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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'I had fun singing for Anjaana Anjaani'

'I had fun singing for Anjaana Anjaani'

Last updated on: October 7, 2010 14:19 IST

'I had fun singing for Anjaana Anjaani'

Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Former Indian Idol contestant Monali Thakur -- best known as the playback singer of songs like Zara Zara Touch Me and Khwab Dekhe Jhoothe Moothe from Race -- made her latest number from Anjaana Anjaani very peppy, and popular.


She talks to Rajul Hegde about music, boyfriend Meiyang Chang -- another former Idol contestant -- and much more. She also gives us a taste of her music -- just click on the videos for a dekho.


The title track of Anjaani Anjaana has become quite popular.


It feels amazing because it's the first time that I have worked with (music director duo) Vishal-Shekar. They are my favourite composers and I'm happy that the song has clicked. I loved the song because of its youthful feel.


How was it working with the musical duo?


Recording was fun. Vishal-Shekar are amazing. Working with them was an honour. They give creative space to others. I had fun singing this track because it's a party track. The first recording was done in 10 minutes while the final dubbing took less than 30 minutes.


Shekar told me to make the song young and peppy. It's a total party song. The tempo itself demands fun and energy.

Image: Monali Thakur sings Anjaana Anjaani
Video: Rajul Hegde

'I was not upset when I was told that the song was dropped'

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Your song was almost axed. It was included as the title track only at the last minute. What was your reaction then?


Actually, six songs were finalised for the album. They wanted a club song, so they called me for the recording. But they weren't sure whether they would include it or not. I was driving when Vishal called up to say that the song was chopped. After a few days, I got a call saying that the song was back and that I had to go for the final dubbing.


I was not upset when I was told that the song was dropped. It's a part and parcel of this profession. We were sad only because it's a lovely track.


The video was shot at the last minute, and it was used as a promotional song. That was the best part.

Image: Monali Thakur sings title track of Golmaal 3

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'Singers don't get recognised'

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How has your life changed post-Race?


After Race, I sang for a couple of films like Billu and Prince but singers don't get recognised. Luckily, songs did come my way. I have made many friends in the industry. I travel a lot for live shows. That boosts your confidence.


This is what I always dreamt of. In Class Five, I would always write that I wanted to become a playback singer in slam books. I'm glad I got what I wanted.


Any plans of cutting an album?


No. I have composed a song, and finished recording it. I don't know how to release it. But I don't want to waste it. We are trying to pitch it in a movie. It will be amazing if it gets picked up. Otherwise, we will release it as a solo song digitally.

Prithamda (Chakraborty) and other people who have heard it have liked it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Image: Monali Thakur and Chang sing Khudaya Khair from Billu

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'In school, I would come first in dance and second in singing'

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What are your other projects?


My track in Golmaal 3 is my second duet with (singer) KK. Pritamda has given the music for it. Every dancer will groove to it.


What do you do when you're not singing?


I dance. I am a salsa dancer and have salsa parties. I learnt salsa from Salsa guru Kaytee Namgyal. I have a lot of friends from my salsa group. I have learnt bharat natyam but was more into hip hop earlier. In school, I would come first in dance and second in singing (smiles).


Does Chang dance with you?


I push him to dance salsa or any other form of dance. He thinks he can't dance. But he is a decent dancer.

Image: Monali Thakur sings Kesariya Balam from Dor

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'People recognize Chang and not me'

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Any plans of taking part in a dance reality show?


I really don't know whether I would want to take part or not. Dancing is my passion but at the moment, music is priority.


Do Chang and you get time to spend with other?


Not really. But whenever we have time, we go out for breakfast. People recognise him but not me. Girls are like, 'O my god it's Chang.' He feels happy and gives them a big smile.


Is marriage on the cards?


Not any time soon. I have just stated living life. I love my life -- it's almost perfect now. I don't want to change anything. I have a passion for music, a special person in my life and a very supportive family.

Image: Monali Thakur sings Na Koi Umang Hai from Kati Patang

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