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5 ways of investing in yourself

Last updated on: February 14, 2011 11:00 IST

Photographs: Rediff Archives Lisa Chanamolu

Managing all the aspects of your financial portfolio is very important. Tracking the balance of your investments, bank deposits, loans and insurance is critical to your financial future. But are you managing one of your greatest assets with as much care -- yourself?

InvestmentYogi delves into what it takes to invest in self and why it is important.

A personal investment

Your future is your best investment and if you are not taking the basic steps in managing the quality of your life, you may be missing the mark. Here are five areas where you can begin to invest in yourself:

5 ways of investing in yourself

1) Take time to rejuvenate

Don't wait until you are run down and in bed with a fever to take care of yourself. Take the time to schedule activities you enjoy doing (example: reading a book, spending time with a favourite charity or a quite day at home).

By doing this you will find that you have reserves of energy that you have not felt in years. Simply doing the things you love will give you a clear head to deal with everyday life issues.

Making you a more productive and focused person.

5 ways of investing in yourself

2) Make your family top priority

When I was younger, my company sent me to a seminar of a well-known public speaker. I was very shocked when the first thing out of the speaker's mouth was that your business or career should never be placed before your family.

In reality, if you look at some of the biggest growth opportunities in life, they are shared with family and friends. So, turn off the television, put away the computer and share a few laughs with your family.

By taking 15 to 20 minutes each day to be with your children, you are investing in their future relationships and building much need communication skills. The lessons they will learn from spending time with you is far more valuable than anything money can buy.

Plus, you will walk away feeling the unconditional love only a child can give.

It is important to save and invest for your family's future needs. By spending time with loved ones, you will be more in tune with what those needs are and how best to implement them in your financial portfolio.

5 ways of investing in yourself

Photographs: Bill Branson/Wiki Commons

3) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

To fully invest in yourself you need to maintain your health. Eating well, exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep are essential to your financial well-being. Studies show that when you are healthier, your finances go up.

When you are maintaining the fundamentals of living healthy, you will notice a huge difference in your effectiveness, energy levels, happiness and how focused you are each day.

5 ways of investing in yourself

4) De-clutter your life

Managing your environment is a sure fire way to get focused and save money in life. If you find you are always searching for the utilities or credit card statements, chances are you are paying late fees.

By de-cluttering or getting rid of all those things you don't use or need anymore, you will find you have more time and energy to focus on items that have some significance to you, your family and friends for instance. When your home is free of clutter, you and your children are able to give your full attention to office and school work.

You may notice that you are sleeping more peacefully each night too, a good return on an investment.

5 ways of investing in yourself

5) Be your own boss

What I mean by being your own boss is to look beyond what you think is capable to the enormous potential that lies in your body and mind.

Start setting goals that will have you think of new possibilities, both in your professional and personal life.

What classes can you take that will have you be a better employee, more efficient or motivated? Get rid of old fears and habits and replace them with fresh ideas that will reward you with both satisfaction and financial gains.

Investing for a lifetime

It is important to manage the right investment portfolio with a balance of mutual funds, insurances and ETFs, but the key investments are the ones you make in yourself and your family.

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