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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Maine Pyaar Kiya is a rom-com film'

'Maine Pyaar Kiya is a rom-com film'

June 20, 2014 09:05 IST

'Maine Pyaar Kiya is a rom-com film'


Radhika Rajamani/ in Hyderabad

Isha Talwar is fresh from the success of two Malayalam films, God’s Own Country and Bangalore Days.

Isha also worked in a Tamil film (Thillu Mullu) and a Telugu film (Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde).

Her second Telugu film Maine Pyaar Kiya is releasing today (June 20).

Isha talks about the film and acting in different regional cinema.

Signingi in  Maine Pyaar Kiya

It took me some time to sign Maine Pyaar Kiya, my second Telugu film after Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde (GJR).

Post-GJR, I was getting roles in a similar zone, that is, as second lead in an ensemble cast.

I was looking for a solo lead. Maine Pyaar Kiya has a good subject and a universal appeal and people will watch this kind of film.

The director Pradeep is a national-award winning director (for his short film Advaitham) so you know the direction the work is headed in. I am happy to be back in Telugu films after many months.

Image: A scene from Maine Pyar Kiya


'All my heroes are shy so I have to work a little harder'

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Her role in Maine Pyaar Kiya

Maine Pyaar Kiya is a romantic comedy. It’s the story of childhood friends who discover their love for each other later and the confusions that arise from that.

The lead love story is modern compared to the parallel love story between Sathya and Madhumita which is more traditional. 

The film has newcomers and second timers. It’s the second film for the director, the DoP (Director of Photography) and myself. We were like friends on the sets. The songs were shot in Bangkok.

I play Shalini who works in an IT office and aspires to do something in her life.

My co-star, Pradeep, is a shy guy. All my heroes are shy so I have to work a little harder

Image: A scene from Maine Pyaar Kiya

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'Language is not a barrier for me'

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Language is not a barrier for me. I like working in all the languages.

I started off with Malayalam, which was the toughest, so the other languages seem easier.

I understand Telugu now. I have been getting offers in Telugu and other languages. I haven’t signed anything yet.

There is not much difference between the industries. The main difference is budget.

Telugu movies have larger budgets and are more colourful. Malayalam movies are more script-oriented and I get to do different roles there.

Image: A scene from Maine Pyaar Kiya

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