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'I don't want to be part of Golmaal type movies anymore'

Last updated on: November 26, 2010 10:00 IST

'I don't want to be part of Golmaal type movies anymore'



There's one thing that Sharman Joshi does well. And that is playing a nice guy. But he dons a dark character in his new film, Allah Ke Bandey, which releases today.

Fans wanting to know more about the actor's role in the movie got a chance to chat with the actor on Thursday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

Sharman Joshi says, Hi guys. Great to be on the Rediff Chat. Hope to have a great seesion with you all.

Anil asked, Sharman aap kamal k actor hai...kaise kar lete hai.? And aap golmal2 nd 3 me kyun nhi kaam kiye?
Sharman Joshi answers,  Thank you so much. Dates ki problem ki vajah se I couldnt do the two parts.

karam asked, hi sharman i have watched almost every movie of yours. and looking forward to allah ke bandey.
Sharman Joshi answers, Thanks a lot. Need all your good wishes and hope the film works for everyone.

nagaraju asked, hi sharman, u r very good at comic role. keep it up...? How many years it will take sharman to match with amir khan ?
Sharman Joshi answers, Thanks for your compliments. It should take me a couple of lifetimes.

Nil asked, Hi Sharman. Tell us about your upcoming movie.I like your Metro work very much, I think that was your one of the finest performance,
Sharman Joshi answers, Thank you so much. Allah Ke Banday is a redemption drama. It's a film I'm very proud of.

guru asked, hey sharman, which film is your career best??
Sharman Joshi answers, Each film that I have worked on is dear to me. I am proud of all of them.

parag asked, hey sharman...i like ur acting...u r good in both comic and serious roles...
Sharman Joshi answers, Thanks a lot Parag. Truly appreciate it.

jit asked, hey sharman, u were good at y'days KBC show
Sharman Joshi answers, Thanks a lot. It was an honour being on the show and meeting god (Amitabh Bachchan) in person. Was absolutley delighted.

Rik asked, Hi Sharman, What are your upcoming films apart from AKB
Sharman Joshi answers, Haven't signed on anything yet. Hopefully will start something next year. Will keep you all posted.

Style asked, Question 9: what does sharman mean?
Sharman Joshi answers, Sharman means happiness.

ddddsachin asked, Hi sharman... which day is your best day in ur life...
Sharman Joshi answers, There are several of them. 1) My debut on stage 2) My first film 3) My first date 4) My first child and two more after that (children of course).

jatwani asked, Hi Sharman, Not many people know that you did a small but substantial role in Urf Professor (directed by late Pankaj Advani). What motivated you to take that role considering you had to speak so many expletive words in the movie?
Sharman Joshi answers, It was a great script. It was a cult film in its circuit. Pankaj Advani was a director and writer. I truly admired him. Unfortunatley he is not with us anymore. God bless his soul and his family.

Image: Sharman Joshi in Allah Ke Banday


'I hope I will be a part of a solo hero film in the near future'

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Style asked, Question 7: What kind of roles you think so should do, i think you have been doing too much of comedy, your metro role proved your acting skills... so any serious role in pursiut
Sharman Joshi answers, Watch Allah Ke Banday. That film might interest you.

mithadi asked, being of this generation and a iit grads i liked 3 idiots a lot but my dad's reason to watch that around 28 times is of u & boman irani's role. great going all the best
Sharman Joshi answers, Well it's not surprising. Boman is a wonderful actor and will surely pass on this message to Boman. He'll be delighted.

Raman asked, Hi sharman, i amazed today to know that you are son in law of Mr.Prem Chopra :), it was arranged marriage of yours or love marriage?
Sharman Joshi answers, It was love marriage which was then arranged.

vyaspradeep1 asked, u are very potential actor why dont u try yourself in classic movies
Sharman Joshi answers, Classic movies are not planned. They just happen. I hope I can be a part of them in the future.

KunalSingaporewaale asked, Dude you rocked in all the movies esp. as Sukhi in RDB, wats USP of Allah ke Bandey..?? and do hop over to Singapore for a show or somethin' as you do have gud enuff fan following.
Sharman Joshi answers, The USP is the script which all of us associated with the film are excited about. We all hope the film lives up to everyone's expectations.

fhfjfj asked, hey wassup?????why r u not in first leads and wat about doing films as solo hero...
Sharman Joshi answers, The films that have come by so far are solo hero films which I'm not excited about. But hopefully I will be a part of a solo hero film in the near future.

santhosh asked, ur too good at comedy and you have a lasting impression .. why allah ke bandey.. very difficult to accept you in such roles..
Sharman Joshi answers, What can I say? I hope when you watch it. You will not be disappointed.

thakare asked, Hello Sharman, whether you are intreasted to do the marathi movie
Sharman Joshi answers, I understand the language but can't speak it so well. So I don't see being part of them.

