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Astrospeak: What's your zodiac destination 2014?

Last updated on: January 02, 2014 17:28 IST

Image: Blue sheep or bharal live in the upper reaches of the Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh, apart from other areas of the Himalayas -- snow leopard country.
Photographs: Sumit Bhattacharya/ Monisha Dudaney

What does the New Year look like for you? Here's what the stars predict, based on your astrological sign.

Is travel on the cards? If so, where should you be travelling?

Will you finally tie the knot with the partner of your dreams?

Will that house you've been saving up for be yours this year?

Find out what 2014 has in store for you

Aries (Mesha) March 21 to April 20

Symbol: Ram

In Himachal Pradesh's stunning upper Spiti valley, bordering Tibet, live the bharal or blue sheep. Blue sheep are the snow leopard's favourite prey. The growth of the bharal population is crucial to the preservation of this very rare, mysterious leopard. Nothing can be more lucky for an Arian than seeing the rare bharal or the ram; although catching a glimpse of that smoky grey leopard might be more life changing.

Must do: 

Spiti is a once-in-a-lifetime destination. The towering majestic Himalayas. The 11th-century Ki Gompa. The Kunzum Pass.


2014 promises to be fascinating for the Arian, who is always all out and everywhere making his plan work. Balance is the key.

Let the year not make a workaholic out of you.

Torn between what your head wants and what your heart wants, will make you listen more and more to your gut feeling.

The year maybe hectic. By the time it ends you will have taken a step closer to your dreams.

The Vibe: It's a busy vibe. You juggle many dreams.

Career: Your career is the highlight of the year. You push yourself to do umpteen things at one go. Mastery, enhancing your skills and pursuing your dreams is your plan.

The run up to summer will be busy. It's only towards the winter months that you can put your feet up happy with your accomplishments.

Money: Cash is easy come, easy go, as you earn much and spend with equal ease. Learning what to do with your cash makes it easier to deliver on your financial dreams.

Money making comes easily to you through the year. You are likely to create many successful business partnerships and alliances. Post June onwards, you will be in your element -- cracking deals, inking alliances and making the most of every thing that comes you way.

Love: Set aside your fears and know that love is both inside and outside for you. You will find yourself amazed at how well your tangled equations sort out. The singles are likely to meet someone post April.

For those in relationships, wedding bells are a certainty towards the spring. If suffering from heart break, take a solitary break before jumping back on the dating bandwagon.

Karmic lesson: You are what you think.

Taurus (Vrishabha) April 21 to May 21

Image: Bulls dressed up for Bel Pola, rural Maharashtra. They will be fed Puran Polis (lentil stuffed sweet breads).
Photographs: Vaihayasi Pande Daniel/

Symbol: Bull

Bail Pola -- also called Bel Pola -- celebrated on a new moon day during Shravan, across Maharashtra, is a fashion parade for bulls. Maharashtrian farmers give their bulls the day off.

The plough and yoke are put away. No tilling happens.

The country back roads are crowded with decked up bulls, the Taurean zodiac symbol, being taken to the nearest local temple for worship.

Must do:

Do a road journey from Nashik to Bhandardara Lake, one of the prettiest monsoon drives through Maharashtra, stopping at little villages along the way to see the bulls.


2014 could very well prove to be your watershed year. Why? You finally accomplish the balance you have desired for years.

Work and love finally get equal time allowing you to treasure the joy in your life. Learning to nurture your dreams and take slow, steady steps, without announcing it to the world, will be the big lesson this year.

You learn to curb your bull-headed instincts and allow everything and everyone to work for you.

The Vibe: Keep it real. Keep it simple. Focus on the true essence of life.

Career: Your career is zooming skywards. People, places and position is your destiny. You are giving your work everything. You devote as much grit, gumption and force to it.

Post-May your life gets even better as you decide to make the most of what you have without getting attached to the results. Those of you in investment banking, finance and tax advisory may forge an independent path from a family business or a partnership leading to stupendous success.

Money: The reason you do anything is money. That really drives you.

Not that any of that money is for your own use, but to be able to move mountains, help others and create a funnel of charity that you have always been keen on. Post August, more liquidity comes through.

Love: Love is in the air.

It might be lifelong. Being a natural romantic, marriage bells are on your mind. Looking at a more permanent situation for you and your mate is your vision and you plan meticulously.

Taureans are highly compatible with Scorpios and Aquarians.

Karmic lesson: No man is a mountain and you do need people!

Gemini (Mithuna) May 22 to June 21

Image: The Taj Mahal, Agra, stands on the banks of the Yamuna.
Photographs: Brijesh Singh/Reuters

Symbol: Twins

The Yamuna is said to have flowed from the tears of Yami, the twin-sister of Yama, god of death. According to the Rig Veda, Yama and Yami were the first mortal twins born of the sun-god.

Tracing the course of the river, which has been elevated to divine status, takes one through a fairly unchartered journey across several states in the Indian heartland.

Must do:

Watch the beauty of the Yamuna enhanced by the Taj Mahal on a full-moon night. Or wake up at dawn for a look at the rising sun between the minarets.


2014 brings with it a personal and a professional flow that is critical.

Your ability to multi-task will come to the fore as you revise your personal goals.

Finding your own voice will be critical as you look at who you are rather than what you want to be or others' images of you. With every step, reinventing yourself will be needed as you seem to have lost the essence of yourself.

You will end 2014 knowing very much that you evolved in every way by the end of it all.

Vibe: Is of understanding, loving and accepting yourself the way you are.

Career: Professional matters will now take on a bigger and brighter hue than you can think of or can manage. You dream bigger than before.

While making mistakes, rectifying and learning from them will be the story for the first half of the year, the second half will be full of accomplishments, accolades and being appreciated, especially for those of you in the business of filmmaking, social media and human resources.

Money: Strangely for a lover of all good things and for whom money is so critical, money is not important now. You decide to spend money to hone your skill, craft and on many experiments.

The results will be visible towards August as a windfall of money is coming your way from all your projects.

Love: Every little thing you do is magic and that truly defines your love story as you give so much to your love equations.

The second half of the year will be ruled by many changes and exciting times, especially for those in existing relationships.

The single meet many they are now ready to mingle with and finally break old patterns and stop sabotaging their own relationships.

Karmic lesson: You are unique. Stop worrying about other people.

Cancer (Kark) June 22 to July 23

Image: The Great Stupa in Sanchi
Photographs: Raveesh Vyas/Creative Commons

Symbol: Crab

The imaginary line of Tropic of Cancer passes through several Indian states, including Madhya Pradesh -- a dream for travellers seeking history and wildlife. In MP the line falls on the way from Bhopal to Sanchi, one of the most important places of Buddhist pilgrimage.

Must do:

Visit the Great Stupa. Restful. Mystic. Calm. This 3rd century BC monument illustrates Buddha's life.


2014 will be a fantastic time for the Cancerian to be in the right place for success to come his/her way. Spotlight, success and phenomenal balance will be your big assets.

Watch against your ego getting out of control and know that with great power also comes great responsibility and humility.

You will end 2014 accomplishing all your existing dreams and having both the faith and the ability to dream new ones!

Vibe: The sweet smell of success where parties, celebrations make all the hard work seem worth it.

Career: Your work is important for you not just as a matter of accomplishment, but also as a matter of having much pride in what you do for you.

Your ability to cut through the clutter will be key as you manage to get to the heart of any problem or assess any situation as you like.

Those of you in the business of audio, automotives and information technology have a very good run.

Money: Matters of cash are now all purposeful as you are making money with ease. Giving some of it away to a small yet worthy causes will give you delight that nothing else can.

An inheritance out of the blue for many of you will ease out your burdens, allowing you to splurge on an exotic holiday or even a second home.

Love: Whatever your song, love is the baseline! That's the anthem of 2014 as your mate is truly the support, the anchor point you desperately needed.

The single need to get over the past, shrug their shoulders and move on. Keeping yourself open to arranged proposals is wise and your open mind may invite just the right person into your life.

Children and parents will need attention in equal measure post October and you would be wise to go easy with work.

Karmic lesson: Happiness is an inside job. Not something a credit card can buy.

Leo (Simha) July 24 to August 23

Image: Inside the Gir Forest National Park
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters

Symbol: Lion

The only home of the lions in India, in fact in Asia, is the Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat. Amid the yellow grass it is not difficult to spot a lion or lioness -- or even two or three of them -- baking under the scorching sun. The impact of coming face to face with the majestic predator representing your zodiac symbol is incomparable.

Must do:

Gir is also as much a paradise for birdwatchers, and the sighting of Leopards and other rarely spotted animals.


2014 for Leos is all about expanding their horizons and being able to do the best they can.

Learning is the key that makes 2014 work, especially as the year is complete with lessons on friendship, success and partnerships.

You finally learn that the battle of who and what you are is truly inside your head and that if you enjoy the moment and what it brings, 2014 will be a more successful year than you imagined it to be.

Vibe: Understanding and collaboration as you finally wake up to the power of partnerships.

Career: Career conversations, especially to raise your own aspirations, will be high this year as you meet people across levels.

Telecommunication specialists and those in financial resources will find themselves in demand and wooed by competition with much ease. But it's truly those who are starting their own business who will find this year's planetary position really change it all for them.

Your imagination, risk taking and almost every strength will be tested as the year may put forth many challenges. But you will end the year knowing that you will come out on top.

Money: You can make all that you dream of if only you can manage to have a little more faith in the universe.

Loans for new projects will get sanctioned easily. The summer months will be extremely lucrative to get a movement on all the plans of investment and get it all right with the final influx of cash.

Managing money will be critical, especially the nitty-gritties.

Love: Look at the world with new eyes and you will rediscover the fire inside your soul.

The first half of the year is ideal for those looking for a soul mate as friends and family play cupid. A lot of stability will come through towards the end of the year, especially for those in relationships.

Leos will reach out to their mates like never before and discover a side to their partners they never knew existed.

There will be testing times with in-laws and extended family, so you will be wise to keep any problems largely to you and your mate so you can resolve them without any third-party influence. Holidays are a must to keep the peace.

Karmic lesson: What you sow is what you reap.

Virgo (Kanya) August 24 to September 23

Image: Kumari Puja in West Bengal
Photographs: Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters

Symbol: Maiden

The maiden or the Kumari is worshipped by Hindus during the eighth day of Durga Puja or Navratri, depending on which part of India you celebrate the festival in. The country is drenched in colour, music, dancing and merriment for those nine days as you make the journey from coast to coast.

Must do:

Do the garba raas. Watch a Kumari Puja at Kolkata's Belur Math, which was started by Swami Vivekananda. Go Durga Puja hopping.


2014 will be full of temptations, but stick to where you belong so that you will go far.

You may seem like a tough nut to crack to the outside world, but inside there is a whole emotional upheaval that you must keep to yourself. Learning to handle it and understanding yourself with much caution is necessary.

Be gentle and yet firm with your own desires and you will look back at 2014 as a year of discovery of your own strengths.

Vibe: Over the next 12 months, you finally learn how to stand up for yourself

Career: It's time to break away from old clients, and old formulaic ways to find your own success pattern. You may change equations that aren't working, cut your losses and understand that innovation will be the key to winning.

Creative juices flow and working with new people will be the key to your success.

Going back to the drawing board will be critical for you, especially in the first half of the year as you need to sort out stuck projects, stressful situations and clear much financial management.

Money: Cash is your way to get comfortable in all matters. Evaluate all alliances and partnerships and be ready to strike out on your own.

Financial gains are good and you will stay completely in control of your own ship. You will be making pots of money from all angles.

The second half of the year gets better, especially as you sign up new alliances and partnerships.

Insurance, property and investing in gold will keep your security basket growing bigger and bigger.

Love: The single make merry as love comes in unexpected ways, especially as you travel through the first part of the year. An Aquarian or a Capricorn may add a lot of fire and passion to your day-to day life!

Shedding old skin, getting rid of routine and trying something new is critical for those in existing relationships.

Some of you maybe tempted to look outside committed relationships, especially as an ex-love gets free and may desire to walk back into your life.

Karmic lesson: You are only as good as your word, so keep it.

Libra (Tula) September 24 to October 23

Image: The architects of India's Supreme Court gave the building a scales of justice silhouette.
Photographs: B Mathur/Reuters

Symbol: Scales

Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar, the first Indian head of India's public works department, designed the Supreme Court building in the New Delhi. Its silhouette represents the famous scales of justice which is also your zodiac symbol. Viewing the Supreme Court is only one reason to visit this capital city that boasts some of the country's most beautiful buildings and monuments.

