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Is Taapsee Getting Married?

January 23, 2024 16:12 IST
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IMAGE: Taapsee Pannu with Mathias Boe. Photograph: Kind courtesy Mathias Boe/Instagram

Is Taapsee Pannu tying the knot with beau Mathias Boe?

When Subhash K Jha asks the actor this question, she replies, "There is enough tying of the knot happening all around to keep the media happy. Getting married is not a huge priority in my life right now. Nor has it ever been on my bucket list. I am not thinking of any wedding date as of now."

So what is she thinking about?

"There are various productions of mine at different stages. Some are being cast, others are being pitched to co-producers and funders. I am still a new producer and don't want to slip up," she says.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Mathias Boe/Instagram

She admits her journey as a producer has not been easy.

"It has been a learning experience, about how one puts together a film, how one gets advice on production from every direction. Now I understand why women are reluctant to get into production. One has to shoulder huge responsibilities," she says.

A major hurdle Taapsee has encountered was to be able to produce films the way she wanted.

"No matter how much keenness your funders show in backing your movie, they still want to add masala -- which doesn't always go with the story you want to tell -- just so that it becomes the clichéd 'safe' masala film though we all know there is nothing like a foolproof project. I've learnt so much during the production of Blurr and Dhak Dhak."

But these experiences have not embittered Taapsee.

"I wouldn't call them horrible experiences. There were good and bad incidents as a producer, so I will classify it as a learning experience. If I need to survive and flourish as a producer, I need to adapt myself to the demands as a producer."

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