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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'I would like to direct a film before the next Dabangg'

'I would like to direct a film before the next Dabangg'

Last updated on: April 18, 2013 14:50 IST

'I would like to direct a film before the next Dabangg'



As Sohail Khan gets busy with his upcoming venture Mental, his brother Arbaaz Khan will step into his shoes as the new judge of Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe, with Archana Puran Singh.

The new season will start on April 28 on Sony Entertainment Television.

Here, Arbaaz Khan talks to Rajul Hegde about comedy, the Dabbang franchise and much more

Is judging contests on television the next step for you?

If you notice, it takes time to make the next film. There is a period where you take time off and then start working on ideas, engage in a few scripts, take it to an actor, get the okay from him and start the shoot.

During that time television is good to keep you engaged. Giving one day in the week to television is not going to hurt me.

It keeps me going, gives me visibility, creates a certain image and also a little bit of income, which is something that dries up between one film and the next. It has advantages to use this interim period.

Did Sohail press you to judge this show?

I was open to something on television, and the couple of offers that came my way didn't excite me. When they were looking at someone to replace Sohail after he got busy with his film Mental, they probably felt I would be the right choice.

Sohail told me that they are keen on having me on the show. Sohail was also of the opinion that I do it. He didn't actually push me, but kind of made it easy for me to make up my mind to take up the show.

Image: Arbaaz Khan


'Jokes on shortcomings are not acceptable'

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Do you follow Comedy Circus?

Yes, but after I got the offer I consciously watched a few episodes. I really am looking forward to watching the acts and judging the participants.

Is it difficult or easy to amuse you?

It is very easy to amuse me. I look serious all the time and I guess even the promos show that it is very difficult to make me laugh. But believe me, it is very easy for me to crack up.

I find humour in small things. May be this show will give me the opportunity to break the serious image attached to my personality.

Who has the funniest bone amongst you brothers?

All three of us have a great sense of humour.

My wife (Malaika Arora Khan) is somebody who can enjoy jokes but if she cracks one out of the blue I tell her tumhara pure saal ka quota ho gaya (your quota for the year is done). I make a joke out of it and say this is the best you could have ever done.

What wouldn't you joke about?

Jokes on shortcomings are not acceptable. I don't find it funny at all

Image: Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan

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'Salman won't be available for the next two years at the earliest'

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What kind of shows do you watch on television?

I watch news. I am a sports lover so I follow sports, and a few reality shows: Bigg Boss and talent-based reality shows like singing, dancing etc. I really don't watch TV soaps.

Do you intend to take the Dabangg franchise ahead?

Dabangg has the potential to go forward and there is a good likelihood that it will. But when and how it will happen, I don't know.

It may happen in two or four years. I don't know when exactly. There is definitely a potential that it can go into a third sequel.

Apart from the Dabangg series, would you like to make other kinds of films as a producer and director?

I would like to direct a film before the next Dabangg. That would really excite me.

As a producer also I might take up a film soon. I might put up a film that would excite me, by early next year.

I would like to work with Salman (brother Salman Khan) provided he is free of his other film commitments. He is a very busy actor and has commitments to honour.

He won't be available for the next two years at the earliest. In those two years, I can give momentum to my production house or produce or direct films.

Image: Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan in Dabangg 2

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'I don't think making only clean films is good because there is a taste for all kinds of cinema'

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Would you make a sex comedy or a dark comedy?

I think one should only do things that reflect a bit of one's own personality. A film that you produce, write or direct should reflect your taste in films. After all, a distributor is putting money on a film that he thinks is a good film to promote.

I can have a joke or maybe a part of that in my film. But I am not the kind of person to enjoy that kind of stuff. Some people are very good at it, so they can do that. There is nothing wrong in it.

Every genre of filmmaking - sex comedy or anything else -- is okay. I don't think making only clean films is good because there is a taste for all kinds of cinema. That's fair enough. There is space for every kind of cinema.

Salman Khan, who has been releasing his films on the day of Eid for the past four years, won't do so this year?

I am presuming that fans would have liked to release Mental on Eid. It's not that they have not thought about it, but the practicality of coming out on Eid may have been an issue.

For Salman`s film to come out on Eid, he should have started as early as January. But they started some time in March, so it is difficult. 

There is no need to do a rush job on a film. The stakes are too high and the expectations are too high.

So, no need to get fixated, because a Salman Khan-starrer is a Salman Khan-starrer. You may miss one day in a year, but there are at least four or five dates that are equally exciting. You can choose those dates and make that into an event.

Image: Salman and Arbaaz Khan on the sets of Dabangg-2

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