Must do:

Shop. Eat... Kebabs, Chandi Chowk, mithai, puris and snacks. Roam the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Lodhi Gardens, Jama Masjid, India Gate .


Powerful planetary positions hold you in good stead in 2014 as you are likely to have a fantastic run in your personal life. Love, closeness, bonding and the way you view your personal equations come into the frame. Learning to create magic will be the big highlight as you finally invest all of yourself without hesitating.

By the end of the year, you will finally be in control of your life and world.

Vibe: As you try new ways of approaching the same problems or situations, you find answers. As you open your mind without any baggage, you find help from unexpected sources.

Career: Your professional path is enjoyable this year as you truly learn the art of balance.

You are ready to go out on a limb to get what you want as you gain new ground.

Success will be yours provided you put in the hours. Homework with analysis of price, positioning and product will be key lessons this year.

Those waiting for a raise or a promotion will find it towards the beginning of the year and some of you may even consider moving cities.

Money: You are ready to gain new ground with new alliances and deals. Slow and steady is the race to get to the top and you are biding your time. The tide turns in April as the planets move to allow you to give your cash reserves the shine they deserve.

Post that, you are likely to have a surplus of money and saving it in bonds, insurance and property will be wise.

Stay away from get-rich-quick investment schemes and only look for long-term plans.

Love: Love is what you are looking for this year and its not an illusion any more as you crack the formula to feeling and expressing yourself. For a scale balancer, who gets worried when feelings turn intense, this year you will dig deep within your reserves and find the words and the action to express yourself.

Mates, friends and family will be surprised with the warm, intense you. Just take a breather every now and then, otherwise the atmosphere may get too heavy.

Some of you decide to plan a family or have another addition towards the end of the year.

Karmic lesson: You are only as strong as you think you are.

Scorpio (Vrishchika) October 24 to November 22

Image: Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh has rich, rare fauna and five types of scorpions.
Photographs: Vinchel Budihardjo

Symbol: Scorpion

Some of the last virgin rainforests of Asia are in India's Northeast. Huge tracts of jungle, where biodiversity is well-preserved, make up Arunachal Pradesh. Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary in the West Kameng district, at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas is known for its rare, rich flora and fauna -- the red panda, the endangered capped langur, the Arunachal macaque and five types of scorpions that even Scorpios may not like to confront.

Must do:

Paradise for animal-wallahs, ecologists and birdwatchers. Hop across to Tawang to see one of the prettiest monasteries in India.

Travel, travel, travel, and success to go with it, is what 2014 holds for you. You are bolder than ever and willing to go wherever you can. Getting rid of baggage, crutches and clutter will only take you to the top -- right where you belong. You end the year knowing it was you who made the magic come true!

The Vibe: Knowing that you can is the first step towards doing it!

Career: You invest time in enhancing your skill set. Amplify, exemplify and ratify are the three big words that make this year go around. Working hard is critical to your success.

Learning to play kingmaker is more essential than being a king pin. Learn to allow other people to walk away with the credit knowing that the universe will equalise it all.

Money: It makes your world go around. Understanding how to use it well is as necessary. Stop holding onto your old accounts. Learn to pay your debts especially if you have pushed the envelope to the maximum. Figuring out how to give will be as important in opening channels of receiving.

Love: Quando, Quando, Quando? Many of you may wonder when or where love will come your way. Know that it will this year, with all its bells and whistles. And much magic too.

Keep that in mind -- so all you singletons out there don't get disheartened. Those in a relationship will discover that their soul mate has been found. Wedding bells may ring before 2014 ends.

Karmic lesson: You will be punished by your own anger. So stay calm.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) November 23 to December 21

Image: Archers gear up in Shillong, Meghalaya.
Photographs: Reba Kumar Borah/

Symbol: Archer

What better place to head to than Shillong for a Sagittarian? Archery is a traditional sport for the Khasis, the local Meghalaya tribe, and archers are all over. Weekly archery competitions are held in many villages and organised by the clubs of various localities in Shillong. Betting on archers is legal. Every April 4 there's a special archery competition to mark Khasi king U Tirot Sing Syiem's brave strike against the British in Nongkhlaw in 1829.

