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Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka wants to go home

By Divya Nair
December 22, 2016 14:51 IST

Insecurity appears to have provoked Priyanka Jagga to picking fights, says Divya Nair.


  • Swami Om ordered to repair the damaged door.
  • Gaurav-Bani win Bigg Boss hostel task.
  • Priyanka-Manu have an argument.
  • Housemates isolate Swami Om and Priyanka.

Who's garam


Priyanka gives up the hostel task midway and indulges in a war of words with Manu and Mona's friendship.

She succeeds at provoking both contestants and ends up sulking and distancing herself from the housemates.

No matter how much you deny it, Priyanka, you seem to be Swami Om's daughter! You have the same qualities as him.

It takes a different level of insensitivity to use someone's death as a talking point, something only you and your bluffmaster baap possess in abundance.

Instead of showing your insecurity because of Manu's proximity to Mona, you could have focused on making new friendships.


Manu, do you realise two girls are fighting for your attention?

I don't know what triggered Priyanka's affection for you out of the blue. But it is impressive how you have shut her up with the exact adjectives she deserves.


How can you tolerate sitting within a 10 metre-radius of Swami Om? Or crack jokes with him?

But you can make the toughest situations tolerable with your humour.


Who's thanda


Lopa, it's good you take a strong stand, but it's not always necessary to poke people who you know will be vulnerable to attack you. That's what weak people do.

As a strong captain of the house, you had every right to punish Swami Om and Priyanka for their outrageous behaviour. But you did nothing.


Bani, it was your golden opportunity to bounce back and show your solidarity.

When Swami Om commented on your mother, you wanted the entire house to stand with you.

After Salman Khan's warning, almost everyone stopped interacting with the man to show they care for you.

Forget Lopa, you could have at least stood with Manu and Mona.

But you were too busy exchanging love letters and basking in your victory date with the man who deserves no one's trust: Gaurav.


Mona, why do you wear clothes you are not comfortable in?

And why dress so shabbily?

A yellow ruffled dress that doesn't suit you at all, with yellow earrings and a schoolgirl hairstyle. Really?

You'll send the mirrors cracking with that style.

Haven't you heard that fashion is about comfort?

Revealing isn't always sexy, comfort is the new sexy.

Priyanka may have no right to say that, but if we were to play fashion police, we'd want you to hire a stylist IMMEDIATELY.

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