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Pune township plans urban organic farm

By Rediff Business Desk
June 26, 2013 16:59 IST

Nanded City, a 700-acre integrated township of Magarpatta group on the outskirts of Pune, plans to propagate the concept of urban organic agriculture.

Nanded CityIt plans to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants within the township for daily needs and requirement of the residents. For this, about 100 – 110 acres is earmarked.

Once ready, residents can go to the farms, choose and pick their own vegetables and fruits, weigh and buy them at attractive prices.

Those interested in farming activity can get a small plot allotted and help in farming activities in spare time.

For sustainable agriculture, the principles of organic farming, poly-culture

in place of mono culture, crop rotation, use of recycled water, compost, integrated pest management apiculture, sericulture etc. will be put in use.

This will be done with extensive plantations of coconut, blackberry, guava and gooseberry in an existing orchard that has 5,000 mango, jackfruit and tamarind trees.

The open areas between tree rows in the orchards will be utilised for growing a wide variety of vegetables required for daily consumption of the resident population and produced throughout the year.

While flowers and aromatic plants would be included in the ornamental landscaped areas and along walkways at the riverside, medicinal herbs, shrubs and grasses will be used for beautification.

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