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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Last updated on: May 22, 2012 15:00 IST

Image: A worker counts US dollar bills at a money changer.
Photographs: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

At a time when the global economy is desperately trying to keep another impending slowdown at bay, chief executives of some big companies are getting millions of dollars as pay packets.

For the fifth year, the Wall Street Journal partnered with Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, on its annual survey of CEO Compensation.

This year's study includes the 300 largest US public companies by revenue that filed their definitive proxy statements between May 1, 2011 and April 30, 2012.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: A file photo of Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Photographs: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Rank 1: Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc
Total compensation: $378 million

Apple chief executive Tim Cook topped the list of the best-paid CEOs in the US in 2011.

Cook earned $900,000 for his annual salary and $900,000 for his annual incentives.

But he scooped up $376 million in restricted stock grants, based on Apple's stock price at the time.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: People walk inside an Apple retail store in Shanghai.
Photographs: Aly Song/Reuters

Apple board granted Cook one million restricted stock units as a 'promotion and retention award'.

Apple said that 50 per cent of the stock award is scheduled to vest in 2015 and the other 50 per cent in 2021, subject to Cook's continued employment with the company.

Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs took three medical leaves before stepping down and in all the three occasions Cook had filled in for him.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: Larry Ellison.
Photographs: Courtesy:

Rank 2: Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle
Total compensation: $76 million

Another Silicon Valley big gun, the founder and head of software company -- Oracle, Larry Ellison, came in second place with less than a fifth of Cook's pay, at $76 million.

According to Wall Street Journal survery, he received a $13.3-million bonus and stock options worth $62.7 million, not a salary.

He has been ranked at number 2 position for the last three years in the survey.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: Woodside horse farm.
Photographs: Courtesy,

Passionate about buying land, Ellison, co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, has acquired some of most beautiful houses and land since the 1990's.

Now, he plans to sell the Woodside horse farm at a whopping $19 million, according to Real Estalker.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: Leslie Moonves.

Rank 3: Leslie Moonves, CEO, CBS: Television broadcaster
Total compensation: $69 million

Moonves' compensation was up 29 per cent from the prior year.

His pay included a $30 million annual bonus, stock options valued at $27.3 million and types of restricted stock collectively valued at $8.5 million.

Moonves has been in the top five of the survey for past three years.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: A bank clerk starts a money counter to count 100 dollar banknotes in a bank.
Photographs: Pascal Lauener/Reuters

Moonves served as co-president and co-chief operating officer of Viacom, Inc., the predecessor to CBS Corporation, from 2004 until the company split on December 31, 2005.

Prior to that he had been in a series of executive positions for CBS since July 1995.

He is also one of the board of directors at ZeniMax Media.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: Ron Johnson, CEO of JC Penney, Inc, visits the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to ring the closing bell, in New York, April 27, 2012.
Photographs: Reuters

Rank 4: Ronald Johnson, CEO, JCPenney
Total compensation: $53 million

Johnson, the former head of Apple's retail-store unit, took over the reins of JC Penney Co. in November last year.

According to the survey, he received a grant of 1.66 million shares of restricted stock, valued at $52.6 million as a compensation for the restricted Apple stock that he left behind.

The bulk of Johnson's compensation stemmed from a grant of 1.66 million shares of restricted stock, valued at $52.6 million.

. . .

Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: The sign outside the J.C. Penney store is seen in Westminster, Colorado.
Photographs: Rick Wilking/Reuters

JCPenney said that the grant was intended to compensate Johnson for Apple restricted stock he left behind.

For now, that looks like a bad trade for Mr. Johnson. He forfeited 250,000 restricted-stock units at Apple, which would be valued at $133 million.

More than half of those shares would have vested earlier this year, allowing Mr. Johnson to sell them.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: Sanjay Jha.
Photographs: Rediff Archives

Rank 5: Sanjay Jha, CEO, Motorola Mobility
Total compensation: $46.6 million

Jha's compensation includes stock options valued at $34.2 million and restricted stock valued at $9.4 million.

Before joining Motorola, Sanjay Jha was the chief operating officer of Qualcomm and president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.

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Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US

Image: A girl from the Dhimal tribe, one of India's smallest tribal communities, talks on her mobile phone.
Photographs: Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters

As Qualcomm COO, Jha was overlooking Corporate Research and Development and Qualcomm Flarion Technologies in addition to his role as president of QCT, the chipset and software division of Qualcomm Incorporated.

As Motorola Mobility CEO, Jha is also in line for a payment of up to $61.2 million if he leaves within two years after Google Inc. completes its planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility.