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PIX: Shah Rukh's grand performance in Mumbai

By Paloma Sharma
December 08, 2014 19:15 IST
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Missed Shah Rukh Khan's Got Talent concert, held over the weekend in Mumbai? Don't worry, we bring the pictures right to you.

The crowds started trickling in at 5 pm. As time progressed, the numbers increased.

A line had begun to form at the far end of the compound of Mumbai’s Andheri Sports Complex and by 6.30 pm, it spilled out of the gates. 

The sea of people seemed almost never ending and if you stood in the crowd, you could hear one name being repeated over and over, a whisper floating on the breeze:

"Shah Rukh Khan."

Playing the anchor for the Got Talent franchise's first live show, the Badshah of Bollywood remained the star attraction of the evening.

Here’s taking a look at the pictures of the concert:

Shah Rukh Khan performs at the Got Talent concert

Image: Shah Rukh Khan performs at the Got Talent concert

"I'm Shah Rukh's biggest fan!" exclaims first year architecture student at NMIMS  college, Saloni Agarwal.

"You toh don't say anything," her friend Sonali Singhal accuses her. "She'll choose Hrithik over him any day. I'll choose Shah Rukh." 

While the two fight over who loves whom more, the third part of their trio, Rakshita Jain confesses that she didn't come for the stars.

"I'm here for the performances," Jain says reluctantly, casting a sideways glance at her friends who are still at it. "We got our tickets from a friend. She got them from a friend of hers who is... I don't really know."

Shah Rukh Khan

Image: Shah Rukh Khan at the Got Talent concert

Despite an absence of the grand scale of publicity that usually takes place for events featuring Bollywood’s top names, every white plastic chair in the stadium is full.

There are even people sitting with folded legs on the red fabric that covered what had been a cricket pitch a few hours earlier.

Everybody waits, looking down at their phones and watches until at 19.07, seven minutes past the designated time, King Khan floats in on a raised podium, with dancers in body paint, and the crowd went wild!

Priyanka Chopra

Image: Priyanka Chopra performs

Every single person stands up for a glimpse of him. Those, who were too far back, rush towards the stage. Parents hoist their tiny tots on their shoulders.

Cheers and hoots fill the stadium.

For quite a while, on that cool December evening, I was unsure if the applause would ever end.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Image: Jacqueline Fernandez performs

Shifa Khan, a supervisor at an Andheri school, practically glows at the mention of Shah Rukh Khan's name. "I've been a fan since my college days," blushes Mrs Khan, who received the tickets from a cousin as a gift.

"But he knows him as G.One," Mrs Khan gestures to her son, Zaheen.

Priyanka Chopra with Manish Paul

Image: Priyanka Chopra and Manish Paul

The fans' excitement is short-lived.

SRK arrives, introduces the first act and just like that, he is gone. He does return to joke around with some of the performers, such as James More, Aldo Nicholini and Vilas Nayak, but for the majority of the show, it is co-anchor Manish Paul who keeps the energy levels high.

Performances at the concert

Image: Got Talent's performers show off their skills

Unfortunately, the three-hour long stage show is unable to maintain the high that Shah Rukh's initial appearance gave it.

With the exception of the magicians, the other performers have a though time pleasing the crowd. Dance, art and bike stunts look great on television when the camera closes up on the most subtle of movements, but in an open stadium, in front of hundreds of people, they do not have the same effect.

Varun Dhawan

Image: Varun Dhawan performs

The crowd cheers again only when Varun Dhawan does a la Lady Gaga by popping out of an brightly painted Easter egg or when Priyanka Chopra rises into the air, perched on a ring.

The crowds at the entrance

Image: Crowds outside the venue. Photograph: Paloma Sharma

Then the King comes back for round two.

The crowds gather around the stage once again, each wave of people blocking the view of those behind them, prompting another wave to be unleashed.

And the hysteria starts all over again.

The Got Talent show will be telecast on December 31 on the Colors channel.

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