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'Chitrangda likes black. She thinks she looks thin in it'

Last updated on: March 6, 2013 18:48 IST

Image: Digvijay Singh and Chitrangada Singh
Photographs: Digvijay's image: David Cannon/Getty Images Priyanka in Delhi
In the first part of our series on the gorgeous actress Chitrangda Singh, we spoke to her husband Jyoti Randhawa, who told us how much he missed his wife, especially as she travelled constantly.

In the second part, Priyanka speaks to the other man in her life, brother Digvijay Singh, a professional golfer.

Digvijay Singh remembers growing up with his younger sister Chitrangda in the dusty towns of Jodhpur and Kota (Rajasthan), Bareilly and Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). Their father was an army officer, and posted in many stations across the country. 

The siblings grew up listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, and still love the 1980s music. 

Digvijay talks about Chitrangda, and their growing up years together.

Tell us about your growing up years.

We have studied in schools in Jodhpur, Kota and Bareilly, as our father was in a transferable army job. Meerut was his last posting. Life was fun and care free. I am older to Chitrangda by six years, and just like other siblings, Tina and I also fought with each other.

'Chitrangda can dance to any kind of music'

Image: Chitrangda Singh
Would you say that Chitrangda was inclined towards fashion in her younger days?

I wouldn't say she was stylish or that she had fashion in mind from an early stage. But even as a two-year old, I remember, she would dress up and stand in front of the mirror. We didn't know what to make of it. 

Was she interested in music and dance in school?

She has always been very social and outgoing. In school, she would participate in school cultural programmes and fancy dress competitions. Like me, she has always been extremely fond of movies and music. 

She can dance to any kind of music. In those days, we used to listen to a lot of Michael Jackson songs, and the 1980s music. I think she still likes it best.
Chitrangada was always good at studies and used to read a lot. Even today, she reads quite regularly. I think she particularly liked A Thousand Splendid Sons that she read recently.

'Over the years, Chitrangda has really matured as a person'

Image: Chitrangda Singh
How does your family react to her stardom, and of course, filmi gossip? 

As a family, we are very happy about her career in films. And what about filmi gossip? Things have changed nowadays. Working in films is just like another job, and you've got to do your job well. 

We are really not worried about the gossip that floats around.

What is Chitrangda like at home?

She is a very balanced girl, very level-headed. My wife and she get along like a house on fire. It makes everything easier. 

Over the years, she has really matured as a person. 

She married when she was 23 or 24 years old. She was the only woman in the house, as Jyoti had lost his mother in 1994. She set up the house over the years, and put all the systems in place. 

As a daughter, she is a much better child than me (laughs). She is always concerned about our parents, always stays in touch with them. She's closer to our mother though daughters grow up looking up to their fathers, and even elder brothers (laughs).

'Jyoti was my best friend in school'

Image: Chitrangda Singh and Jyoti Randhawa
Jyoti Randhawa and you were friends in school? How did you two meet?  

Jyoti was my best friend in school. We first met when we were in class 11. We were the tallest in class, and would sit on the same bench at the back of the class. 

In fact, he introduced me to golf. I was into swimming and squash. 

I was happy when Tina and Jyoti wanted to marry. I have known Jyoti for a very long time. It was like she was marrying into the extended family. 

'She should do meaningful roles more often'

Image: Chitrangda Singh
What do you think about her work in movies? 

I liked her latest movie, Inkaar. She looked good and carried the part of a corporate with grace. It's nice to have her act in movies, as long as she gets her due as an actress. 

She should do meaningful roles more often. That's why you are an actress right? Because you want to act. 

Lastly, what is her favourite colour? 

I am not sure (chuckles). Black, maybe, because she thinks she looks thin wearing it.