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And That's What Taimur Loves To Eat...

Last updated on: December 20, 2022 11:35 IST

After throwing an early birthdayparty for Taimur, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are off on a holiday in an unknown location.

And the countdown has started for the little boy's sixth birthday, coming up on December 20.


Kareena shares a picture of Tim Tim enjoying a croissant and writes, 'This family’s love for croissant continues... Going for it... One day to go... Mera Tim Tim ka birthday.'


We are reminded of Kareena's expression while having a croissant at the beginning of the year and saying, 'It was supposed to be an eat healthy first Monday of the year and blah blah's a crossaint so just go for it ...#do what your heart desires...#its 2022 #make the most of it.'


Kareena shares another picture from her holiday and writes, 'I'm not for filters but try karne mein kya jaata hai?'


There's Saif Ali Khan at the breakfast table, and Bebo can't help but gush: 'Ok my husband is very hot.'

All Photographs: Kind courtesy Kareena Kapoor/Instagram

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