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This article was first published 12 years ago

'Gold in any form is a great investment'

Last updated on: November 11, 2011 18:38 IST

Image: TV actor Yashashri Masurkar
Rajul Hegde

TV actor Yashashri Masurkar shares her money mantras.

Your first salary and how did you spend it?

I earned my first salary in class VIII through several tuition sessions. As I was quite young at that time I didn't spend it and handed it over to my mother.

Your first investment and how is it faring now?

I made my first investment just last year by buying some LIC policy in the name of my parents. And as it's a recent policy I haven't got any returns on the same. Prior to that I wasn't quite acquainted by investment policies as such. So, I'm a new player.

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'Earn, earn, save and then spend'

Money lessons you learnt from family/parents/friends?

I have learned my money lessons especially from my friends mainly because they know my spending nature and my shopaholic behaviour so my closest buddies would also advice: Please don't spend too much!

Your own money mantras...

Earlier it was to earn and spend. But now certain realities have made me alter my mantra to 'Earn, earn, save and then spend'.

Do you use credit cards? If yes, what kind of checks do you keep while shopping?

No I don't use credit cards somehow. I don't trust that form of transaction.

Credit card dos and don'ts for you...

I don't use credit cards so for the people who use I would suggest keep them at home.

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'I'm not that crazy about jewellery'

Are you a conservative or risky investor? Your most risky Investment till date...

I'm a conservative investor.

Do you manage your own money or do you trust your money to your money manager?

I manage my own money and I don't think I'm good at it because at the end of the month my expenditures always tend to be more than savings (laughs).

Do you think friendship and money should be kept away from each other? Any incident (your own on of any friend's) you can recall when money spoiled relationships?

I don't think there is always a need to keep your friends and money away from each other. You can always share it with your close buddies and I have been luckily not to witness any bad incident.

Are you crazy about jewellery? Your first gold purchase? Do you believe buying gold biscuits or gold mutual funds are a better bet than buying jewellery?

I'm not that crazy about jewellery. So, my first gold purchase was a mangalsutra for my mother. I feel gold in any form is great investment.