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Bigg Boss 10: Rotlu Rohan vs Mard Manveer

Last updated on: November 16, 2016 13:26 IST

If there is one person who makes Divya Nair go red in 0 seconds with his mere presence, it is... guess who... 

If there is one thing Manu and Manveer are good at, it's roasting Swami Om.

When the trio exchange heated words, the best comedians will accept defeat.

Tuesday's episode had some hilarious moments.

In the task LockDown, the contestants were paired up and had to compete leading a frugal lifestyle.

All their belongings and luxuries were taken away and secured in a locker. For each luxury item they use, a point would be deducted.

Mona and Rohan were the captains of their respective teams. Both teams were given jute uniforms to wear as part of the task.

Swami Om, who was in Mona's team, chose to wear his signature red kurta over the uniform.

As if that wasn't enough, he added his beads and other accessories, all of which led to his team losing 12 marks even before the task began.

To add to that, Swami Om mingled with the opposing team and not cooperate with his side.

If there is one person who makes me go red in 0 seconds with his mere presence, it is this unique specimen.

Why, God, why?

IMAGE: The contestants wears jute uniforms while Swami Om stands out in red.

Gaurav, also on Mona's team, was least interested in the task and preferred complaining to dearest Bani about why he felt a misfit in the team.

Now that's the problem with the so-called celebrities -- they have already created a distinction in their heads that they will have no business dealing with the commoners.

Have you ever thought of shuffling the equations in the house, Bigg Boss?

Put Bani and Lopa in the same team?

Manveer and Manu in opposite teams?

Making Karan, Rohan and Rahul less sleepy?

Video: Watch the drama unforld on Bigg Boss 10.

After four weeks of playing sidekick to the brat brigade, Mona finally comes across as a strong housemate who can speak for herself when she really has to.

In the Rasgullla Eating task, Mona put her foot down and picked on a silly issue and despite Rahul finishing the task ahead of her, she ensured that the task was disqualified.

Wow, Bigg Boss, your levels of judging supersedes the limits of my imagination.

Wasn't it clear that Rahul at least finished the task while Manu threw the sweets on the floor?

Were you trying to show that you encourage wasting food?

And when Manveer and Rohan entered a fight, you mentioned that people should not discuss caste, creed and community.

What about gender jokes, Bigg Boss?

What is this definition of 'mard' that Manveer and Manu keep raising in the house?

What about the term chhammak challo Manveer used for Rohan?

Don't you feel the need to punish such behaviour?

Why not simply nominate these jokers to teach them a lesson?

Bani and Lopa continue to speak in English and you have no more punishments for that.

If Rahul, Rohan and Karan are seen sleeping through the day, why not cut their rations?

This season is coming across as biased towards the celebs in more than one way.

The rules are not strict, the judgement is far from fair and the evictions are one-sided.

If this continues, it won't be long when your cameras will be forced to focus on the three most boring people in the house.

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