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This article was first published 12 years ago

Vote! Ajay Devgn's Best Action Movie

Last updated on: July 20, 2011 12:52 IST

Image: A still from Singham
Shaikh Ayaz in Mumbai

With looks that could kill and a physique that has surprised many, Ajay Devgn is back on familiar territory, doing what he does best -- blowing up cars and bashing up goons in Singham.

Starting off as an action star, Ajay later turned to comedy and romance and came to be known for his versatility.

Fans are, of course, delighted that the action hero has returned with more stunts up his sleeve. Ajay, at least initially in his career, never desisted from doing his own stunts. It came rather naturally to them, thanks to dad Veeru, the celebrated action choreographer.

We decided to look at Ajay's best action movies through the years. Click through the slide show, and vote for your favourite at the end.

Phool Aur Kaante

Image: A still from Phool Aur Kaante
Ajay's entry, a balancing act of sorts astride two bikes, remains his most memorable stunt to date.

At the time, few actors performed their own stunts; which is why Ajay had an edge in the 1990s' market teeming with chocolate boys.

Son of a dreaded don played by Amrish Puri, Ajay plays a college student madly in love and with those fiery eyes, he takes on everyone, including his own father. The film is full of stunts and was designed to launch Ajay as an action star.


Image: A scene from Jigar
Dealing with themes endemic to the 1990s like rape, crime, violence and revenge, Jigar is vintage Ajay in terms of its action. A blood-smeared Ajay casts a heavy shadow throughout, as he undergoes physical training to avenge the rape of his sister.

In an evenly-contested wrestling match, Ajay twists the villain's neck, bringing cheer and justice to those close to him, including leading lady Karisma Kapoor.

Fans also lapped up the fistfights, with a reed-thin Ajay punishing a conspirator by hanging him in full public view.


Image: A scene from Vijaypath
Ajay continued his obsession with the bike through Vijaypath, in which he starred opposite Tabu.

Of course, songs like Ruk Ruk and Raah Mein Unse became top radio favourites but Vijaypath is famous for its action scenes.

Ajay, who loses his eyesight, vows to keep the glasses on till he finds his father's killer.

Watch out for the duel between Ajay and the baddies.


Image: A scene from Dilwale
Although its Kumar Sanu-rendered songs were chartbusters in its time, the action was a bigger hit amongst the hinterland audience.

What else can you expect when a film stars two best-known action heroes of the day, Ajay and Suniel Shetty? Ajay plays an inmate who has been framed for murder and Suniel, a cop, who's in charge of extracting information from him.

Kachche Dhaage

Image: A scene from Kachche Dhaage
Teaming up with Saif Ali Khan who plays his wealthy half-brother, Kachche Dhaage is masala entertainment.

Ajay reprises a role he has patented over the years: a brooding, intense young man traumatised by his family's troubled past.

The action sequences filmed in the arid locales are the highlight; in particular Ajay and Saif's joint effort towards the climax is full of bombs and bullets.


Image: A scene from Qayamat
Harry Baweja's umpteenth collaboration with Ajay, Qayamat offered a thrilling plot which demanded high-intensity action. Sporting a brand-new look, Ajay was the mainstay of Qayamat.

Playing a convict who's being released for a mission, he wrestles through missiles and even goes underwater to save the city on a terror alert.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Image: A scene from The Legend of Bhagat Singh
Raj Kumar Santoshi's patriotic offering on the life of Bhagat Singh, the bio-pic can be easily rated amongst Ajay's best works.

Because it's based on Bhagat Singh's revolutionary methods, there happens to be a lot of action. There are hand-to-hand fights, clashes at public meetings and well-conspired assassination even as Inquilab Zindabad rents the air.

It's a heroic performance, to say the least.


Image: A scene from Gangaajal
Ajay teams up with director Prakash Jha for the hard-hitting, politically and criminally charged saga set in the badlands of Bihar.

An honest cop out to cleanse the system, Ajay is in his elements here. 

In the notoriously anarchic village where the story is based, Ajay reserves his most violent blows and punches for the corrupt.

The most gruesome scenes, however, are those in which the criminals are ruthlessly blinded.


Image: A scene from Khakee

Behind those dark shades, Ajay does everything that's unlawful. He mercilessly kills even as the smoke rings circle around those dark shades.

However, he meets his match in Amitabh Bachchan, who's in hot pursuit of Ajay. Watch out for the confrontation scene between Ajay and Big B and the action that ensues.


Image: A scene from Apaharan
A jobless youth takes to gun and becomes a dreaded gangster that's the premise.

More than that, Apaharan explores the kidnapping scenario in Bihar, the state from director Prakash Jha hails and chooses to base most of his films in.

Standing shoulder to shoulder is Nana Patekar whose feisty supporting performance lends an edge to Apaharan.


Image: A scene from Yuva
Mani Ratnam's under-rated story of campus politics, Yuva is an action-packed feast.

While Abhishek Bachchan walked away with maximum applause, given his author-backed role, Ajay's unstated, quiet rebellion didn't go unnoticed.

Ajay plays a student activist whose journey to the Assembly is fraught with threats and tension.

Check out the action scene picturised on Howrah Bridge on a speeding bike with Ajay and Abhishek coming to blows.


Image: A scene from Zameen
A thriller based on the December 1999 Kandahar hijack, Zameen has more action than patriotism. 

Ajay plays an army-man whose mud-smeared face is a constant presence alongside Abhishek Bachchan. Yet again, Ajay uses his trademark raw intensity to great advantage.

Brace yourself for a round of gun battles, cars blowing, grenade-peltings, bombings and Indian army's clashes with the terrorists. Goes without saying there's also a bit of Pak-bashing here.


Image: A scene from Omkara
Vishal Bhardwaj takes Bard's Othello to the hinterland, with Ajay leading from the front as a gang leader.  The action scenes, dime a dozen, are artfully choreographed.

There's a certain rooted ruggedness about Omkara that appealed to people.

Towards the end, one by one, all major characters fall by the wayside pointing to a very tragic denouement.

Golmaal 3

Image: A scene from Golmaal 3
The daredevil in the actor hasn't taken a backseat yet and this was proved by the Golmaal series. In fact, the Rohit Shetty franchise is becoming some sort of a repository of Ajay's grand entries.

In Golmaal 3, he not only sported a brand new, cropped look but was also seen balancing himself on two vintage cars, an obvious tribute to his fashionably heroic entry in Phool Aur Kaante. In the other two Golmaal films, he came astride Hummer and sports bike.

Ajay Devgn's top action films

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