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This article was first published 10 years ago

Salman: If you don't like Bigg Boss, don't watch it

November 11, 2013 16:32 IST

Image: Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 6

Here's what your favourite Bollywood celebrities are tweeting.

Being a host isn't easy, especially if it's a show like Bigg Boss.

Following recent drama inside the house and the backlash it received, host Salman Khan expressed his disappointment in a series of long tweets.

‘If thr is sm thing that bothers u, makes u uncomfortable, don't like then don't do, b a part or see it. Its the best, most simple solution. its ok that sm people hv not liked BB7. Each 1 is entitled to thr opinions so no point in u guys fighting like BB7 on twitter. Sm times even I don't like wat I do on B B, so don't blame them at all,’ the 47-year-old actor tweeted.

‘The format of the show is such that every week the games to win get complicated, contestants g upset, fans hurt but this is the show. its v complicated dealing vit slf respect, ego's, anger, games, language, lies, drama, nominations, evictions every day it teaches u . Sm time wat to do, how to react n wat never to do . Its really tough n scary for the contestants inside mentally n physically. Think its the toughest show to do n host specially if u get attached to the show, contestants n channel, its not scripted isub reality hai,’ he added.

Salman also said that Bigg Boss is the most difficult show to host and participate.

‘Bohut he difficult hai dada comments mein bhi marta hoon bahar se , andar is a diff ball game altogether. Film industry watches BB, the contestants obviously want to b a part of it, who wld wanna wrk vit sm 1 badly behaved, unprofessional etc. i keep on telling them wat feed bak I get sm times its upsetting n depresses them but who listens, next min they do wat they want to man. So the guys who r fighting for the host n against don't need to cs the host himself does not quiet like wat he does right or wrong so chill. So till then do wat u want to man like the BB7 contestants n keep enjoying the show,’ he continued.

‘BB fans who don't like saturday n sunday episodes, plz don't waste your time sure u have v imp things to do. Elections coming up do vote . seriously if u don't like plz don't watch, even if 1 family member does not like it the rest shld respect that n change the channel,’ he signed off.


PHOTO: Boney Kapoor celebrates birthday with family

Image: Boney and Sridevi Kapoor with family
Photographs: Suneil Wadhwa/Twitter

Filmmaker Boney Kapoor celebrated his 58th today, November 11, with family and close friends.

Film distributor Suniel Wadhwa shared a picture (above) of the celebrations and tweeted: ‘#Wish you Happy Birthday @BoneyKapoor Sir.Small get 2gether by @SrideviBKapoor.Attended by #Balki @gauris n othrs.’ 

Meanwhile, some stars wished him on Twitter.

Shabana Azmi: ‘Happy birthday to my dear friend of many many years-Boney Kapoor.lots pf love.’

Kumar Taurani: ‘Many many happy returns of the day, Happy birthday #BoneyKapoor Have a great year ahead.’

PHOTO: Shraddha Kapoor in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Image: Sharddha Kapoor and Imran Khan in Gori Tere Pyar Mein
Photographs: Punti Malhotra/Twitter

Filmmaker Punit Malhotra shared the first look of Shraddha Kapoor (above) who is making a cameo in his upcoming film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and tweeted: ‘Here's presenting Vasudha... the very beautiful @ShraddhaKapoor :))))’