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Wish you a speedy recovery!

January 18, 2014 09:23 IST

Wish you a speedy recovery!


Abhishek Mande Bhot

The days after having run the marathon are crucial for your body. Here is how you can help it recover.

So you are raring to run the Mumbai Marathon and probably will be on a high after your effort.

But remember that your body needs more rest now than it ever did.

Nutritionist Naini Setalvad and fitness trainer Abhishek Sharma list out the things you must be doing in the course of the next few days.

1. Drink lots of water

Naini Setalvad says:

"Running 42 km is bound to dehydrate you.

"Drink lots of water.

"Lemon water with rock salt is most ideal."

2. Rest well

"You've just run 42 km," Abhishek Sharma says. "Your body is under repair.

"Give it some rest.

"Do not do any strenuous exercises."

"Sleep is important because that's the only time your body repairs itself.

"Over the next few days, wind down early and ensure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day."

3. Eat but not too much

Bananas are an ideal food to have after a run, Setalvad says recommending banana smoothie.

Bananas are low in fat, have carbs and are high in Vitamin B and E.

"Go easy on proteins and as far as possible stick to vegetarian food.

"Avoid high-fat food.

"Pile up on your veggies.

"Have lots of carbs. For every one gram of protein, consume three grams of carbs.

"But whatever you do, keep your meal portions small."

4. Soak your feet in warm salt water

"Bath salts (readily available in the market) help ease your muscles," says Setalvad. If you don't have a bath-tub, soak your feet in a bucket of water with bath salts."

Salt water is soothing and helps your muscles recover from any injuries they may have suffered.

Image: Running a marathon is no mean task. Ensure your body recovers well.
Photographs: Srdjan Zivulovic/Reuters


Wish you a speedy recovery!

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5. Beware of injuries

Suffering an injury isn't very uncommon during a marathon, Abhishek Sharma says.

"You need to be aware of any pain you feel. Soreness is one thing, injury is another. Know the difference.

"If it's the latter, use an ice pack. If it doesn't heal, consult a doctor."

6. Increase Vitamin C intake

"Running a marathon takes its toll on your body's immunity," Sharma says.

"It isn't uncommon to catch a common cold or flu after having run the marathon.

"Pump your body with Vitamin C.

"Have oranges, dry fruits, chyavanprash… anything that will boost your body's immunity."

7. Learn to unwind

"Running a marathon is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one," Sharma says.

"Ensure you aren't stressing yourself out, especially in the days immediately after the marathon.

"Also don't avoid exercises completely. Go for a walk; do some basic yoga stretches so your body doesn't get stiff." 

8. Get a gentle massage

"Nothing helps like a massage," Sharma says.

"But rather than a deep-tissue massage, go for a soothing massage that involves a kneading action. It will ease the soreness of the muscles and of course help you unwind."

9. Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes

This one is especially for women.

"Avoid wearing high heels soon after the run. Your legs have gone through a lot of strain. Avoid wearing anything uncomfortable that will strain your hamstrings or twist your ankle," Sharma says.

Photographs: Yiorgos Karahalis/Reuters

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