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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Farah Khan: Katrina has never looked this hot

Farah Khan: Katrina has never looked this hot

Last updated on: November 12, 2010 20:20 IST

'Katrina has never looked this hot'


Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

Farah Khan seems quite excited about her new directorial venture Tees Maar Khan, releasing this Christmas.

Starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, the film's trailer looks hilarious, and as promising as her earlier films Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om.

As the film's music gets ready to be released this weekend, Khan tells Sonil Dedhia more about it, how her three children will make their debut, and about her cooking skills.

Tell us about Tees Maar Khan.

Tees Maar Khan is a character from Akbar's time, who would con people with his intelligence.

Shirish (Kunder, Khan's husband) has taken this character and modernized it. Akshay plays a Muslim character for the first time. His Tabrez Mirza Khan is called Tees Maar Khan and he's an international con artist.

He calls himself half-Robin Hood because he robs from the rich but doesn't give it to the poor.

Katrina Kaif is playing his love interest. She is a wannabe item girl.

How did you finalise on Akshay and Katrina?

After meeting with Katrina, we knew we had found our female lead. She has a great screen presence and suited the character perfectly.

While casting Akshay, I was a little apprehensive but he loved the script. The character needed an actor of great comic timing and who better than Akki?

Salman is doing an item number in the film. Was it planned?

The media was spreading rumours that Salman was doing an item number in the film. At the same time, I had met him, and told him to actually do the song. He agreed instantly.

Image: Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan. Inset: Farah Khan


'You will find different flavours in all the songs'

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Sanjay Dutt will be the film's narrator.

In the beginning of the film, there is a funny narration. I was shooting with Sanjay Dutt for a television show and I just asked him to do it because he has a distinctive voice. He obliged. Normally, you would like a voice like Amitabh Bachchan for the narration but as the narration was humourous, I asked Sanjay. 

Tell us about your favourite song from the film.

Well, I like all of them. You will find different flavours in all the songs. But there is an item song called Sheela Ki Jawani, where Katrina does a bit of belly dancing. We got her trained for it.

You will see Katrina in a new avatar. She has never looked this hot. Audiences will be in for a treat. 

One of the songs has been chorographed by Dharmesh, from Dance India Dance.

Yes. Dharmesh is very hard working boy. I was judging Dance India Dance Little Masters and saw Dharmesh's talent there. I immediately asked him to chorograph the title track. You will also see Shakti (who won Dance India Dance) in the song, performing some thumkas with Akshay.

Image: A scene from Tees Maar Khan

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'The toughest part of the shoot was to get the kids in front of the camera'

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There's a rumour that your children will make their debut in TMK.

Yes, the rumours are right for once! You'll see them in the end credits. Our production house -- Three's Company -- is named after them. I thought they might prove to be a lucky charm for all of us.

Was it difficult to manage them during the film's shoot?

It turned out to be pretty easy as the kids were always around, especially during the outdoor shoot. It's always nice to know they are around. I guess they have become very shooting-friendly children.

I feel that there is no point in having your babies with great difficulty and then leaving them behind at home with their ayahs.

Who is the naughtiest among the three?

I think it will have to be Czar. He's the most social of the lot, very friendly. He got along well with Katrina.  

What was the toughest part of the shoot?

The toughest part was to get the kids in front of the camera. They were least interested in the shooting and were having a gala time on the sets. I had to bribe them with chocolates and goodies!

Image: A scene from Tees Maar Khan

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'I became a choreographer by accident'

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Has direction become easier with this film, since it's your third?

I've calmed down a lot. During Main Hoon Na, I was really hyper. But as they say, you keep improving with experience.

Also, there was less panic on the sets. If anything went wrong, I'd shout at my assistant directors for some time and then it would be fine. Poor guys, they had to take a lot of shouting.

How would you describe your journey from a choreographer to a director?

It's been a fantastic journey. I wanted to be a director but I became a choreographer by accident. I worked as an assistant director with Mansoor Khan. But I became a choreographer in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Later, I continued to work as choreographer.

What is your take on reality shows?

I enjoy reality shows. That's one of the big reasons I'm interested in judging them.

I think there is so much talent in our country and these realty shows have become a great platform for the common man to showcase their talents.

Image: A scene from Tees Maar Khan

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'When I get time, I take charge of the kitchen'

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You recently shot for Master Chef India. How was the experience?

I had a great experience at Master Chef. I am not allowed to talk about it. All I can say is that Akshay and Katrina had a cooking contest where they had to make spanish omelets. That contest will be the highlight of the episode. Akshay played a Tees Maar Khan there too!

How would you rate yourself in cooking?

 I would say seven. My cooking is very good. Whenever I get time and am in the mood, I take charge of the kitchen.

Who, do you think, are the top three actors, who have done well this year?

Salman (Khan) has done really well. Dabangg is the biggest hit until now. Munni Badnaam Hui is the song of the year.

Ajay (Devgn) has had a fantastic year with Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai and Golmaal 3. I guess Akshay Kumar should have a good year too.

Who, do you think, are the top three actresses, who have done well this year?

Sonakshi (Sinha) was brilliant in Dabangg. She lived upto everybody's expectations. Katrina was amazing in Rajneeti and has Tees Maar Khan lined up. And then there's Kareena Kapoor (because of her film, Golmaal 3).

Image: A scene from Tees Maar Khan

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