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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Like the Agent Vinod trailer? VOTE!

Like the Agent Vinod trailer? VOTE!

Last updated on: January 25, 2012 12:12 IST

Like the Agent Vinod trailer? VOTE!

Raja Sen in Mumbai

Trust director Sriram Raghavan to keep tongue firmly in cheek even when he assaults us with style.

The start is black and white, as Saif Ali Khan, bound and gagged, is questioned by men in sinister 1970s voices: "Who are you?" A black bag is pulled off his head and a gunshot is fired as he answers "Freddy Khambata."

A more silken voice asks, as we see Saif whirl around in colour, "Naam bataayenge please?", and, in the ultimate tribute to the original film Agent Vinod, Khan says "Asli naam Mahender Sandhu," Raghavan doffing his hat to a mostly forgotten leading man.

Punches, kicks, uppercuts. Kareena Kapoor asks him his name next, patiently, while Prem Chopra stands behind her in a red-lit room, wearing something ostensibly Chinese looking. Unbelievable.

Khan doesn't oblige, breaking into the My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves song -- lingering on the "main duniya mein akela hoon" line -- as the trailer globetrots with him and Kareena and a sun-coloured Chevrolet.

The action looks furious, intense, slick. And the chases look like there really is something on the line.

Khan looks suave, Kapoor looks fit and then as the name of the film finally splashes onto the screen, it looks like Saif's finally giving in. The last thing he will reveal is his identity, go the words of the trailer. "Vinod," he says finally when asked his name yet again, before throwing in a smirk. "Vinod Khanna."

Take a bow, Mr Raghavan. We're bloody thrilled. Bring it on.

Like the Agent Vinod trailer? VOTE NOW!

Image: The Agent Vinod trailer