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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Kalki: I want to surprise people constantly

Kalki: I want to surprise people constantly

Last updated on: September 12, 2011 14:05 IST

Image: Kalki Koechlin
Photographs: Kalki on FHM cover

With That Girl In Yellow Boots receiving positive feedback, Kalki Koechlin is finally looking forward to relaxing and taking that long overdue honeymoon trip with hubby Anurag Kashyap.

The actress, who has left for Turkey over the weekend, recently fielded questions from her fans on Rediff Chat last week.  

Here's the chat transcript for those who missed it:

KK asked, How comfortable were you working on some of the physical scenes in presence of your husband in TGIYB?

Kalki Koechlin answers, it's always going to be awkward, but work has to be dealt with proffessionally

chatty asked, Your skirt adjusting scene in Dev D is great.

Kalki Koechlin answers, ha ha yes, how many girls have not done that at school??

Gonsalves asked, Kalki did you get a break in Bollywood just because you are Anurag Kashyap's then girlfriend and current wife ?

Kalki Koechlin answers, no i didn't know him when i first started

SIDDU asked, Which is your next film?

Kalki Koechlin answers, my friend pinto in october and shanghai next year

atul asked, why serious cinema always have SAD ending??

Kalki Koechlin answers, so it bothers you and makes you think about it i guess.

'I just want to challenge myself'

Image: Kalki Koechlin
Photographs: Rajesh Karkera

Rajan asked, Hey Kalki, saw Shaitan and loved it. What gives you more professional satisfaction? A ZNMD or a movie like Shaitan/Girl in yellow boots?

Kalki Koechlin answers, to be honest i would not be satisfied with only doing one kind of cinema, an actor has to keep jumping out of their stereotype and surprising themselves and the audience so a znmd is as important as shaitan.yellow boots, comedy is as challenging as drama

Abhai1 asked, Anurag said after "TGIYB" that it was his last film with you".Is this true?

Kalki Koechlin answers, no just next time we work together i want to do something lighter, happier..that might take a while as he has a lot of thriller dark ideas in his wish list

shri asked, I must admit that I have only watched DevD of all your movies and now will watch TGIYB. My question to you is what do you look for in a movie when you choose to accept it? script? director? whether you standing in the industry improves?

Kalki Koechlin answers, it's script first, and then director, i just want to challenge myself, do something which makes me grow as an actor, an actor should do every genre of films action, romance, comedy, thriller, horror, eveything, that's the point of an actor to be able to keep changing.

'I didn't choose Bollywood'

Image: Kalki Koechlin
Photographs: A still from Dev D

kolkata asked, why did u choose bollywood as ur acting career? r u sure will u get apka "man pasand" role in bollywood apart from AK's direction?

Kalki Koechlin answers, i didn't choose bollywood, i was working in theatre for much longer and since this is my home i got work here

soumya asked, i would love u to see u in a comedy avatar as well as in some super-action flick. u have a sort of resemblance of mila jovovich. u can surely rock in the desi version of resident evil. what do u think of this? anything like this in ur mind?

Kalki Koechlin answers, I would love to do an action/thriller, not had any such offer yet

Pondicherrian asked, Kalki, What do you think about Indians fetish for white skin?

Kalki Koechlin answers, i think it's sad that beauty is seen as skin deep, i personally wish i had darker skin, the grass is always greener i guess.

rah asked, hello kalki what do u think of indian cinema. and coming 10 years where do u see yourself in the indian cinema. and a very happy married life and a awsm carrer all the best

Kalki Koechlin answers, i think indian cinema is at a turning point, i think the world is looking more and more to india for surprising and new work, i think our audience is mature enough to welcome both commercial and off beat cinema and i hope to do my best to constantly be part of original and exciting work from both.

'I don't want to be boxed as an actress who does only dark cinema'

Image: Kalki Koechlin
Photographs: Reuters/Adrien Veczan

salim asked, hi kalki is parallel cinema ur first choice or commercial

Kalki Koechlin answers, i don't want to be boxed as an actress who does only dark cinema, or only mindless silly roles, i want to constantly change the label and surprise people.

anbuchelvan asked, I would like to ask you that " Whats your life time goal? Whether u achieved it..or will achieve it or 50-50 chance? "

Kalki Koechlin answers, i don't have a lifetime goal, i have one simple philosphy which is to be better today than i was yesterday. as long as i'm improving and not going backwards as an honest and hard working person there is nothing more i want

Shivam asked, You mentioned that an actor should be able to all kinds of genre of films. However, my question to you is what do you feel you are best at ?

Kalki Koechlin answers, i actually do a lot of comedy in theatre, and hopefully will get a chance to do more in film

miku asked, How good does it feel to be different? coz you are different.. :) how good is it to be unconventional?

Kalki Koechlin answers, i do not try to be different, just try to be myself, simple honest and cheerful no matter what life throws at me

FD asked, So, r u turning to direction also?

Kalki Koechlin answers, no plans to direct.

'I'm not planning to take up direction'

Image: Kalki Koechlin
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani

anurag asked, kalki, but do you think celebrity life is good?

Kalki Koechlin answers
, it has its good and bad, people make too many assumptions about you, but you also get a chance to share your thoughts and talents with the world.

sagarshaha11 asked, Hi did u enter Bollywood & how do u feel now after getting married with a successful director & giving back to back hits?

Kalki Koechlin answers, i got an audition from utv. anurag is part of my life and i'm happy not to be part of the industry's party lifestyle, we spend our time working not partying and we are happy this way. i have not given all hits, but am happy that there is a growing space for all kinds of cinema in india and that my films have done well.

Shivam asked, Where do you see yourself after the next 10 years?

Kalki Koechlin answers, i don't plan ten years, just want to better myself day by dayKalki Koechlin says, i'm sorry for all those i couldn't answer. thank you for your support and i hope to keep improving myself and surprising you guys on the screen. take care, kalki.