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We were staying in Manu Maharani Resorts in Jim Corbett. Every evening, we would have bonfires by the river near the resort. The entire cast and crew would be together. We would barbecue, and wrap blankets around us because it was very cold. We would play music and tell stories.

We shot nights in a bhoot bangla, which was right in the heart of the jungle. And Ajay would come out with his ghost stories.

I would be up at 4am everyday, and be on location at 6am. The day was very hectic. We would pack up by 5pm.

The climax was difficult, physically grilling. I had gone for the Kaal shooting with my leg in a cast because of a torn muscle. I had recovered during the 45 days that we were there, but for the climax we were all hoping that it would hold!

It was really brutal for me. I was popping four-five painkillers from the first day just to get through the day. I was in a lot of pain in those days. I would remove the cast for the shot, and then put it back.

Once we shot on this river, and the bridge collapsed so we dived into the FREEZING water. It's Himalayan water, so it's very cold.

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