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In the evenings, the boys would play table tennis. I could not believe that in the middle of the jungle, they were having TT competitions!

Dharma Productions had done a great job. Where there was nothing, they had arranged for DVD players for all of us in our rooms. We also had a DVD library.

Soham's wife had come to visit on their wedding anniversary and Vivek and all of us decided to get them remarried! So we got a pandit and wedding costumes. We were so bored; there was nothing to do there!

Esha and I were the only two girls so we stuck together. We didn't want to play TT, so we played Uno and antakshari.

Esha is like a sister. As a rule, we don't discuss work. That's the only way friendships between actresses work in this industry. We would come up with new adventures that we would embark on! People couldn't separate us at all. We would watch movies together, go fishing, have code words that we would laugh about...

The boys kept claiming that they would cross the river next to our resort but they never did. Only Esha and I did it. We actually walked across the river!

Ajay is very senior to us and we all looked up to him. I've worked with him in Masti and Insaan. Usually, one gets very intimidated by him, and when he shows up on the sets you start behaving yourself. But he's a wonderful person. He didn't play any pranks on Esha and me.

There were no real pranks actually, just stuff like someone's soup had a lot of chillies, someone else's room looked like something strange was going on because everything was turned upside down!

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