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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Reader responses: India outraged at sex bill

Reader responses: India outraged at sex bill

Last updated on: February 1, 2011 20:16 IST

Readers express their anger and dismay over a proposed bill -- Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill 2010 -- that seeks to legalise non-penetrative sex with kids their age.

Some readers though feel there is merit in this proposed bill.

Here's the first unedited set of responses:

sex at the age of 14 then why not get childrens get married at the age of 15.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:48:53 2011
Petition:No. Not at all. They are children. Please don't spoil our children's life. By allowing this our dear children may be exploited by unscrupulous persons. "Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill 2010" should not be passed along with this suggestion as it will be bring various repercussion in the society.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:49:25 2011
Name:Vineet Lahoti
Petition:I think that the age limit of non penetrative sex can be brought down to 16 yrs and not 12 yrs AND THAT TOO PROVIDED THOSE 16 YRS OLDS ARE GIVEN PROPER SEX EDUCATION AND MADE AWARE ABOUT ALL THE NITTY GRITTIES OF INVOLVING IN SUCH AN ACT because often such acts do lead to situations and mental conditions where there is impossible to look back and stop. I would also like to post a question that how will a situation be handled where a 12 yr old gives consent to be filmed while performing non-penetrative sex (read ORAL SEX) with another 14 yr old and filmed by a 16 yr old????? (Provided the said bill is passed)

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:49:44 2011
Petition:These types of amendments will be very bad for our children. The age of 12 is for development and enjoyment of life for children , not for going around and having penetrative or non-penetrative sex. Its totally "BullShit" of an idea.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:49:48 2011
Name:PM Jose
Petition:Consensual sex at 12 years is beyond imagination for lower middle class living in rural areas.. I think this Bill attempts to safeguard children in elite class-who are exposed to cosmopolitan life style. Sure-arriving at broader consensus on this issue is pretty difficult. However, the Bill can have an article to ensure sex education/counselling starting middle schools. Considering the pace at which India grows and its revolution in telecom-one has to consider opportunities arise for these kids (may be on term it as sexual exploration). Imagine-at rural set up one cant imagine exploring sex even after 18 years. Sex is unimaginable until wedding; Be it either consensual or non Sure-this is going to another public outcry against UPA!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:50:01 2011
Name:Md.Shahlal khan
Petition:Forget the liberty of giving childern the excuse to have sex, the best law will be that only married couple should have the right to practise sexual activities, whereas any unmarried male or female, whatever may be their age should not be allowed to have any amount of sex, wheather penetrative or non-penetrative. And moreover all licenced brothels should be closed and the society show be made pure and sin free which comes only when unmarried sex takes place.

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Reader responses: India outraged at sex bill

protection under the law will only increase the number of such case.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:22:41 2011
Name:Ashish Mehta
Petition:Insensible. On one hand we dont have means to testify the genuinity/ correctness of "consent".Nor the age of 12 is apt to take a call on that. Draftmen of the Bill are certainly not talking about humans. Teens (at all times) are energetic and go getters. How it is expected (given they are well matured and aware) that they can mark a line (and follow that) of penetrative sex ?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:24:02 2011
Name:chirag pathak
City:toronto, canada
Petition:This is really good suggestion. Everything is good from mother nature. If mother nature wants children to do sex, it is OK. Nobody is more eligible than mother nature. Children never try to command elders, same way elders should not command children in anyway. This concept is already accepted in developed countries. I don't understand why developing countries struggles to understand it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:27:31 2011
Name:M S Ramesh
Petition:The proposal seems very strange to say the least. 12 is not the age when a child can understand these matters. Instead we should look to have a proper education system where children are educated to understand and behave responsibly in these matters. I do not agree with Aparna Bhat that the provision decriminalises the act. How do we protect a girl who is forced into a non penetrative act by a boy? I think porper education both at school and at home with proper discipline at home would serve the purpose better than anything else. I think we all should own up the responsibility.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:29:14 2011
Petition:Definitely not correct! If the argument is about sexual exploration, the youngsters will do it anyway, law or no law. Also, how does one prevent penetration. Let's take another parallel. Drugs such as heroin are banned because they are bad for health and life. since we are criminalising drug addicts, why not legalise drug consumption as well. Fact is that certain things are prohibited by law only because the law goes by what is right and what is wrong. The argument about 'criminalising' is totally flawed. time we stopped this kind of legal activism.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:29:57 2011
Name:Abhisek Jain
Petition:I believe penetrative or non-penetrative sex , consensual or non-consensual both are non-acceptable for children of the age group of 12-16 as it diverts their mind to what they should not seek or practice. Just it should be observed that both the partners of such horrendous offense must be punished equally be it boy or girl or else our future generation would go into a deep slump and be back to Stone Age Culture...........

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:30:23 2011
Name:Keya Chatterjee
Petition:I strongly oppose to the proposed decriminalisation of consensual non-penetrative sex. (a) It will make children much more vulnerable to sexual exploitation. (b) there is a thin line of control between non-penetrative and penetrative sex. One will lead to the next. Are we expecting 12 yr olds to have enough maturity to differentiate and exercise restraint. (c) Sexual acts, in whatever form, are not just a physical act, but have strong emotional impact as well. This needs to be taken into account before giving a go-ahead for such activities. (d) One is hardly able to differentiate between what is consensual and what is coerced, even for adults; how do you expect it from children???

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:35:49 2011
Petition: Guess where India is going. I presume they are watching toomuch television and internet. This is against the system of life, teenage never mean people start exploring, but it would mean that you start understanding your body changes. When you are 18 and adult then you have to take decisions as it will affect your life. FREEDOM = RESPONSIBILITY TIME = WORK = POSITIVE ENERGY PARENTS = DEDICATION = CHILDREN = DEDICATION = PARENTS Hope it works for some people. Regards Narayan.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:50:15 2011
Petition:This bill will make the child adult in the age of 12, when they dont know what is SEX. This bill is disastrous for the happy and healthy society.This bill will play the safety measure for the children who became adult by watching, reading, seeing the adultry and will try the same. This bill will play the safety measure for the children of rich and powerful families to enjoy their wrong deeds. Shame on the government, which is not looking into measure issues and just creating the nuisance in the society. Very bad step from UPA govt.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:50:27 2011
Name:Sachindra Dixit
Petition:Then, if that is the case, they should allow those porn movies that do not show the penetration to be viewed by age group above 12 years. Also, we should remove the so called 'A' Certificate issued by Censon board to the movies which has adult content.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:50:40 2011
Petition:How will these guys enforce this law. It will give new avenues to "sarkari karamchari" to make money.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:52:34 2011
Petition:i oppose this bill this will surely encourage the teenagers in indulging in sexual activities....

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:53:18 2011
Petition:It's a surprise when one group of educated people vehemently oppose sex education in schools for children above 14 years, we read about bill that encourages children to have sex... I wonder how many adults understand the meaning of penetrative and non-penetrative sex, much more children. It makes me think, what would be the reaction of the people who proposed this bill would be if they see their neighbor's boy " play" with their 12 year old daughter or relative. This bill will encourage young people to actively engage in sexual practices, more so blood thirsty adults who are lurking around to exploit the innocence of children. Can't believe that our country has forgotten basic traditional values in process of development...

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:55:18 2011
Petition:even though they are trying to protect children from filing cases, 12 years is too young an age to consider liberties for sex.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:11:38 2011
Petition:Please don't encourage these kind of bills to be passed in India ......

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