a word, something Kangna Ranaut translates. More lights, and we're in Bangkok, with Boman Irani as a politician.

Next is London, with Shahana Goswami as a journalist, the actress nicely sporting a hipster-grunge new look while getting her police mugshot taken.

Then comes Mumbai, where Jimmy Shergill is a movie star, getting shot on a set.

Scarlet dice roll. 'Four strangers,' says the text as we see Anupam Kher and Gauhar Khan waiting. 'Invited to an island...For one reason.' And this is when we cut to a scorching hot, sensational Sarah Jane Dias, here called Maya. Clearly she can carry off red lipstick real good. As a club song kicks in, there is a montage of her and Abhishek getting it on...

And then a crash. 'That was my daughter', Kher says as the four strangers sit around, damned. 'I've been collecting evidence. All four of you are finished.'

And then we see Kangna, an intelligence officer, keeping tabs on all four. Motives are thrown up -- Power, Fame, Truth, Love amid a crisp, well-cut montage of chases, gunfights, standoffs. "It's not over," Kangna wryly smiles.

A pawn falls into a pool of blood, the letters Game emerge before an hourglass shatters, telling us we'll see this gang in March 2011.

Looking good, Mr Deo. Decidedly one of the better trailers in recent times, even though it does give away more than an inkling of the story. Or does it?

Either way, it looks intriguing. Bachchan looks more fun than he has in ages, Goswami and Gauhar are always fun to watch, and if Sarah Jane Dias can act as good as she can stun, whoa.

Let's wait and watch, we're keeping tabs on this one.

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Image: Game trailer