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All the animal portions were shot in Thailand. I shot with three 12-foot tigers for the first time! They were unrestrained, untranquilised, left free. They were trained but we did have a few close calls.

Every time they were let out of the cages, we would stop breathing. In those shots we had to look scared. I think none of us really had to act then!

There was a scene when we were in an open Gypsy with a tiger. He probably got bored of just standing there so he ripped out the entire seat of the Gypsy in a single bite and ran away with it!

One of the trainers, playing Ajay's duplicate, was attacked. He was dressed like Ajay and the tiger didn't recognise him, so it got threatened by someone advancing so close.

But a lot of precautions were taken. Our stunt director Allan Amin was very good. He never made us do a shot if he wasn't sure of it.

But the shoot was more physically strenuous than dangerous.

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