Must do:

Visit the once-colonial neighborhoods of Shillong: Lumsohphoh, Oakland. Head to the butterfly museum or the Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures. Try local pork delights. Catch some live music.


The hunter in you is very much alive and kicking! This year some of your restless streak returns. How you channelise it is the key for making big things happen.

Malleable, flexible and open-minded, in 2014 you take the opportunities coming your way to make the big bucks. Looking inwards helps you to project yourself confidently especially as you are just beginning to truly discover yourself.

You end the year knowing more -- not as much about the world as much as about yourself -- and your own goals, than ever before.

The Vibe: Restlessness only means that the next step is here!

Career: A chance to follow the big dreams you have always had is upon you. A way to utilise your skills, ambition and strengths leads you to make the big breakthrough this year. Big and small lessons help you learn. You learn them well. Trusting people, and your instincts about them, will come in handy.

Money: Money may not be your end goal. But it sure is one of your big motivators. You are not shy to admit it. A sybarite, a lover of good things and someone who enjoys life -- you like to make money and spend it as easily. Creative with how you use your money especially as you are now investing in your own business or a partnership on the side is important. Saving is now a good habit that you will indulge in very wisely this year.

Love: Its true colours! And that's what you discover of yourself and of many others this year.

Allow that process neither to disillusion you and nor to shock you. You have one life.

Allowing judgments to colour how you look at love is inadvisable. Singles may find themselves holding grudges till they don't let go of heart break. Those in relationships may find that mates may seem unreasonable towards the middle of the year.

Once you shift your perspective, you will find it easier. Harmony rules, especially if a Taurean or a Capricorn enter your life.

Karmic lesson: Say yes, more than no!

Capricorn (Makara) December 22 to January 20

Image: The Nilgiri Tahr, found in the Nilgiri Hills in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, is one of India's rarer species of goats.
Photographs: Vaihayasi Pande Daniel/

Symbol: Goat

The home of one of the rarest Indian goats is the Nilgiri Hills in the Western Ghats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu -- the Nilgiri Tahr. Dubbed locally as varaiaadu, a Tamil word for literally 'cliff goat', the intensely shy and endangered tahr is actually closer to a sheep biologically.

The misty, scenic Eravikulam National Park, near Munnar, is a good place to catch sight of this avatar of your zodiac symbol.

Must do:

Eravikulam National Park offers treks, other wildlife (very rarely a tiger), butterflies, unusual frogs. View Munnar's lush tea gardens.


Old wine. New bottles. Stick to what has worked for you.

It will not go wrong even when situations and speed-breakers are new.

Tried and tested mantras work.

Being a seasoned professional always help.

Be mindful of how much you take on.

A true Capricorn knows how to make choices and stand by them.

A lot of wishes from the past will suddenly come true, without any effort. Past investments -- emotional and otherwise -- ripen and you reap the benefits. Be glad. Continue with diligence.

February onwards, the planetary spin will ensure your life will sort itself out without much effort. 2014 will be a year for the goat to tread the travel path to places where your heart takes you.

Trepidations of any kind vanish.

There is now room for love and affection. The rest takes a back seat.

The Vibe: Thrive in adulation. You have achieved it.

Career: Choices will present themselves in the most random fashion.

It's for the astute Capricorn to evaluate and carefully pick. Rely on friendly advice. But make your own decisions. Allow gentle sedimentation of thought for the right verdict to emerge. Your yes is invaluable. So leverage it. Firm words and ability to listen will be your biggest ammunition.

Money: It's your toy. Keep playing with it.

More people rely on your advice on monetary matters than ever before, including immediate family. There's a holiday on the cards.

Your lifestyle will maintain equilibrium because the calculated Capricorn has always been wise. This year, predictably, is no different.

Love: It is always on your side.

Just look out for it. Admiration and affection you are guaranteed.

Romance on a holiday is indicative.

Long conversations with loved ones will cement relationships.

Your age-old axioms about relationships will find takers, including with your children, so keep the stories alive.

Karmic lesson: Love your life, as there are enough who want to trade theirs for yours.

Aquarius (Kumbh) January 21 to February 19

Image: Devotees at a Kumbh Mela in Ujjain, which will host the event next (2016).
Photographs: Raj Patidar AH/Reuters

Symbol: Pitcher

The Kumbh Mela is held every third year at Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain by rotation. Kumbha means a pitcher -- the symbol of this zodiac sign -- and the pilgrimage is held at each of these places where it is believed, in Hinduism, that drops of nectar fell from the kumbha carried by gods after the sea was churned.

Touted as the largest human gathering in the world it is a carnival of spirituality unlike any other.

Must do:

Watch holy men from the akharas, historic monastic orders, at the great bath and take a dip on one of the days marked for the great bath. Visit temples along the river.


Infallible as ever and invincible as never before. 2014 is your year, so give it your best and look back at it with reverence.

Your belief in goodness is at its zenith, and nothing detracts from it. Stock up on love and learnings, as every step will demand them, only to let you live life to the fullest.

Emotional 'spring cleaning' is a must, and dusting cobwebs of the past will see you win.

February onwards, life changing events may occur, only for more stable and sorted Aquarians. Surround yourself with positive energy and the star will shine, even brighter. 

Work will continue to be a challenge but you overcome it with abundant support from seniors and juniors. Competitive peers will remain, only to bring out the winner in you.

Vibe: Clarity and conviction will be the key to it all.

Career: The New Year entails rejigging some of your predetermined plans. Forget your resentment towards change and embrace new opportunities, as they are designed to succeed.

Obstacles will be self-created, or perhaps from the unwillingness to confront the uncomfortable; so speak up or suffer.

The pace will be frenetic for all those in the service industry, and regulatory and competitive movements will create a rumble for the later part of the year. Reach out to mentors; wisdom to play the corporate backgammon will contribute significantly to your achievements. Keep a hawk eye on competition of any kind, and kill it before it catches up.

Money: Intentions of investments manifest themselves into a living reality. Seek help, but let the final call be yours.

Spend as much as you wish on yourself, and allow others who matter to spoil you just as much.

Beware of overcommitting, but not at the cost to expanding, for those on the entrepreneurial path.

After several years, genuine charity may knock on your door, but give only if you wish to and not to win over others.

Travel plans led by a loved one will develop post spring, unless self-sabotaged, which you will regret later.

Love: Family takes priority. Folks that matter will stay, as there is no room for attention scavengers. Lonely hearts, look out and you will find love in the earlier part of the year.

Karmic lesson: Love life; it's waiting for you to love it back.

Pisces (Meena) February 20 to March 20

Image: The underwater beauty surrounding the Andaman islands.
Photographs: Ritiks/ Creative Commons

Symbol: Fish

A multihued undersea kingdom waits to be discovered at India's Andaman Islands -- which along with Nicobar Islands, which is not open to foreigners -- is the site of the largest continuous area of reefs in South Asia. It is home to thousands of fish species, coral, sponges and molluscs.

Must do:

Snorkelling is fun, but this protected marine region is robust with aquatic life that is best discovered through diving.


Pisceans discover their potential as they allow the world and themselves many chances.

The energy is playful, purpose oriented and pumped up as you get ready to go for your dreams.

Keep an eye out on sudden travel plans. They may take a toll on you.

Vibe: That when you least expect it, the tide will turn your way.

Career: You finally commit to an imaginative plan of making your career go places.

Paying extra attention to detail will be beneficial, especially for those in the finance, content and creative segments. Success is yours for the taking if involved in media, entertainment and television.

Some of you may have to be open to certain constructive criticism, which will eventually lead to you understanding your product/venture better and allowing you to experiment with new ideals and ideas.

Money: Money is coming in like a windfall even as you spend generously on your loved ones.

Money making comes easily to you through the year and you are likely to be able to create many successful business partnerships and alliances. Post June, you will be in your best form and cracking every kind of deal.

Love: He loves me; he loves me not... maybe where you begin the year. But when you step back, you will discover if he truly does.

For many of you, wedding bells and much celebrations plans are indicated.

Some of you stay on the social sidelines till a flirty Gemini or an airy Aquarian doesn't bring you back on the scene.

Your health is high on your agenda as you get ready to splurge on massages, outdoor activities, water activities and more. You've decided that you have one life to make the most of and you will spend it in the outdoors, enjoying all the natural beauty around you with your mate.

Karmic lesson: Whatever you do be kind in your speech.