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'Apple TV: The best gadget of 2008'

By Neha Bhatt
December 15, 2008 12:41 IST
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The Apple TV is the pick of the year for Atul Temurnikar, chairman of Global Indian Foundation. He's now waiting to get his hands on a Nikon D200.

Is there a gadget that you found to be a revelation?

The BlackBerry has changed my working life dramatically. Accessing emails on it is much easier compared to the Dopod Touch or iPhone, both of which tend to be slow and confusing while typing.

Which gizmo do you find is overpriced for its functions?

The Apple 3G iPhone. I heard it is priced at over Rs 30,000 in India. For professionals who mostly use calendar, contacts and email, its other features are of little use.

Who is your one-stop gizmo guru?

The salesmen at the airport duty-free shop. Ask a gadget salesperson at Narita or Changi airport and they will update you on the latest gizmos.

What gadget have you been waiting to buy?

The Nikon D200 digital SLR camera. I have used the D50, D70 and the D80. I want to buy the D200 now. I wish they could have a better flash with 10 metre range.

Name a gizmo that you think is overrated.

The Samsung Omnia phone.

What gadget would you say is the best of 2008?

The Apple TV. It is the device of the year. I picked it up at the Dubai airport. It has a 60 GB hard drive, ethernet port, wireless LAN and TV component output. You can now transfer your favourite mp3 audio, mp4 videos and photos to Apple TV and play it on your big LCD TV. A bonus is that you can surf the Internet directly and it allows you to search YouTube and Flickr directly.

Which gadget would be a better companion than an iPod?

The iPhone with Bose in-ear headphones.

How much gadget literature do you actually read?

Very little. There is hardly any time to read such magazines. The best approach is to look around to see what's on offer, and if it fits your bill, pick it up.

Name a gadget that you think should be banned.

Cathode-ray tube computer monitors. They spoil your eyes.They are very old technology and use a lot of power.

What was the first gadget you bought?

I purchased a Casio 128K digital diary in 1991 in Singapore and stored some 100-plus contacts on that. I don't use it any more but I still have it.

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