Image: A scene from Allah Ke Banday

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'Kajol is my all time favourite actress'

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HonnestComments asked, Sharman what is your dream role. If given a chance to go back to past and choose a role of your choice which actor would you like to replace in which movie.
Sharman Joshi answers, Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.

nayana22_m asked, Hi Sharman, how do u choose ur scripts?
Sharman Joshi answers, It's like reading a story book -- if you have enjoyed yourself at the end of the book then its a great book and something that you'll recommend to your firends. Likewise if I enjoyed reading the script then I would like to be a part of it.

ppb asked, u dont know marathi??? well, JOSHI seems to be a marathi surname......
Sharman Joshi answers, I do understand Marathi, like i said earlier. But Joshi in my case is a Gujarati.

singaporewala asked, ur all time favourite actress?
Sharman Joshi answers, Kajol.

sumit asked, Sharman pls reply.... hey Sharman, u were mamzing in Style, have a perfect timing in comedy, which satisfy you more, comedy or serious roles?
Sharman Joshi answers, Both.

rocky asked, how was it working along with madhavan?
Sharman Joshi answers, It was a delight. We already worked with each other in Rang De Basanti so we had a great equation going thanks to our last working experience.

ashishk asked, Hello Sharman, do u speak gujrati at home?
Sharman Joshi answers, Yes.

Manpreet asked, Hi Sharman , You have a cute smile.What are the projects u r working on ?
Sharman Joshi answers, Thank you so much. As of now I am waiting for Allah Ke Banday to release. I will keep you all posted about my future projects.

yogi0911 asked, Sharman I like your interview scene a lot , I think it touched our hearts very much and you were too good and too practically honest, wow!
Sharman Joshi answers, Thank you so much, Yogi. This is the very scene on which Mr Bachchan had blogged on his site and I had got major compliments for it from the team members of the film including Mr Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Mr Hirani and Aamir. So its a scene I'm very proud of.

ahv asked, Why did u walk out of Golmaal series? Was it boredom?
Sharman Joshi answers, I enjoyed watching Golmaal 3 but it's the kind of genre I don't want to be a part of anymore. Mind you, I'm not talking about the comedy genre -- just this particular one. I have done quite a number of Golmaal and Shaadi No 1 types of movies. and as much as I enjoyed myself doing these films, now as an actor there is a need for doing something different.

rakesh_viki asked, What do you attribute your good looks to
Sharman Joshi answers, My genes.

Image: A scene from Allah Ke Banday

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'I am still a stuggling actor'

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Seema_joshi asked, Hi, I am very big Fan of u, Can I have ur date
Sharman Joshi answers, Sure...

midniteblues asked, pl answer my question - vada pav ya pizza/burger and why???
Sharman Joshi answers, Different day, different urges. Vada pav outside my college and pizza and burger don't have a particluar favourite spot. asked, who is yr best actor
Sharman Joshi answers, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Balraj Sahni.

ramki asked, Do you have plans to develop 6-pack abs and try out an action movie ?
Sharman Joshi answers, I have had them a few times but haven't found an appropriate film to show them off.

kkumar_kk asked, may i know which is ur zodiac sign?
Sharman Joshi answers, Taurean.

kunal joshi asked, hey sharman, initially we all thought, you would be just one of the actors struggling in industry....... now we are stunned.....because of ur performances and also because of ur sexy body... keep it up
Sharman Joshi answers, Well I am still a stuggling actor. The struggle never ends. I am glad you have liked my performances and will keep up to your expextations.

midniteblues asked, hi sharman... any tips for a healthy body like yours?
Sharman Joshi answers, Eat right, sleep well and work out for 5 times a week.

hariharan asked, hi, u look dull and pale in "Allah ke Bandey"? is that character required this type of make-up..and ur moustache is cool
Sharman Joshi answers, Well I thought the look worked out quite well. As for the moustache, thank you very much.

ganguly asked, will u do villain roles ?
Sharman Joshi answers, I have done a film called Raqeeb which was not very well accepted. It was a dark charecter.

Image: A scene from Allah Ke Banday

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'I would never do 9-5 job'

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Anuu asked, Hi Sharman - did you ever do a 9-5 corporate job?
Sharman Joshi answers, No never. Not that I have an issue with it, But I am comfortable and am enjoying what I'm doing right now.

salman.s1 asked, sharman you sung a song in 3 idiot, how did u feel
Sharman Joshi answers, Well I narrated a few lines of the song Gimme Some Sunshine. The song was of course sung by Suraj Jagan.

ramshah asked, tell us about ur special experience which makes u learn something during 3 idiots shoot
Sharman Joshi answers, The focus, the determination, hard work and many other great qualities that I saw in Mr Rajkumar Hirani was very inspiring and something I want to adapt and put into practice.

Dolly asked, Hey sharman i am your big fan..i always see 3 idiots movie just to see you..when is ur next movie coming..
Sharman Joshi answers, Thanks Dolly. After Boman, it's nice to get compliments for myslef too.

kamalboss asked, what excites you more? stage or reel life..
Sharman Joshi answers, Well both are very exciting and equally challeneging in their own ways.

Sharman Joshi says, Thanks guys. I had a great time with you all. Appreciate all your questions. I hope to catch up with you all soon. God bless.

Image: A scene from Allah Ke Banday

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